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Release Notes ST–51

About this release

Spring has sprung...and so have Appointments! Check out how they can streamline your multi-visit jobs. Also, don’t miss all the new improvements to Marketing Pro and customer review management. Plus, editing your pricebook is even more intuitive with this new release. Visit the Academy to enroll in the ST-51 Release Notes Training course and take a look at the Release Notes Overview on YouTube!



  • New refunds workflow for users with Payment Collections enabled: With just a few clicks, you can create a refund directly from an invoice if you use Payment Collections. All you need is a refund reason, the amount, and a refund method to process a refund. Additionally, you can create refunds for available credit from the customer record. This simplified workflow will help you save time and eliminate confusion when creating refunds. For more on this feature, see Automate refunds with Payment Collections.

  • Enhanced sales tax tracking with QuickBooks Desktop for Canada customers: You can now map tax zones in ServiceTitan to QuickBooks tax rates or codes to automate the sales tax tracking in QuickBooks when exporting invoices. This ensures ServiceTitan and QuickBooks use the same tax rate to calculate sales tax. For more on this feature, see Map ServiceTitan tax zones to QuickBooks Desktop tax rates for Canada.



  • Optimize routes that include multi-technician jobs: Previously when a technician’s route included multi-technician jobs, these jobs would not be rescheduled when using Optimize Technician Route. You can now use Optimize Technician Route to reschedule multi-technician jobs for more efficient routes. This feature is best for companies with crews of technicians that spend the entire day together. For more on this feature, see Optimize technician route.

  • Mass Reschedule confirmed jobs: Until now you would have to manually unconfirm jobs one by one in order to use Mass Reschedule. You can now reschedule confirmed and unconfirmed jobs at the same time in Mass Reschedule. For more on this feature see Reschedule multiple jobs at once with Mass Reschedule.


  • Sold by credit assigned when changing perform work status: Now when a technician sells an estimate and changes the job status from Perform Work Later to Perform Work Now, they are listed as the Sold By technician on the job invoice. This assures that the technician receives the proper credit and helps avoid payroll issues. For more on this feature, see Present and sell estimates.


  • Hide prices on mobile PDF forms: You can now prevent technicians from seeing pricebook item prices on PDF forms in ServiceTitan Mobile based on the job’s business unit (BU). If a BU has the Don’t show technician item prices setting enabled, jobs assigned to that BU do not show prices on PDF forms with price-related smart fields and technicians are not able to email the form to customers. For more on this feature, see Add smart fields to PDF forms.

  • Form-based tags added only when form is completed: Tags added to customer, job, or service location records when filling out a form are now only added after the form is completed. Previously they were added even if the form was incomplete. This helps ensure that tags are only added when needed. For more on this feature, see Add a form in ServiceTitan.


  • Use date range for bulk charge statement balance: In AR Management, you can bulk charge the statement balance for a selected date range for customers with a payment method on file. Bulk charging helps you collect payments on your schedule without waiting for your customers to remember to make a payment. For more on this feature, see Bulk charge customers.


  • Cancel job button renamed: When you cancel a job through the job actions menu on the job record, the final button you click to confirm the cancellation now reads Apply. For more on this feature, see Cancel a job.


  • New audience building filters: When building an audience for your campaigns you can now filter for:

    • Opened previous emails—So you can target a set of engaged customers who have a history of opening emails with your promotion.

    • Have received emails—Re-target customers that were part of a previous campaign in order to follow up with new promotions.

    For more on this feature, see Create and edit audiences.

  • Easier campaign editing: When making last-minute edits to a scheduled campaign you no longer have to click through the entire campaign building experience to make a simple change. When making edits to a draft campaign you are taken to the first incomplete step. For more on this feature, see Edit a campaign.

  • Campaign confirmation pop-up: You can now see a confirmation pop-up with more thorough messaging when launching a campaign. It shows the date of the launch and audience for the email, SMS, and direct mail campaigns. You can also see print date and cost for direct mail campaigns. For more on this feature, see Create and edit campaigns.

  • Static date range in analytics: Select a date range when viewing your marketing analytics, and it remains unchanged as you navigate from page to page. For example, if you change the range to show the last 90 days then click a category in the top categories list, then click a campaign in the campaigns table, your date range remains at Last 90 Days and not reset to the default Last 30 Days for each page you visit. For more on this feature, see Use marketing analytics.

  • Multiple technician matches display for reviews: When matching a technician for a customer review, you can now see multiple technicians that can be a match. This helps you identify the correct technician the review is for. For more on this feature, see Manage reviews.

  • Start Date and Job Status added to technician details: When you’re manually matching a technician to a customer review, in technician details, you can now add the job Start Date and the Job Status. With these additional details, you can get better insight into the customer review. For more on this feature, see Manage reviews.

  • Technicians will be able to view and request customer reviews from a job: Shortly after the Titan release, technicians will be able to view customer reviews on the job record. Additionally, they can send a review request to the customer directly from the job in the mobile app if there is a manual trigger survey created from the office. Giving technicians the ability to get on the spot reviews for the job increases the likelihood of customers submitting a review for the job and makes it easier to match a technician to a review. More on this feature, see Request customer reviews from a job on ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Employees will be able to view and request reviews from the job record: Shortly after the Titan release, customer reviews submitted for a job will appear on the job record. Additionally, if a job is missing a review, you will be able to send a review request to the customer directly from the job. This gives you the flexibility of following up on customer reviews as you’re on the job record. More on this feature, see Request customer reviews from the job record.

  • Select survey type as you’re creating a survey: When creating a marketing survey in Review Generation, you can now select the survey type as you’re creating the survey which helps you save time. For more on this feature, see Create email surveys and Create SMS surveys.

  • Create up to 12 email templates in a campaign: When creating a campaign, you can now create up to 12 emails when building an email sequence which gives you the flexibility to customize your campaigns as needed. For more on this feature, see Create and edit campaigns.

  • Customers can use facial expressions for marketing reviews: Customers can now see facial expressions instead of stars on the landing page of the rate services screen in SMS and Emails. This helps you get better customer feedback on services and differentiate between internal feedback and reviews submitted on the listings. For example, you can now select a facial expression on the landing page to rate the services presented to you. For more on this feature, see Create email surveys and Create SMS surveys.

  • Customers can use the same business units for different locations: You can now add the same business unit (BU) to more than one location when setting up their locations. This feature is updated to enhance the flexibility of successful customer targeting. When it comes to defining which location listing should be sent, in case of having multiple locations with the same BU, the smart routing system picks the shortest route from the location address to the customer's address. For more on this feature, see Get started with Reputation Management.

  • Improved SMS and Email Survey creation: When creating SMS and Email surveys you can choose to specify if you want to have the customer go to ServiceTitan landing page first then to the review site, or to go directly to the review site. The Landing page feature helps you to better represent the listings you prioritize. For more on this feature, see Create email surveys and Create SMS surveys.


  • Projected Balance column in Customer Memberships report template: The new Projected Balance column of the Customer Memberships report template projects the final balance at the end of a deferred revenue membership. Ongoing memberships use a year-long window. The calculation compares the difference between the price of the deferred revenue membership and recognized revenue for all recurring services over the duration of a membership. This is a useful auditing tool because if the projected balance does not equal zero, there’s something wrong with the membership setup. Note: The release of this KPI may be delayed by a few days for account configuration. For more on this feature, see Customer Memberships template.


  • Better experience viewing invoices on Collect and Apply Payments: Selecting invoices on Collect and Apply Payments has an option to show only selected invoices. If the option is not selected, all invoices display.

Payroll and timesheets

  • Timesheet permissions renamed: The Add Appointment and Edit Appointment permissions for office employees have been renamed, Add Non-Job Event and Edit Non-Job Event, respectively. The new names more accurately describe the permissions. For more on this feature, see Manage payroll permissions.


  • Enhanced in-line editing of the Primary Vendor field: When in-line editing the Primary Vendor field for material and equipment items, a pop-up screen now opens that lets you change the primary replenishment vendor, activate/deactivate vendors, or edit replenishment details:

    • Part #

    • Memo

    • Cost

    This gives you more flexibility with vendor management and replenishment. For more on this feature, see Edit pricebook items.

  • Bulk activate and deactivate items: While browsing pricebook items, you can select multiple items and activate or deactivate them all at once. This makes managing your pricebook more efficient. For more on this feature, see Bulk edit pricebook items.

  • Enlarge pricebook photos: When in-line editing pricebook items or when reviewing Pricebook Connect catalog updates, you can now view enlarged images attached to an item in a pop-up viewer. This allows you to review images with more detail. For more on this feature, see Edit pricebook items and Update your pricebook with Pricebook Connect.

  • Arrow keys change dropdown selections: When viewing pricebook items in edit mode, the up and down arrow keys change dropdown selections. This makes editing dropdown details of pricebook items more intuitive. For more on this feature, see Edit pricebook items.

  • Filter pricebook items by business unit: If your account is configured to assign business units to pricebook items, you can now filter items by business unit. This gives you another way of managing your pricebook. For more on item filters, see Edit pricebook items.


  • New In Progress Revenue report column: The Business Unit Performance report template now includes the In Progress Revenue column. This is the sum of invoice item prices on an in-progress job where at least one appointment is not complete. This allows you to estimate projected revenue from multi-day jobs that are not yet complete. For more on this feature, see Business Unit Performance report template.

  • Report on business unit lead generation: The Estimates report template includes a new column option, Lead Generated From Business Unit. This column lists the business unit (BU) of the job that generated the lead that an estimate was sold on. This helps you to measure how well a BU generates leads. For more on this feature, see Estimates report template.

  • New reporting filter date picker: A new, more intuitive date picker is available when setting report filters. The date picker includes shortcuts for common date ranges and a calendar interface that’s easier to navigate. For more on this feature, see Custom report template guides.

  • Filter for fractional amounts in reports: You can now apply fractional filters to columns with numerical values in reports. This lets you search for or filter out whole numbers. This can be useful when filtering for partial amounts of inventory items. For more on this feature, see Filter reports.

ServiceTitan Academy

  • Find course updates in the Announcements section: To find updates made to existing or upcoming courses, you can now refer to the new Announcements sections on your dashboard within the Admin view:

    • If you have courses in progress that have been updated, you may be required to complete any newly added or updated lessons in that course.

    • If courses are updated after you have completed them, you won’t need to re-take them.

    For more on this feature, see Academy FAQs or visit Academy.

ServiceTitan Mobile

  • Appointments : Appointments will impact how your technicians use the mobile app, especially how they leave a job. For more details, see Closeout an appointment in the mobile app.

  • All technicians will be signed out of ServiceTitan Mobile: Because of the changes associated with Appointments, all technicians will be signed out when the mobile app updates. They will need to sign back in after the update is complete. Make sure your technicians know their usernames and passwords.

    • If a technician forgets their password, they can go to the sign-in screen and click Forgot Password?.

    • Administrators can set a temporary password. The temporary password will be one-time use and expire after 60 minutes.

    • If an employee or technician forgets their username, they will need to contact an administrator.

    For more on this feature, see Reset Password.


  • Request a call back: If you are unable to find answers to your questions in our Knowledge Base or Academy, you can now request a call back. Simply provide a brief description of your issue and a number where you can be reached, and one of our Customer Support Advocate will call to assist when someone becomes available. To request a call back, open the help widget by clicking and then clicking Ask Support > Phone. For more on this feature, see Contact Support.


  • Check out what’s new in TitanAdvisor: The new What’s New section of TitanAdvisor lists all the latest feature recommendations that have been added to your account. Check back regularly so you can stay up to date on new ways to achieve your business goals while boosting your TitanScore. For more on this feature, see Explore What's New with TitanAdvisor.


  • Invoicing: Updates made in the office to an invoice after signatures are collected do not change the authorized invoice amount that appears next to the signature.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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