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Release Notes ST–57

We wrap up the year with new features, improvements, and some fixes to make your experience with ServiceTitan both exciting and productive. You can now calculate the average price for each service in Pricebook Pro and compare your price with the regional average selling price. Featured items include mobile estimates redesign, change of password requirements, and technicians’ permission to change an invoice’s tax zone. Take a look at our latest fix of forms and media. For more, watch our ST-57 Release Notes Overview on YouTube, or visit the Academy to enroll in the ST-57 Release Notes Training course.



  • Ability to turn on the Only Replenish Max setting: You can now turn on the Only Replenish Max setting (in Settings > Inventory > Configuration > Inventory tab) even when the Enable Negative Quantity setting is off. When the Only Replenish Max setting is on, technicians cannot order more materials than what they typically stock on their trucks. This helps ensure technicians don't have overstocked materials on their trucks. For more on this feature, see Inventory and Purchasing configurations.


  • Customer PO# on the Job booking screen: Now you can add the customer identification number (Customer PO#) during the job booking process. If you add the customer’s purchase order number on this screen, you tie the customer’s invoice to their own personal system of record and they get paid on time. For more on this feature, see Book a recall or warranty job.


  • Projects shown on location records: The projects table, currently found on customer profiles is now also shown on location records. This means you no longer have to sort through multiple projects for multiple locations on the customer page. For more on this feature, see Manage customer and service location records.



  • Ability to update job numbers on open purchase orders: You can now update the Job Number on an open purchase order (PO), which allows you to move a PO that was incorrectly assigned instead of having to cancel and create a new purchase order. For more on this feature, see Edit a purchase order from the office and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Creating and Managing purchase orders.



  • API changes are coming: As we previously announced, we are working on a new set of APIs (V2 APIs) and will be retiring our current APIs (V1 APIs) in July 2022. Please complete your migration to V2 APIs by July 2022 to avoid any interruption. What’s new? V2 APIs come with improved performance and security. We are offering an integration (sandbox) environment where you can begin testing these latest V2 APIs. To get started, see Getting started with API dev portal V2, or visit


  • Price Insights for Pricebook Pro: This newly added feature calculates the average price for each service and shows you where your price falls in comparison to the regional average selling price. Increase confidence in your pricing strategy, drive revenue and protect your margins by knowing where your prices truly stand in your market. For more on this feature, see Manage price insights with Pricebook Pro.



  • Permission settings for Payment Collections are hidden unless the feature is turned on: You will no longer see settings for Payment Collections permissions, which are in Settings > Operations > Permissions, unless you enable the Payment Collections feature. This change helps ensure you only see settings that you need. For more on permissions in general, see Permissions.

  • Vendor document numbers and reference numbers must be unique when using Intacct: If you use Intacct, ServiceTitan now requires each vendor to have a unique vendor document number (VDN) on bills or receipts, or reference number (Ref No) on returns. This change reduces errors when you export those items to Intacct, which already requires unique vendor numbers. For more on this feature, see Export to Intacct.

  • ServiceTitan Mobile setting gives technicians permission to change an invoice’s tax zone: If you use our mobile app, you can turn on the Edit Invoice Tax Zone permission which allows technicians to select or change the tax zone on a mobile invoice. This lets technicians assign the proper zone to a service location when the work determines the tax rate rather than the location. Note: Technicians cannot change the tax zone while integration with Avalara or Washington sales tax is also enabled. For more on this feature, see Explanation of technician permissions in ServiceTitan.

  • Replaced Procurement Vendor with Purchasing Vendor: All references to Procurement Vendor in ServiceTitan were replaced with Purchasing Vendor to create consistency and avoid potential confusion. For more on this topic, see articles in Purchase Orders.

  • Batch number and export status appears on bills exported to Intacct: For accounts set up to export bills to Intacct, the batch number and export status now appears on bills in ServiceTitan, so you can see quickly reference this information directly on the bill instead of going to the batching screen to find out. For more on batching and exporting, see Batch, post, and export transactions.

  • Map ServiceTitan customers to customers and jobs in QuickBooks Desktop: If you have multiple locations and only one payee, you can map ServiceTitan customers and locations to customers and jobs in QuickBooks Desktop, which improves support for billing requirements. For more on this feature, see Sync objects as you export.


  • Mobile Estimates redesign: Mobile Estimates has been redesigned to help take your sales experience to the next level. The redesign gives you the ability to present vivid imagery, job descriptions, multiple options, and improved usability to deliver a modern and professional sales experience on every job. Features include infoboxes and photos on each option to surface more information to communicate more value—like energy savings, rebates, and membership savings during the sales process. Note: The new design is currently in open beta. To switch over to the improved design, contact your CSM. For more on this feature, see Mobile estimates redesign.

  • New HVAC pack: This open beta is packed with a list of features including:

    • SEER Energy Savings Calculator—When a technician installs a new AC system, they can add energy savings to an estimate by calculating the potential energy savings for the customer and present all the advantages of the new solution. Note: The HVAC Pack is currently in open beta. To switch over to the improved design, contact your CSM.

    • HVAC Load Calculator—A new HVAC load calculator is available when building estimates in the mobile app that allows technicians to move away from the time-consuming pen-and-paper calculations. This enables technicians and advisors to highlight additional value for the homeowner when making an HVAC purchasing decision.

    • New Rebates Field—A new Add Rebates field has been added on the Estimate details screen, so estimators can highlight savings in rebates available for the homeowner for each option to aid in the sales process.

      For more on this feature, see Mobile estimates redesign and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Mobile Estimates.


  • Ability to adjust the weighted average cost of inventory items: With the new weighted average costing method, you can calculate an item’s weighted average cost based on purchasing behavior and use it on invoices for more accurate job costing. For more on this feature, see Inventory and Purchasing configurations.

  • Changes to unit cost of serialized items on bills transfer to invoice line items: If you enabled Serialized Inventory, the exact unit cost that you paid for a specific serial number on a bill will transfer to the item on the invoice when that serial number is used, which improves the accuracy of your job costing.

    Note: This functionality is only available when you serialize items in ServiceTitan.

    For more on this feature, see Add or edit serialized items on invoices.

  • Serial numbers on transfers are not needed until changing the status to Picked: When you create a transfer for a serialized item, you no longer need to select a serial number. Serial numbers can only be added when moving a transfer to a Picked status and cannot be added when a transfer is in a Pending status. Now, staff can save time by picking any available serial number instead of searching for a specific serial number. For more on this feature, see Create and edit transfers.


  • Status and manager on project page: The project page has been updated in order to make it easier to keep track of projects:

    • You can now add a project status and a project manager to a project.

    • Default statuses are provided, however you can add custom sub-statuses to each of the default statuses in settings. This gives you more information as to where your project currently stands at-a-glance when viewing your projects. You'll be able to see if a project is in progress or complete and if you have phases for your projects you'll be able to see what phase a project is currently in as well. You can also filter projects by status when using Search.

    • You can assign a Project Manager to help track their relevant projects and you can filter projects by Project Manager when using Search as well.

    For more on this feature, see Create a project.


  • Password and sign-in policy: Due to security reasons, now if you want to create a new user or reset a password, the minimum password length is 10 characters. For more on this feature, see Settings-FAQ.


  • Updates to audience building filters: When building an audience for your campaign, you can now target specific audiences by using the Job Status filter. This helps to increase the number of specific customers receiving your campaign. For more on this feature, see Create and edit audiences.

  • Marketing Pro dashboard redesign: We’ve made some changes in the dashboard, moving away from the old look to add more efficiency. Now, when in Analytics, you see new drilldowns to dig into campaign details. This gives you an aggregated view of all marketing activities in one place and the ability to use the data more efficiently when planning for future marketing campaigns. For more on this feature, see Use marketing analytics and Overview: Using ServiceTitan Marketing Pro.


  • Edit and View buttons redesign: Now you can edit or view items by clicking the toggle in Pricebook. This helps you skip the extra step for getting to the Edit and View modes. For more on this feature, see  Add and edit pricebook items.


  • See information about returns in ServiceTitan Mobile: You can now see more detailed information about returns in the mobile app so you can provide additional information to vendors while conducting returns without needing to call the office. For more on this feature, see View returns in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Prevent inventory transactions from being created in a closed period: If you set a Minimum Posting Date for a business unit (in Settings > Operations > Business Units), returns, adjustments, purchase orders, and receipts can’t be created unless the date of the inventory transaction is on or after the Minimum Post Date. This prevents you from creating transactions during a closed period which causes errors when you attempt to export transactions that impact financials in a closed period. For more on this feature, see Add or edit business units.


  • Rheem and Ruud catalog integrations: Now you can view Rheem and Ruud products in separate catalogs. If you previously had access to Rheem, now you will see Rheem V2 in the Catalogs section of Pricebook Connect. For more on this feature, see Pricebook supplier integration: Overview and getting started.

  • Vendor integration settings: The Customer ID field has been renamed to Account Number for all existing integrated suppliers in the Vendor Integration settings. For more on this feature, see Set up your account for Procure-to-Pay (P2P).

  • Vendor Part Number required on Electronic Purchase Orders: In order to send a purchase order (PO) by electronic delivery, you will need to select a vendor that was used to activate the supplier integration. The line items on the PO must include a vendor part #. For more on this feature, see Send a purchase order electronically.


  • Forms and Media: When you click the uploaded photo in ServiceTitan, you can now view the entire photo without having to scroll through it.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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