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Release Notes ST–59

We have exciting new updates in store for spring!

  • The Office Estimates interface has been completely updated to add more efficiency. Its intuitive estimate builder helps you edit items inline, create item groups, and dynamically display your gross margin. 

  • With the new Adjustable Capacity Planning page redesign, you can see the same flyout on both the capacity planning boards and during the call booking process. 

  • Finally, this release also introduces improvements to invoicing, the Work in Progress report, Marketing Pro, and much more. 

For more, watch our ST-59 Release Notes Overview on YouTube, or visit the Academy to enroll in the ST-59 Release Notes Training course.



  • Capacity flyout redesign: We have made some changes to the Capacity flyout, moving away from the old look to add more efficiency. You can now see the same flyout both on the capacity planning board and during the call booking flow. For more on this feature, see Adjustable capacity planning workflow.


  • Office Estimates Redesign: Office Estimates Redesign: We have made some changes to the Office Estimates page, moving away from the old look to add more efficiency. This improved layout quickly gets estimates out the door with an intuitive estimate builder that lets you edit items inline, create item groups, and dynamically display your gross margin. Now,  you can work more efficiently and improve profits on every job. For more on this feature, see Manage estimates in ServiceTitan and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Office Estimate Redesign.


  • Job form trigger: For the job-related form triggers now the following three events are available:

    • Perform Work now—This form triggers when the estimate is accepted and work is performed during that job.

    • Perform Work Later—This form triggers when the estimate is accepted and work is performed later.

    • When item added to estimate—This form triggers when a technician adds items to an estimate and clicks the Done button on the Estimate page in the ServiceTitan Mobile.

    For more on this feature, see Set up form triggers.


  • The “on hold” date updates when jobs are rescheduled: When a job is rescheduled, the “on hold” date is now updated for all inventory items that are assigned to the associated invoice. Inventory managers don’t have to manually update the date on each item. For more on this feature, see Reschedule a job.


  • Automated SMS Follow-ups for Recurring Services: This feature allows users to automate recurring services follow-ups or sending information through text messages. This helps consolidate your reporting, which increases your office's efficiency by reducing manual effort, improving employee performance. Additionally, this helps lower your costs. For more on this feature, see Create and edit Recurring Services via SMS campaigns.


  • Schedule Assistant: Schedule Assistant improves margins by suggesting a date, time, and technician for a given job, with a focus on minimizing drive time. When used during call booking, Schedule Assistant shows your team the optimal day and time to schedule jobs based on drive time efficiency, reducing call-booking time by up to 66%. You can also use Schedule Assistant from the Dispatch Board, job record, and on recurring service events. For more on this feature, see Use Schedule Assistant and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Schedule Assistant.



  • Lead API endpoint for API V2: This newly added endpoint lets you update details of a lead’s campaign, priority, business unit, and job type. The new endpoint is Patch {tenant}/leads/{id} and allows you to update only the following four fields:

    • CampaignId (integer)

    • Priority (string of predefined values)

    • BusinessUnitId (integer)tically avail

    • JobTypeId (integer)

    For more on this API V2 endpoint, see > API Reference > CRM > Leads.


  • TitanAdvisor for All Office Users: We have expanded TitanAdvisor for all office employees to help aid in their ServiceTitan training. This helps keep your employees up to date with ServiceTitan best practices and critical training for their role. For more on this feature, see TitanAdvisor Training View for office employees.

  • Training Views for TitanAdvisor Administrators: TitanAdvisor now includes training views for TitanAdvisor administrators. The My Training view allows you to view your enrolled training courses and complete them directly from within TitanAdvisor. The Team Training view allows you to view the training progress of your entire team. For more on this feature, see TitanAdvisor administrator overview.



  • Work in Progress report is automatically available: The Work in Progress (WIP) report is now automatically available in Reports to all accounts using the Project Tracking Feature. You no longer have to create a custom WIP report. For more on this feature, see Work in Progress report.

  • Quantity amounts are rounded to two decimal places when you export to QuickBooks Desktop: A configuration is turned on by default which rounds decimal values to two decimal places for all QuickBooks Desktop users who export quantity amounts to the hundredths decimal place. This prevents an issue where values were rounded to the tenths which could change balances on invoices resulting in balances that don’t match ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see Export a batch to QuickBooks Desktop.


  • Display location, job, or project ID on online estimates: Now you can view the job address and job or project ID on your online and printed estimates. This helps you know what location and what job or project the estimate is used for, and is helpful for commercial or construction work. For more on this feature, see Use Online Estimates.

  • Mobile Estimates redesign: Mobile Estimates has been redesigned to help take your sales experience to the next level. The redesign gives you the ability to present vivid imagery, job descriptions, multiple options, and improved usability to deliver a modern and professional sales experience on every job. To surface more information to communicate more value, like energy savings, rebates, and membership savings during the sales process, there are new inboxes and phones on each option. For more information, see Mobile estimates redesign.

  • New HVAC pack: This feature includes:

    • SEER Energy Savings Calculator—When a technician installs a new AC system, they can add energy savings to an estimate by calculating the potential energy savings for the customer, and present all the advantages of the new solution. For more on this feature, visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in HVAC Pack.

    • New Rebates Field—A new field, Add Rebates, was added to the Estimate details screen. Using this field, estimators can highlight savings in rebates available to homeowners for each option, aiding in the sales process. For more on this feature, visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in HVAC Pack


  • Updated GreenSky Legal Footer: Now technicians and customers can see an updated legal footer at the bottom of all new GreenSky application pages.


  • Ability to return serialized items to a vendor and receive those items again: Warehouse managers can now return a serialized item to a vendor after the item was added to a job and receive that item again on another adjustment or purchase order. This eliminates the need to use a modified serial number if managers receive the item again. For more on this feature, see Create or edit a return.

  • Item descriptions appear on inventory templates: Inventory managers can see item descriptions when they update inventory templates. This improves accuracy and saves time because managers no longer need to look up items by their part numbers to see those descriptions. For more on this feature, see Create inventory templates.

  • Confirm inventory adjustments more than 90 days in the future: When warehouse managers try to create adjustments that are more than 90 days in the future, they will see a message that asks them to confirm the adjustment date. This improvement reduces the chance of accidentally creating, and needing to remove, adjustments that are created in error too far into the future. For more on this feature, see Create an inventory adjustment.

  • New inventory items are created when activating inventory tracking on non-inventory items: When activating inventory tracking for an existing item, instead of that item being converted to an inventory item, a new item will be created with inventory tracking enabled. This will prevent errors when exporting items to QuickBooks. The new item’s code will be updated with  “I-” at the beginning of the item code, such as “I-11K49G,” and the old item will be deactivated. You will have the option to update any pending transactions with the new item. For more on this feature, see Enable inventory tracking for equipment and material.


  • Customer PO number on the Job header: The only way to access the customer PO number was to click Edit and view it. Now if a job has a Customer PO, it will appear on the Job header in ServiceTitan. Also, it will appear in the Job section in ServiceTitan Mobile for technicians. For more on this feature, see Job record overview.


  • Sending customized multiple responses for verified reviews: When sending a response for reviews, you can now customize and send one response for multiple verified reviews at once. This helps you answer reviews quicker and by a customized touch. For more on this feature, see Manage Reviews.

  • Recommended setup implementation: We have created a new flow for effective SMS survey creation based on best practices with the highest click rates. This helps to save your time on creating the survey in fewer steps. For more on this feature, see Create SMS surveys in ServiceTitan.


  • Memberships on Customer and Location Pages listed by Date: If you have imported memberships into ServiceTitan from another source, these memberships will now be listed by date from newest to oldest on the Customer and Location pages. This helps you keep your membership information better organized. For more on this feature, see Edit customer memberships.


  • Added Tooltips to Key Performance Indicators on Master Pay File and Master Pay File by Pay Period Reports: Now, when you hover over any of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the Master Pay File and Master Pay File by Pay Period reports you’ll be able to see a description of the KPI  This gives you more clarity into the data that is most valuable to you. For more on this feature, see Master Pay File report template.


  • Ability to set a default purchase order type: Purchasing managers can now set a default purchase order type in Settings. This helps ensure they use the correct purchase order type without having to remember to change it when they create a purchase order. For more on this feature, see Set up purchase order types.


  • Added Key Performance Indicators to Jobs, Technicians, and Office Performance Data Sets: We have added the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you gain a better understanding of your employee's performance:

    • Jobs Data Set: 

      • Total Hours Worked: Tracks the total working hours for all technicians on the job

      • Start of Working Time: Tracks the start time of the first technician working on the job

      • End of Working Time: Tracks the end time of the first technician working on the job

    • Technicians Data Set: 

      • Total Hours Worked: Tracks the total hours worked by the current technician across all jobs

    • Office Performance Data Set: 

      • Calls Require Review: Displays the total number of calls that require a review

    For more on this feature, see Jobs report template, Technician Performance report template, and Office Performance report template.


  • Updated Knowledge Base Experience: We have updated the look and performance of the ServiceTitan Knowledge Base, making it easier to find the information you need to best use ServiceTitan, or help you with a specific feature. These updates include:

    • Updates to the Home page:

      • Most useful items, such as Getting Started and FAQs, right at the top of the page 

      • Most visited categories, such as Accounting, Settings, and Dispatch, and the most popular articles from these categories highlighted for easy access to the areas you frequently check

      • New Feature Packs section that helps you easily find information that impacts your business

      • New Most Viewed Articles section that displays the most popular articles

      • New Featured Articles section that highlights helpful articles you may have missed

      • New Release Notes section that gives you quick access to see the improvements we’ve been working on

    • General updates:

      • New Back to Top button lets you easily return to the top of the page when you’re finished reading an article

      • Faster performance makes finding what you are looking for much easier

      • Topics Covered section stays on-screen while you scroll through an article, making it easier to jump to relevant sections of the article

    And much more! Head to the ServiceTitan Knowledge Base Overview article to check it out.


  • Invoices: When you update the bill-to detail on a job, the invoice is also updated. Previously, the bill-to detail on the invoice did not change.

  • QBD export: If you need to fix export issues, the Fix Export Issues screen now allows you to press TAB to move the cursor to the next field. Previously, if you pressed TAB, the focus moved to the Close (X) button on the screen.

  • ServiceTitan Help: In the rare instance of a network outage, we have restored functionality with the Help feature to ensure you are able to contact Technical Support.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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