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Release Notes ST-61

The ServiceTitan ST-61 release is packed with great new features and requested additions! There’s a new Return Types page where you can better track inventory returns. The customer and location merge workflows are now clearer and have an audit trail. SMS messages originating from customers through the SMS Recurring Service campaign are now tagged for better visibility. And updates to forms and media make media easier to attach and give you more options for technician alerts. This in addition to new Marketing Pro updates and improvements to other areas of ServiceTitan, such as Accounting, Equipment, Estimates, Payroll and Timesheets, and more! Finally, note the expanded Support hours.

For more, check out the ST-61 Release Notes Overview video on Community, or visit the Academy to enroll in the ST-61 Release Notes Training course.

You asked, we listened! Look for this icon yawl-icon-sm on features we improved using your feedback.



  • Track returns with the new Return Types page: Track returns through their cycle and accurately record the information in the ServiceTitan Purchasing and Inventory modules using the new Return Types page, found under Settings > Inventory. Create returns, send returns to the vendor, and mark returns as either approved or returned. There are 3 available statuses for returns: Pending, Returned, and Credit received. For more on this feature, see Return Types.


  • Improved customer and location merge experience: yawl-icon-sm We’ve improved the merge workflow to make it more obvious which records are being kept. We’ve added helpful language on the merge page and an audit trail. The audit trail shows who performed the merge, when it was done, which record was retained, and which record was deactivated. For more on this feature, see Merge and unmerge duplicate customer and location records. You asked, we listened!


  • New “Recurring” tag on incoming customer SMS texts: Now, you can see the “Recurring” tag next to your customer conversation in Chats. This confirms whether an incoming customer text originated from an SMS Recurring Service campaign. That, in turn, helps you identify the issues and opportunities of potential jobs in advance. For more on this feature, see Create Recurring Services using SMS campaigns.


  • Conditional Logic in forms: Conditional Logic in forms allows you to make forms more manageable and relevant by showing and hiding questions as a form is filled-out. For example, if a technician indicates it is summer, all heating questions disappear. By showing only the most relevant questions, it’s easier for technicians to fill out the form and receive higher quality data. For more on this feature, see Conditional logic in forms and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Conditional logic in forms.

  • Identify media to attach easier: yawl-icon-sm We’ve made improvements so you can find the photos and videos you want to attach to estimates or invoices before sending them in an email. Now you can:

    • View thumbnails of photos and videos

    • Open photos and videos in preview mode and select as attachments from this state

    • Filter files by date, uploaded by and file type

    • Select all files option

    For more on this feature, see Email an estimate and View, print, or email customer invoices. You asked, we listened!

  • Improved alerts for technician forms: yawl-icon-sm The Completed Forms on Job alert is now Completed Forms. You can now receive an alert when a technician completes a form using the My Forms tab on ServiceTitan Mobile. Previously, you could only receive an alert when a form was completed on a job. This helps you act quickly on information technicians share in forms. For more on this feature, see Use alerts. You asked, we listened!



  • Marketing Pro Ads - Measurement Features: This release introduces a new feature set that allows you to have automated, reliable, marketing attribution data across the entire customer journey. This feature is accessible to all Marketing Pro Full Suite customers. To start using this, you need to first set the following up for your business:

    • Ads Dashboards: New ads-focused sections were added to the marketing analytics dashboard. These include the Ads performance page, attributed calls, and campaign pages specific to ads. With these improvements, you can now track the entire customer journey, from impression to revenue, helping you better understand the ROI of your individual, integrated ad campaigns. You can also review all calls that get automatically attributed via Dynamic Call Tracking (using DNI)

    • Google Ads Integration: The new Google Ads integration allows you to integrate your individual Google Ad Campaigns into ServiceTitan. This feature automatically keeps both systems in sync.

    • Google Analytics Integration: With the new Google Analytics integration, you can stay in sync with your digital marketing ecosystem. This integration pushes and pulls key data, such as conversions (calls or forms) and sessions, between ServiceTitan and Google Analytics.

    • Dynamic Call Tracking (using DNI): You can now automate your marketing attribution for phone calls using our dynamic call tracking solution. This solution works for all calls that come from your visitors on your website and eliminates the need for your CSR to attribute marketing during a call.

    • Marketing Data Cleanup for Ads Measurement Users: The new marketing data mapping feature allows you to map UTM parameters to your legacy categories and campaigns. For Ads measurement users, this allows you to align legacy campaigns with your new integrated Google campaigns, providing for a better data filtering experience when using the Marketing Pro Analytics Dashboard.

    For more on this feature, see Marketing Analytics, Google Ads Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Dynamic Call Tracking using DNI, Marketing Data Cleanup, and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Marketing Pro Ads Features.



  • Export Transaction Updates is now on by default: yawl-icon-sm Previously, if you wanted the ability to edit exported transactions, you needed to contact ServiceTitan support. This feature is now available by default. If you want an office employee to be able to edit exported invoices and sync the changes to QuickBooks, simply go to the Permissions tab on the Employee Edit page and enable Allow edit and update of previously exported transactions for their profile. For more on this feature, see Edit invoices exported to QuickBooks. You asked, we listened!


  • Data Export V2 APIs: These endpoints allow you to have copies of your data and refresh it on a regular basis. They also return deleted and inactive records for all areas of ServiceTitan supported by APIs. As of this release, V2 data export endpoints are ready for:

    • Appointment Assignments

    • Appointments

    • Jobs

    • Job splits

    • Calls

    • Customer contact

    • Location contact

    • Bookings

    • Leads

    • Estimates

    • Invoices 

    • Payments 

    • PayrollAdjustments

    • Timesheets

    For more on this feature, see

  • Standard V2 API filters: V2 APIs will support createdOnOrAfter, createdBefore, modifiedOnOrAfter, modifiedBefore, sort, page, and pageSize for all endpoints that use these filters. As of this release, these filters have been created for:

    • JobHoldReasons

    • JobCancelReasons

    All endpoints that use these filters will be updated over the next few releases. For more on this feature, see

  • Custom fields requirement removed in V2 APIs: There’s a setting in ServiceTitan that makes custom fields required when booking a job on the call booking screen. V2 APIs support custom fields on a job’s POST and PATCH endpoints, and have inadvertently honored this required setting. We have removed this requirement. You can still use custom fields, however they will not be required even if that is how you have configured your settings in ServiceTitan. This will help when integrations use these endpoints to book jobs. For more on this feature, see

  • Multiple job IDs on timesheets and JobSplits: The Timesheets and JobSplits V2 API endpoints now allow multiple job IDs to be returned. For more on this feature, see Payroll API reference.

  • Hourly rate by location ID endpoint: This new Payroll endpoint returns hourly rates for each labor type on each location. For more on this feature, see Payroll API reference.

  • Invoice item Business Unit filter: If you assign business units to individual invoice items, you can now filter the GET/invoices V2 endpoint to return the ID and name of the business unit for each invoice item. This makes it easy to reference which business units are assigned to certain pricebook items. For more on this feature, see Accounting API reference.

  • Invoice number filter: GET/payments V2 endpoint now has a filter that allows you to input an invoice number and return all payments associated with that invoice. Additionally, you can filter the returned payment payload by the reference number and identify all payments applied to a specific invoice. For more on this feature, see Accounting API reference.

  • Invoice balance filter: The V2 GET/invoices endpoint now has a filter for invoice balance. For more on this feature, see Accounting API reference.

  • Zone fields: To make V2 GET/locations consistent with the V1 version, we are including zones based on ZIP code or area. For more on this feature, see CRM API reference.

  • Booking source fields: callId and bookingId are now part of all lead endpoints. This will help you determine where each lead came from. For more on this feature, see CRM API reference.


  • TitanAdvisor points for ServiceTitan Community visits: The Community is where you can get the latest on ServiceTitan, ask questions, get answers, and share your knowledge with fellow ServiceTitan users. Points for Community visits will be attributed based on visits over the last 30 days. For more about points, see TitanAdvisor scoring and stages.


  • Link to equipment on mobile estimates: You can now link a service, material, and membership to installed equipment on mobile estimates. This link persists as the estimate is converted to an invoice. This gives you a history of work performed on the equipment you service. For more on this feature, see Build and sell estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Equipment filter in ServiceTitan Mobile: yawl-icon-smYou can now filter equipment to view all, only installed, or only replaced when viewing equipment on a location in ServiceTitan Mobile. Installed equipment is the default view. For more on this feature, see Manage equipment in ServiceTitan Mobile. You asked, we listened!


  • Add materials to item groups: yawl-icon-smUntil now, you could only add services and equipment to item groups when building an estimate or estimate template. Now you can add materials as well. This is helpful for recording inventory usage and pricing. For more on this feature, see Manage estimates in ServiceTitan. You asked, we listened!

    Note: There is a known issue where materials added to Item Groups will not roll up into the parent item and are visible as line items on the printed estimate or invoice. For more information and updates, please contact Technical Support.

  • Price display options: You can now customize how full price and financed price appear on estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile. Surface more information to homeowners to highlight the value they’re getting with each option and make sure they’re making an informed decision. For more on this feature, see Present and sell estimates.


  • Changes to GreenSky® direct funding processes: You now need to use the new Merchant Transaction Authorization (MTA) process to receive direct funding in GreenSky®. The following processes will take place

    • Technician Training RequirementAnyone who submits a GreenSky® application will be required to take a brief annual training course to ensure compliance with program rules.

    • Activation 2.0After an application is submitted, applicants and co-applicants will receive a text message or email asking them to activate their account. The message will be automatically sent out after a GreenSky® offer is extended to the applicant.

    • Merchant Transaction AuthorizationAll transactions will require consumer authorization as part of the process of processing a transaction against a customer’s account. Note: If you aren’t on direct funding, please contact your GreenSky® account manager for more details on how to transition over to this new funding workflow.

    For more on this feature, see Greensky changes FAQ, and visit ServiceTitan Academy to enroll in Technician training for GreenSky.


  • Improved job record editing: yawl-icon-sm Edit Service Location, Bill-To, and Job Summary directly on the page with a new edit option that is easy to find and use. Previously, it was not obvious how to edit this information, and to make edits, you had to navigate away from the page. Now you can update these areas in less time by clicking Edit icon-pencil.png on the area you want to update. For more on this feature, see Edit job information. You asked, we listened!

  • Task management on projects:  Add and view tasks on a project to ensure things are running on time and on budget. Track tasks like getting a permit before a job begins, or sending invoices when a phase has been completed. Note: For any tasks created before this release, you will need to manually add a Project ID for them to appear on a project. For more on this feature, see Working in a Project page.

  • Match recalls, leads, and warranties to a service location: When marking a job as lead, warranty, or recall, you can link it to the original job. By default, both customer and location are searched, or you can configure your account to filter by customer only. Now, you can configure your account to filter for jobs that match the service location only. This filter cannot be configured if you plan to continue filtering by customer. For more on this feature, see Edit job information. To configure your account, Contact Technical Support.

  • Schedule Assistant First Available: You can now sort Schedule Assistant results by the first technician available. This is helpful when you want to assign a job to the next technician who comes available, instead of the technician with the least amount of additional drive time to a job. For more on this feature, see Use Schedule Assistant.


  • Enhanced Direct Mail stop triggers: In the Overview step of creating a marketing campaign, you can now add stop triggers to a Direct Mail campaign. This helps to increase campaign response rates and lessens costs. For more on this feature, see Create and edit Direct Mail campaigns.

  • Enhancing Ads Measurement Attribution with Lead Form Integrations: With this feature ServiceTitan allows users to support event tracking for contact/lead forms if you have the "Close and Classify" functionality enabled on your call screen. It allows you to integrate the lead form on your website directly into ServiceTitan through our API and attribute marketing data from the browser, similar to Dynamic Call Tracking (using DNI). When capturing this event, you are able to automate campaign attribution to lead form submissions and record them directly in your Follow up tab. This helps you cover the attribution of lead form conversion in Marketing Pro and follow up directly on the lead in ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see ExternalCallAttributions_Create and Use customer leads.


  • Redesigned Membership Types and Recurring Service Types settings pages: We have redesigned the Membership Types and Recurring Service Types settings pages to improve the user experience. The Membership Types page now displays Duration and Billing in one column. The Recurring Services Types page now includes Job Type and Recurrence Type columns. These updates make it easier to see important information about your Membership Types and Recurring Services Types in one place. For more on this feature, see Create membership types and Create and edit recurring service types.


  • Flexible Overtime: yawl-icon-sm You can now customize overtime rules to comply with state or federal guidelines, as well as trade union regulations. You can create multiple overtime profiles with separate pay rules and assign them to individual technicians and employees. For more on this feature, see Manage overtime settings and Create custom overtime profiles. You asked, we listened!

  • Pay Frequency settings:  Now, it’s much easier to update your employee’s payroll frequency settings in one place. We’ve removed the Pay Frequency settings from the employee and technician settings pages, so you can now update this on the Payroll Settings page located under Settings > Payroll > Payroll Settings. For more on this feature, see Manage employee payroll settings. Note: Global payroll frequency settings require account configuration. Please contact Technical Support for details.


  • Consume items as part of a transfer: yawl-icon-smInventory Managers can now select to automatically consume items at the Truck Inventory Location. When Consume Item on Transfer to Truck is toggled on for an item, whenever that item is transferred to a truck, it will be consumed through an adjustment. For more on this feature, see Inventory item transfer workflow. You asked, we listened!


  • Pricing calculation automated in ServiceTitan: Users of Dynamic Pricing, Client Specific Pricing, and Auto Glass no longer have to click calculate in ServiceTitan after adding items. You do still have to use Calculate when adding items from ServiceTitan Mobile. By removing this extra step, you will not have to click an extra button to get your price. For more on this feature, see Dynamic Pricing.

  • New estimates page calculation: Dynamic Pricing now treats material and equipment added as sub-items, the same as linked material and equipment. Technicians can add materials specific to a job and have an accurate price. There is a setting within the price builder that needs to be enabled for this to happen. For more on this feature, see Dynamic Pricing.


  • Added Non-Job Estimate Sales key performance indicator to data sets: We have added the Non-Job Estimate Sales KPI to the Technician Performance and Business Unit Performance data sets. This helps you accurately report on sales metrics generated from estimates created and sold without a job. For more on this feature, see Technician Performance report template and Business Unit Performance report template.


  • Updated error messages: yawl-icon-sm We have updated our more technical, database, and connection error messages to clarify why the error is taking place and what action needs to be taken to fix the error. We also make it easier for you to contact Technical Support if you run into any of these errors. You asked, we listened!

  • New support hours: Effective July 25, 2022, Technical Support will close at 6:00 PM PT (9:00 PM ET) from Monday to Friday rather than 5:00 PM PT (8:00 PM ET). Saturday hours remain 5:00 AM to 4:00 PM PT (8:00 AM to 7:00 PM ET). For more on this feature, see Contact Technical Support.



  • CRM: We fixed an issue that caused the duplicate location warning to be bypassed when one address was validated, and one was not.

  • ServiceTitan Knowledgebase: When we launched the new Knowledge Base in April, there was an issue that caused articles to not be formatted properly when printed. Now, articles are formatted properly for print.

  • Pricebook: For Client-Specific Pricing users, we have fixed an issue that caused duplicate material items on an invoice after adding a purchase order. Now if you create a purchase order for a material item and that item was already added with the estimate, the second item will not appear on the invoice.

  • Purchasing & Inventory: Previously, when the Hide 'Add a Purchase Order' Option on Posted and Exported Invoices feature gate was enabled, employees could not edit the purchase order (PO) attached to an exported job from the Invoice page but they were able to do it from the Purchasing Module page. Now the issue is fixed and when the corresponding feature gate is enabled, employees are not able to add or edit the PO attached to a job that has the Exported status.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and it should not be construed to be legal advice. Information provided in this article may also not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. You should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information in this article to meet any compliance requirements without seeking independent legal or other professional advice.