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Release Notes ST-64

These notes are part of an upcoming release and are subject to change. Related articles are coming soon. They will be updated before or on the day the release goes live. Stay tuned!

You asked, we listened! Look for this icon yawl-icon-sm on features we improved using your feedback. Also, to better help you identify whether an update applies to your business, look for the following icons:

  • All customers All business types

  • C-Construction Commercial Construction

  • Commercial Commercial Service & Replacement

  • R-Construction Residential Construction

  • Residential Residential Service & Replacement

Top Highlights


  • Cancel a job with invoice items: (All customers)yawl-icon-smNow you can cancel a job with invoice items, regardless of whether they came from a sold estimate or not. This way, invoice items will be automatically deleted without having to go to the Invoice section. For more on this feature, see Cancel a job. You asked, we listened!


  • Updated customer and location records: (All customers)yawl-icon-sm With the enhancements added to customer and location records, you now have uniform tables with search, pagination, filtering, and sorting. Additionally, a new side menu helps you quickly navigate to a specific record you’re searching for. This makes searching across tables for information consistent and efficient. For more on this feature, see Customer & Location Page Redesign, and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Modifying Customer Records and Modifying Service Location Records. You asked, we listened!


  • Ability to switch from Go to Next and Practice environments: (All customers)yawl-icon-smYou can now switch from your live ServiceTitan account (GO environment) into the Next environment for testing upcoming features and the Practice environment for training purposes. This allows you to access the testing and training environments whenever you want on both desktop and mobile. For more on this feature, see Using ServiceTitan Practice and Using ServiceTitan Next. You asked, we listened!


  • Forms submission GET endpoints: (All customers)These newly added endpoints allow you to analyze your native forms data to get real-time insights and streamline complex workflow automation. Based on this data you can automate your business processes, which saves you time and effort. As of this release, the following forms templates and form submissions GET endpoints are available:

    • Form templates:

      • Form Id

      • Forms Name

      • Form Status

      • Active Status

      • Availability of Conditional Logic

      • Availability of Triggers

      • Created date

      • Modify Date

    • Form submissions:

      • Form ID

      • Form Creator ID  [Employee, Technician]

      • Status of the Submission [Started, Completed]

      • Submission Date

      • Submission Owner (Source) [Job, Customer, Location, Equipment, Call, Technician]

      • Owner Type

    For more on this API V2 endpoint, see


  • Capacity levels and dimensions added to equipment details on Mobile: (Residential, Commercial)yawl-icon-smTechnicians can now find capacity levels and dimensions in equipment details on ServiceTitan Mobile. This additional information is a helpful reference for estimate creation and assessing space requirements and constraints. For more on this feature, see Manage equipment in ServiceTitan Mobile. You asked, we listened!

Additional Highlights


  • Transaction Hub: (All customers)Transaction Hub consists of the three new Accounts Receivable (A/R) modules released to all ServiceTitan accounts on 2/1/2023:

    • Invoices: This screen allows administrators to open individual invoices and review them without going to the actual invoice.

    • Customer Payments: This screen allows administrators to locate payments without navigating to a customer’s profile and searching for the actual invoice. Also, administrators can collect payments from the Customer Payments screen without going to the customer profile to enter a payment.

    • Bank Deposits: This screen allows administrators to:

      • Mark each individual payment transaction as reviewed and see the breakdown of cash or checks for each bank deposit for all payment types.

      • Group payments together to help reconcile the deposits made into their real bank account.

      • Create batches straight from the Deposit screen.

    Transaction Hub provides a broad set of features that allow you to complete your most common accounting workflows faster by accessing your data with fewer clicks and connecting it across all related documents.

    For more on this feature, see Transaction Hub Invoices module and Transaction Hub Customer Payments and Bank Deposits modules.

  • Auto-batching: (All customers)Auto-batching helps you reduce the manual labor and multiple clicks required to create batches, so you can move directly to your review and export workflow. On 2/1/2023, invoices, bills, payments, credits, and inventory adjustments will be batched automatically. You can also:

    • Set up specific batching preferences and rules.

    • Control how often batches are created by defining a cadence and whether or not they should be grouped by business unit.

    • Edit the invoice date if it is incorrect, and it would automatically move the invoice to the appropriate batch date.

    For more on this feature, see Guide to ServiceTitan Auto-batching.

  • Edit price in continuation sheets: (R-Construction, C-Construction)To avoid price rounding issues, you can now directly edit the dollar amount for line items on Continuation Sheets. Every sheet now has an Enable Edit Using Price toggle that will add an Edit by Price checkbox to each item. This toggle will lock for a sheet once the application has been submitted. For more on this feature, see (coming soon) and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in (coming soon).



  • New Leads Integrations: ServiceTitan has partnered with the top lead aggregators in the industry so you can get more leads and stay on top of them all-in-one place. Use leads integrations to automate the population of customer and job data into ServiceTitan to save your office time, increase booking accuracy, and to offer your customers a seamless booking experience through partners. For more on this feature, see Leads Integrations.

    The following are our new Leads Integrations partners:

    • New Angi Leads Integration: (All customers)Now you can receive and manage booking requests from Angi instant bookings directly in ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see Angi Leads Integration.

    • Sunset Legacy Home Advisor Integration: With the launch of the new Angi Leads Integration, we will be sunsetting the legacy Home Advisor Integration by  01/15/2023.

    • New The Home Depot Leads Integration: (All customers) You can now receive and manage booking requests from The Home Depot directly in ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see The Home Depot Leads Integration.

    • New Building36 “Smart Home” Leads Integration: (All customers) You can now receive and manage the highest priority alerts from your customer’s Building36 smart home devices directly into your ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see Building36 Leads Integration.

    • New Flowpath Leads Integration: (C-Construction, Commercial) Now you can receive and manage booking requests from FlowPath directly in ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see FlowPath Leads Integration.



  • V2 API External ID added to jobs and projects: Now you can map data between external IDs of different systems and ServiceTitan App. This way you can store the external IDs of related system records in ServiceTitan App. As of this release, V2 data endpoints are as follows:


    • Projects POST/PATCH/GET


  • Enhanced General Ledger account mapping for payroll objects: (All customers)You now have greater flexibility when mapping payroll objects to a General Ledger account. This ensures that the proper GL accounts are used when creating a payroll journal entry. Your payroll journal entries have also been enhanced so they more accurately represent the financial impact of the payroll being processed. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).

  • Automatic reconciliation for non-PO bills: (All customers)You now have the option to have your non-PO vendor bills automatically reconciled upon creation. This helps keep your focus on other more pressing areas of your business.

  • Ability to edit unreconciled vendor statements: (All customers)You can now edit vendor statements that have not yet been reconciled. This helps save you time by ensuring that the statement is correct before reconciling.

  • Ability to edit and bill for a price in AIA Billing: (R-Construction, C-Construction)You now have the ability to edit the price in the continuation sheet when performing AIA billing. This allows you to bill your customers for specific dollar amounts instead of only being able to bill for quantity. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).

  • Budget vs Actual table combined with Expense details table: (R-Construction, C-Construction)The Budget vs Actual and Expense details tables are now under one Budget vs Actual view. This allows you to expand individual items without having to scroll down the page to the Expense details table. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).



  • Submit GreenSky® financing direct funding payment request from office: (Residential, Commercial)When an office employee charges a payment type with the GreenSky® Direct Funding attribute, the GreenSky® direct funding request form now appears. This allows office employees to process financing payments without having to login to GreenSky® directly. For more on this feature, see (coming soon) and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in (coming soon).

  • Financeit Funding Checklist single access link: (Residential, Commercial)The funding checklist now has a link that both technicians and customers can access at any time in the ServiceTitan mobile app. This allows the checklist to be filled out gradually over multiple visits on the same job by different technicians. For more on this feature, see (coming soon) and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in (coming soon).


  • Job column added to the table of invoices and payments: (All customers)Now you can see a Job column in the table of invoices and payments. This way, you can distinguish if the invoice or payment was added from a job or project. For more on this feature, see Understand project records.

  • Inner scroll added to the Budget vs Actual and Expense Details tables on the project screen: (R-Construction,C-Construction)If you have over 10 rows in the Budget vs Actual details and the Expense Details tables on the Project screen, an inner scroll appears. This way, you can always view the table header and enhance the user experience. For more on this feature, see Understand project records.


  • Multi-tenant Azure Active Directory: (All customers)Previously, customers using Azure Active Directory (AAD) could only associate an AAD instance with a single ServiceTitan company account. This was a one-to-one relationship. This was an issue in cases where a parent company shared a single AAD instance with multiple subsidiaries. In ST-64, customers can associate a single AAD instance with multiple ServiceTitan instances and make it a one-to-many relationship. This means that each subsidiary can have its own instance of ServiceTitan while at the same time being part of a parent company’s shared AAD instance.

    Note: One Active Directory user can only be associated with one ServiceTitan user.

    For more on this feature, see Azure Active Directory Login Integration.


  • Arrival windows setting default: (All customers)When setting up an arrival window, the default is now Start time of Arrival Window. This makes setting up arrival windows easier as the most common selection is now the default. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).


  • Updated Commercial S/R and Construction landing pages: (C-Construction, Commercial, R-Construction, Residential)If you’re running a Commercial Service and Replacement (S/R) or Construction business, you now have additional resources available in the Knowledge Base to help you better run your business. The Commercial S/R and Construction landing pages are updated to include additional articles that provide you with more insight on the different workflows you can utilize. For more on these updates, see Commercial service and replacement and Construction landing pages.


  • Manual call attribution added to Ads Measurement: (All customers)For Marketing Pro customers that have Ads Measurement enabled, manual calls will automatically inherit marketing attribution from the first inbound abandoned call within the last 48 hrs if the call information matches the customer record. This will ensure that ads measurement always accounts for conversions captured in ServiceTitan for call-backs or when the call bubble is not clicked by the CSR.


  • Create Prospecting Lists with Acquisition Audiences: (Residential)You can now create lists of prospect properties based off of home tax assessment data to send Direct Mail campaigns to those addresses. For more on this feature, see Create Audiences.


  • Company Profile Page Update: (All customers)You can now choose the types of customers you service on your Company Profile page located in Settings > Your Account > Company Profile. Previously, this setting was only available when going through Onboarding Jumpstart for your company. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).


  • Edit individual rules for Dynamic Pricing: (R-Construction)With this enhancement, you can now easily navigate through the setup pages of Dynamic Pricing from the setup summary. This helps you make changes easily without having to click back through every screen. For more on this feature, see Dynamic Pricing.


  • Payment Terms field added to Invoices data set: (All customers)We have added a Payment Terms field to the Invoices dataset. This allows you to track which invoices have which payment terms and whether they are due or not when running reports using that dataset. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).


  • Improved Number Assignment for Phones Pro: (All customers)Now, when adding or editing a phone number, you can select where you want the phone number assigned in Dialpad without leaving ServiceTitan. You are also able to view your phone number assignments in ServiceTitan. Previously, you were navigated to Dialpad to do this.  For more on this feature, see Add and assign tracking numbers in Phones Pro.

  • Export phone numbers: (All customers)You can now export a list of your phone numbers found in Settings > Phones > Phone Numbers or Settings > Phones Pro > Phone Numbers for Phones Pro users. The Phones Pro list also includes a new Assignment column so you know the current Dialpad assignment for the number. For more on this feature, see Add or edit tracking numbers and Add and assign tracking numbers in Phones Pro.


  • Customer records: Customer records that have been made inactive due to a merge will first need to have the merge undone before they can be reactivated.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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