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About this release

We have a big ol' bag of treats for you to discover in this release. Dispatch technicians in bulk, mark materials as chargeable when creating and editing invoice templates, and bulk update business units on purchase orders, are just a few. Read on for more, watch the latest Release Notes Overview on YouTube, or visit the Academy to enroll in the ST-55 Release Notes Training course.



  • Release highlights: We’ve added a highlights section to our release notes, it’s the section you’re reading right now! This section covers new features and improvements we feel will be most impactful in helping your business grow. For more on our release notes and how to use them, see Using our release notes.


  • Dispatch board upgrade - phase one: The dispatch board is getting an upgrade! There will be no change in functionality but the board will perform much faster, be more stable, and have a new look. The changes are happening in four phases. Phase one focuses on the header:

    • Maps 2.0 has moved to the left side of the header

    • The business unit filter has moved next to the date picker

    • The date picker now matches the date pickers throughout ServiceTitan

    For more on this feature, see Dispatch board upgrade.

  • Dispatch technicians in bulk: When managing jobs with multiple technicians you previously had to advance them individually, which was time consuming. There is now an All Technicians option that allows you to manage technicians in bulk. You can dispatch and arrive all eligible technicians together and when they are done working, closing the appointment marks everyone as done together. For more on this feature, see Dispatch technicians.


  • View audience potential reach breakdown: When building email and direct mail campaigns, you can view a breakdown of the campaign’s potential reach in the Audience Selection step. For more on this feature, see Create and edit email campaigns.

  • Review Requests section: A new section in Reputation tracks and manages review requests that have been sent to customers. This helps to efficiently follow up, track and resend review requests for the surveys that did not get any verified reviews. For more on this feature, see Review Requests.


  • Materials now chargeable on invoice template: You can now mark materials as chargeable when creating and editing an invoice template. Additionally, after a recurring job is booked, the chargeable materials on an invoice template copy to the job’s invoice as chargeable. This saves you from manually marking materials as chargeable every time a material is added to an invoice. For more on this feature, see Create and edit invoice and billing templates.


  • Crew management: Lead technicians can now manage the other technicians on an appointment with them. Lead technicians can dispatch, arrive, manage meal breaks, and closeout appointments for all of the technicians on the crew for that appointment. For more on this feature, see Manage crews in ServiceTitan Mobile and enroll in the Dispatching Crews Academy course.


  • Bulk update business units on purchase orders: When you update a job’s business unit, it will automatically update the business unit for every PO attached to that job. This makes it easier to charge materials and equipment to the proper business unit. For more on this feature, see Edit job information.



  • Combined Join Payment ID/Date and Invoice ID/Date in AR Transactions: The Join Payment ID/Date and Invoice ID/Date columns are now one column. Before, each was in separate columns, making the report wider and harder to read on screen. This is a cleaner way for you to view the data you need when you want. For more on this feature, see Accounting report guides.

  • Create list items in QuickBooks on export: You can now export transactions without having to manually create Shipping and Tax items in QuickBooks Desktop. Before, you had to manually create these and assign them to a general ledger (GL) account. This improvement helps you focus more on transactions and less on integration setup. For more on QuickBooks export, see Quickbooks Desktop users.

  • View Pending Batches: Now when you have more than 30 pending batches, the View Pending Batches option appears in the Batch dropdown. You can still view the 30 most recent batches as well. For more on Pending Batches, see Batch, post, and export transactions.

  • Reduce QuickBooks error messages: Now when you merge or delete Quickbooks desktop list objects, you won’t get QuickBooks error messages. For more information, see Fix common QuickBooks errors.


  • Intacct Settings redesigned: The Intacct settings have been redesigned, giving you a cleaner experience and helping you find settings in one place when navigating the features of this integration. For more on this feature, see Setting up the Intacct Integration with ServiceTitan.

  • Export bills from ServiceTitan to Intacct: Now you can export bills you have in ServiceTitan to Intacct, in addition to being able to export receipts as receipts and receipts as bills. For more on this feature, see Export to Intacct.

  • Bill total updated when variance detected with Intacct: This newly added enhancement updates bill total in ServiceTitan to the Intacct bill total, if when you export receipts to Intacct and they are converted to bills there is a variance between the bills in the two systems. The updated bill total is also reflected in job costing. For more on this feature, see Manage bills.

  • New Shipping and Tax GL mapping in Purchasing Settings: In ServiceTitan, we’ve added a new way to enable you to map general ledger (GL) of shipping and tax to ensure accurate GL impact in QuickBooks Desktop and Intacct. For more on this feature, see Inventory and Purchasing Configurations.


  • Knowledge Base and Academy content updates: We are constantly adding useful articles to our knowledge base and videos to our Academy. This content guides you on how to best use ServiceTitan, and helps to answer any questions you may have about a specific feature. If you haven’t been in a while, visit the ServiceTitan Knowledge Base and Academy to see what’s new.


  • Visualization module examples for custom dashboards: Now, when you create a visualization module for a custom dashboard, after you select a visualization type, an interactive example opens. This makes the module-building process more transparent. For more on this feature, see Create a visualization module.

  • Horizontal bar graphs sort from high to low: Horizontal bar graph visualizations on custom dashboards now display values from high to low. This makes it easier to review relevant key performance indicator (KPI) details. For more on this feature, see Create a visualization module.


  • Adjustable capacity planning by skill: Choose whether to use manual adjustments in capacity planning or a skills match. If you use a skills match the arrival window closes as soon as there are no available technicians with the required skills, even if there is some capacity leftover. For more on this feature, see Adjustable capacity planning.


  • Improved Intacct and Quickbooks account details when viewing services: When you review service details on an estimate template, the View/Edit Service Details screen displays more accurate labeling of Intacct and QuickBooks Desktop general ledger accounts. For more on this feature, see Create and edit estimate templates.


  • Improved edit postcard design for direct mail: In the Postcard Builder in direct mail campaigns, you can access the Marketing Resources page or the template gallery by using the links in the Build Mail Sequence step. For more on this feature, see Create Direct Mail campaigns.


  • View customer invoice/statement mail preferences on mobile app: In the ServiceTitan Mobile app, technicians can now see if a customer prefers to have their invoices mailed, emailed, or both at the time of sale, adding another layer of A+ customer service to your team. For more on this feature, see Print or email an invoice or estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile.


  • Exclude accounts from payroll: You can now exclude technician and office employee accounts from payroll features. This makes it easier to manage payroll and timesheets if employees have multiple accounts or if you create display or dummy profiles. Note: New employee and technician profiles are excluded by default. For more on this feature, see Enter payroll settings and Set up payroll for office employees.


  • New brand field: Pricebook equipment items now include a field for brands. This is useful for organizing and filtering your pricebook when a single manufacturer or supplier offers multiple brands of equipment. For more on this feature, see Add equipment to your pricebook.

  • Round prices to nearest dollar when bulk editing: A new option allows you to round prices to the nearest dollar when bulk editing pricebook items. This can make estimates look cleaner and more professional when presenting them to customers. For more on this feature, see Bulk edit pricebook items.

  • Preview videos in Pricebook Connect: If an item in a provider catalog or ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro includes video content, you can preview it before adding it to your pricebook. This gives you greater pricebook management flexibility. For more on this feature, see Add provider catalog items to your pricebook with Pricebook Connect and Update your pricebook with Pricebook Connect.

  • Manually dismiss Pricebook Connect updates: You can now manually dismiss individual provider catalog updates. You can even dismiss updates for specific fields of an item. This makes it easier to review future updates so you can identify the ones that are relevant to you. For more on this feature, see Update your pricebook with Pricebook Connect and enroll in the Using ServiceTitan Pricebook Connect Academy course.


  • Change Inventory Location on Replenishment purchase orders: When editing a Replenishment PO, you now change your Inventory Location. This helps you update an Inventory Location without having to create a new PO. For more on this feature, see Edit a purchase order from the office.

  • Roll over partially received POs to new PO: Now you can close partially received POs and add the unreceived items into a new PO. This makes it easier for you to account for back ordered shipments, and track how often a vendor doesn’t send you your requested items. For more on this feature, see Receive purchase orders.

  • Vendor document number required for Intacct users: When using Intacct, the Vendor Document number is now required on the receipt. If the PO type is auto-received, the Vendor Document number is required when creating the PO. This reduces export errors by ensuring the required data is present before exporting your receipt to Intacct. For more on this feature, see Receive purchase orders and Create a purchase order.


  • New appointments-related drilldowns in Jobs report template: In the Jobs report template, the drilldown into the Requests for Additional Appts key performance indicator (KPI) includes two new KPIs:

    • Technician—Name of the technician who requested the additional appointment

    • Request reason—Reason the appointment request was made

    These KPIs can help you understand why a job was extended so you can coach technicians on how to complete their work more quickly. For more on this feature, see Jobs report template.


  • The Campaign Registry (TCR) integration: To enable the delivery of SMS and MMS messages in the United States, ServiceTitan has integrated with the Campaign Registry (TCR) reputation authority. When you register your company with TCR, you enable SMS/MMS processing. For more on this feature, see Register your business for SMS and MMS delivery.

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