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Release Notes ST-60

There’s no slowing down from ServiceTitan this summer, and we’re bringing you some great new features and improvements! There’s a new Inventory Overview section where you can view important info about your inventory all in one place. We also redesigned Technician Scorecards to make it easier to check on your technicians’ performance, and we’ve launched our new ServiceTitan Community where you interact with other ServiceTitan users, provide feedback and ideas, and find answers to your questions through training and knowledge resources or a new streamlined Support experience. There are also improvements to many different areas of ServiceTitan, such as Accounting, Estimates, Jobs and Projects, Memberships, Purchasing, and more! For more, check out the ST-60 Release Notes Overview video on YouTube, or visit the Academy to enroll in the ST-60 Release Notes Training course.

You asked, we listened! Look for this icon yawl-icon-sm on features we improved using your feedback.



  • A new ServiceTitan Community is here: Our new Community will help you get the most out of ServiceTitan through active and engaging experiences. In Community, you’ll be able to:

    • Share your expertise and find advice from peers and product experts, empowering you to grow professionally by expanding your knowledge and network.

    • Search for answers across all official product training and knowledge resources, so you can find answers faster.

    • Stay up to date with the latest and most relevant content for your role.

    • Receive a streamlined Support experience with a new portal that recommends the most relevant help content, routes inquiries to appropriate specialists, allows you to track case status, and view your full case history.

    • Funnel your ideas and product feedback into one location for streamlined delivery to our internal teams for review, and track their progress from consideration to roadmap.

    For more information on how to update your profile and use Community, visit our Knowledge Base article.


  • Form triggers for appointments: yawl-icon-sm Previously if you needed technicians to complete forms daily, you would need to book a new job for each day. Now, if you have a multi-appointment job,you can trigger forms on each appointment. For example, something like an end-of-day report can now be triggered on each appointment of a job. For more on this feature, see Form triggers. You asked, we listened!


  • Technician Two-Way Chat: yawl-icon-sm Now technicians can reply to customer chats while using the ServiceTitan Mobile app. This helps technicians view if there are any unread messages and stay up to date on the conversation with customers. Note: Allow full access to customer chats permission should be enabled. For more on this feature, see Technician two-way chat. You asked, we listened!


  • Delete unused appointments: yawl-icon-sm Previously you could only delete unused appointments on completed jobs that did not have an exported invoice. This impacted search results and reporting if someone didn’t delete them in time. You can now delete appointments at any time provided they do not have a timesheet attached to them. For more on this feature, see Manage appointments. You asked, we listened!


  • Last purchased price: When you create a purchasing report using the Inventory Line Items template, you can add the Last Purchase Order and Last Bill Cost columns to your report. This helps you verify that you have been charged properly and track trends over time. For more on this feature, see Create custom reports.

  • New Overview section: Previously you had to go to multiple sources to get overall information about inventory stock levels, serial number locations, and cost. Now you can find all that information in ServiceTitan by going to Inventory > Overview. Here, you can see stock levels for a given inventory item at all inventory locations, also you can see the location of all serial numbers for a given serialized inventory item. For more on this feature, see Inventory Overview.

  • Option to update the Inventory Location: yawl-icon-sm When you update the assigned technician for a Job, you can also optionally update the Inventory Location for the Job’s invoice items. It helps you to get items consumed from the correct location. Note: This option is available only on the Job page. For more on this feature, see Manage technicians on appointments. You asked, we listened!


  • Technician Scorecard Redesign: The newly updated individual Technician Scorecard page provides better insight into the technician’s metrics by allowing you to drill down into greater detail. Updates include:

    • New filters allowing you to easily select date ranges, Business Units, and Job Types

    • Information about the selected technician, such as their Role, assigned Business Unit, assigned Zones, and contact information. You can even contact the technician directly from their scorecard

    • More details on the technician’s conversion and closing metrics

    • New division metrics section detailing important key performance indicators for jobs from the selected division for the individual technician.

    For more on this feature, see the Technician Scorecard Redesign Starter Guide and Technician Scorecards in the KB.



  • Adjustment invoices now show correctly in the Customer Portal: Adjustment Invoices were showing up in the Customer Portal marked as unpaid, even when the full balance of the invoice was paid off. This was corrected, and invoices now reflect payment.

  • New columns added to WIP - Percentage of completion method report: The following new columns have been added to the WIP - Percentage of completion method report: Start Date, Target Completion Date, Actual Completion Date, Project Manager, and Project Status. Additionally, the information in the Project Number column for a line item is now clickable and will open the associated project page.


  • Add Location column to Jobs Tray: You can add the Location column to Job Tray in Dispatch > Settings > Dispatch Configuration > Board Appearance. It is added in addition to a Customer column and does not replace it. The Location column will have the same functionality as other columns. For more on this feature, see Configure the Dispatch Board.

  • Technician alerts: yawl-icon-sm The Dispatch Canceled and Technician next job alerts are now available for all users by default. You can go to Settings > Integrations > Alerts and set them up. For more on this feature, see Use Alerts. You asked, we listened!


  • Equipment status : yawl-icon-sm You can now set the status of your equipment in ServiceTitan and ServiceTitan Mobile. Equipment can be installed or replaced and is installed by default. With this update you can access information about equipment even after it is no longer needed by setting its status to Replaced rather than removing it. For more on this feature, see Replace or remove equipment. You asked, we listened!

  • Remove equipment permission: You can now control who can remove equipment. This permission applies to both technicians and office employees and is off by default. This prevents users from removing equipment that should be marked as replaced. Marking equipment as replaced allows you to access information about it at a later time, whereas information about equipment that has been removed can never be accessed. For more on this feature, see Set permissions for an employee or technician role.


  • Display project ID on printed estimate: Now, you can view the project ID on printed estimates. This helps you know what project the estimate is used for. This is helpful for commercial or construction work. For more on this feature, see Create project estimates.

  • New Location Name and Location Address columns on the Sold Estimates page: Now when you go to Follow Ups > Unsold Estimates or Sold Estimates pages, you can view the Location Name and Location Address columns. This helps you view the location information for estimates on the Follow Ups page. This is helpful for commercial or construction work. For more on this feature, see Use the Follow Up screen.

  • Attach forms and media when emailing project estimates: Now, you can attach forms and media to project estimates that you email to users. This helps you send all the necessary information to users in one email. This is helpful for commercial or construction work. For more on this feature, see Manage estimates in ServiceTitan.

  • Add estimate to a project: Create estimates on customer and location records then add them to projects. This way you can only create projects for valid estimates and avoid creating projects to create estimates only. For more on this feature, see Estimate workflows.


  • Signature field pop-out: ServiceTitan Mobile now supports signature fields added to PDF forms using software like Adobe Acrobat. With this change, signature fields will open in a pop-out so customers can easily provide a signature. For more on this feature, please see Add a PDF form to ServiceTitan.


  • Minimum loan amount for GreenSky: Before viewing all GreenSky plans, technicians will now enter the desired loan amount on a new screen. For more information, see Using GreenSky® Financing in ServiceTitan Mobile. Note: All plans will be displayed regardless of the minimum loan amount.

  • Financeit custom rules: Now Canadian customers who have signed up to offer financing through Financeit can choose which financing plan and amortization period they can use when technicians offer financing out in the field. Note: Current Financeit customers will automatically see this feature when they log into their accounts. Also, custom rules are already available for GreenSky and Service Finance users. For more information, see Use Financeit financing.


  • The Bill To dropdown field: In the Edit Project form there is a new Bill To dropdown field, which allows you to edit the bill to information on the Project page. This is helpful when a project's invoices will be paid by a third party. The Bill To dropdown field can’t be edited once any invoice on a project has been posted, exported, or paid. For more on this feature, see View and edit a project page.

  • New columns for project reporting: These columns provide more detailed information, and can be especially useful for those doing residential, commercial and construction work. For example, you can build a report which shows all of the projects a specific Project Manager is responsible for. Now when you create a report you can add the following columns:

    • Project Name

    • Project Status and Sub-statuses

    • Project Manager

    • Start Date

    • Target Completion Date

    • Actual Completion Date

    For more on this feature, see Project Job Costing report template.


  • Decreased cost for 4 x 6 Postcard Direct Mails: We have a discount on our Direct Mail 4X6 Postcards cost of shipping by First-Class Mail. The cost of a 4X6 postcard per piece was 0.85$, but now you can see the cost in the Direct Mail campaign builder Overview and Review steps has decreased to 0.65$ per piece. For more on this feature, see Create Direct Mail Campaigns.

  • Select what contact email address to use for each customer (Correction from previous release): In a release note from a past release we mentioned that if multiple email addresses have the Marketing updates toggle enabled that emails will be sent to all emails. This was incorrect. Emails will only go to the first email listed. For more, see Manage marketing audiences.


  • Audit Trail entry created when sale, renewal, billing, and membership add-on tasks are edited on invoices: We have added an entry to the audit trail whenever a sale, renewal, billing, or membership add-on task is edited on an invoice. This makes it easier to keep track of these changes and know what triggers the recurring service recalculation. For more on this feature, see Sell memberships from the office.

  • Create a new task from billing invoice templates: You can now create a new task when creating a new billing invoice template. This prevents you from having to navigate to multiple screens to set up new tasks when creating invoice templates. For more on this feature, see Create and edit invoice and billing templates.

  • Update to Initial Deferred Revenue key performance indicator in customer memberships data set: The Initial Deferred Revenue key performance indicator (KPI) in the customer memberships data set will now only display a value if the Deferred Revenue As of Date is equal to the from date of the customer membership. This gives you more accurate insight into your deferred revenue. For more on this feature, see Customer Memberships report template.

  • Enhancements in Recurring Services via SMS Campaigns triggers: From the Overview step of creating a marketing campaign, you can now add stop triggers to a Recurring Services SMS drip campaign. For example, you can set a trigger to remove customers when a job is booked, a call is created, or when a customer leaves an audience. This helps to increase campaign response rates, lessens rates of customers ignoring messages, and improves the customer experience. For more on this feature, see Create and edit Recurring Services via SMS campaigns.


  • New Employee Payroll Settings Page : yawl-icon-sm We have added a new page, Employee Payroll Settings, within Payroll Settings. This page allows you to view and edit your employee and technician payroll settings in one place. You can also perform bulk actions on your employee and technician payroll settings, saving you time and effort whenever you need to make multiple changes to your employee payroll settings. For more on this feature, see Set up payroll for office employees and Enter payroll settings. You asked, we listened!

  • Warning message when updating payroll that has been approved: We have added a warning message when you are updating payroll that has already been approved by an employee. The message lets you know that the payroll has been approved and if updated, the employee will need to approve it again. For more on this feature, see Release payroll for employee sign-off.


  • Project Returns: On the Project page, you can click the new Add Return button and the Return Creation page opens where you can create returns for a purchase order associated with that project. This helps you get the updated job costing to reflect the returns for unused items. For more on this feature, see Understand project records.

  • Update invoice item cost to $0: When you use the “copy invoice items to purchase order feature”, the item costs are set to $0. In this way, you will have accurate job costing, since the cost is already accounted for on the purchase order. For more on this feature, see Create purchase orders.

  • Purchase Order (PO) PDF: yawl-icon-sm We made improvements to the Purchase Order (PO) PDF file by adding new Purchase Order Format Options in the Settings > Inventory configuration section. Enabling the format options allows you to download or send the PO as a PDF in a landscape layout. You can also print the PO item's description, found under the PO section. For more on this feature, see Download purchase orders. You asked, we listened!


  • New Job Costing Summary report: The new built-in Job Costing Summary report includes filters and KPIs that give you more insight into your job costs and overall profitability across multiple jobs. For more on this feature, see Job Costing Summary report.


  • Schedule Assistant technician filter: You can now filter to only see one or multiple technicians in Schedule Assistant. This is useful when a home owner prefers a specific technician, or when you're looking to balance workload across specific technicians. For more on this feature, see Use Schedule Assistant.


  • Access the Knowledge Base anywhere: Now you can access the Knowledge Base without needing to log into your ServiceTitan account. Simply go to in any browser to view help articles, FAQs, and more!

  • User ID displayed in the profile drop-down menu: If you contact Technical Support by phone, you may be prompted to enter your User ID for security purposes and so we can connect you to the right Support agent. You can now find your User ID in the top navigation Profile icon drop-down menu. For more on this feature, see Contact Technical Support.


  • New Default Call Type column in Phone Numbers settings: yawl-icon-sm Now you can configure a tracking number to have a default call type as Lead or Not Lead. It helps you track numbers that aren’t advertised. For more on this feature, see Add or edit tracking numbers. You asked, we listened!


  • Powered by Titan Intelligence tag: Price Insights and Smart Recommendations now have the Powered by Titan Intelligence tag in ServiceTitan. This tag identifies features driven by AI which allow you to discover relevant insights, predict future outcomes, see recommendations in context, and automate tasks or workflows. For more on this feature, see Titan Intelligence Overview.


  • Payroll & Timesheets: We have fixed an issue with equipment and materials not paying out bonuses in Payroll reports when a specific back-end configuration was enabled for several ServiceTitan company accounts.

  • CRM API: Previously you were able to use letters when adding phone or fax numbers to a location’s contacts through a POST request. We’ve now added validation that results in an error message when anything other than numbers are added.

  • Forms and Media: We have fixed the issue of pictures being cut off on forms that are emailed, printed or in print view. Now when an image does not fit on a page it will be moved to the next page in its entirety.

  • Dispatch: On Maps 2.0 technicians who are not assigned to any business units were not showing up when the business unit filter was applied. Now, technicians who don't have a business unit assigned will always show up on the map regardless of filter status.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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