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Release Notes ST–50

About this release

During this holiday season, the ServiceTitan development elves were hard at work building improvements to help your business grow. With our latest release, you can run daily timesheets to track when technicians and office employees are approaching overtime pay. Also, you can now hide prices from technician view by job business unit, giving you greater control over sensitive pricing details. Other improvements include Pricebook editing keyboard shortcuts, Google Local Services Ads enhancements, new financing options, and more. Read on for more, watch the latest video overview, or check out the release notes webinar in the updated ServiceTitan Academy!


ServiceTitan Academy

  • New and improved Academy: Academy has been updated to offer you a better experience navigating courses, learning paths, and resources. This new look and feel offers you an easier way to find the right courses, assign employees to them, and monitor your team’s training progress. Although the layout looks different, the functionality has not changed. Additional improvements include badges, certifications, leaderboards, enhanced notifications, and more industry content and training integrated within ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see Academy FAQs or visit Academy.


  • Propel your business forward with TitanAdvisor: We’re launching TitanAdvisor, our automated best practices guide for getting the most out of ServiceTitan. TitanAdvisor takes into account various attributes of your organization, including business goals, and recommends specific features that have the biggest impact towards helping you achieve them. Leverage TitanAdvisor to achieve better business outcomes en route to ServiceTitan mastery! Note: TitanAdvisor is rolling out to customers on a separate schedule within a week of the ST-50 release. Look for the rocket icon in the navigation bar to see if TitanAdvisor has been added to your account. For more on this feature, see TitanAdvisor overview.



  • Invoice number added to email attachment: When emailing customers invoices, the attached invoice file name in the email now contains the invoice number. This helps you identify which invoices are included in the email. For more on this feature, see View, print, or email customer invoices.

  • Mark items taxable on invoices: You can now select mark-up equipment and material items to be taxable or non-taxable on an invoice. This gives you flexibility to choose whether you want to charge tax on items. For more on this feature, see Guide to Markups.

  • Bill record redesign: The improved bill record design helps you review and enter your bill details in a simple way. The vendor invoice details and item list table is formatted in such a way where you can easily scan the bill and retrieve details as needed. Additionally you can efficiently take action from the bill, for example you can open related documents such as receipts and purchase orders. For more on this feature, see Manage bills.


  • Modular Dashboard available for all accounts: The new Modular Dashboard is now enabled for all accounts. The dashboard includes advanced analytics, an intuitive interface, new data visualization tools, and data metrics that are consistent with Reports 2.0. Note: The Modular Dashboard supports Google Chrome version 86 and above. Make sure to update your browser to access all the dashboard features. For more on this feature, see Modular Dashboard.


  • Convert estimate templates to proposal templates: If your technicians use estimate templates on sales jobs, you can now convert those templates to the new proposal template format. Proposal templates offer an intuitive, visual workflow for offering prebuilt good/better/best estimate options to customers. Contact your support or success manager for details. For more on this feature, see Proposal templates.

  • Create item groups on estimate templates: The new Add Item Group button lets you build item groups on estimate templates. This allows you to bundle multiple sub-items with a service or equipment item and have it appear as a single line item on an estimate. With item groups, you can build complex service packages while having them display simply for customers. For more on this feature, see Create item groups on estimate templates.


  • Offer Service Finance with online estimates: Technicians and back office employees can now offer Service Finance when they email an estimate with the ServiceTitan online estimates. Customers who are already using Service Finance and Online Estimates now have the option to enable this in their financing setting page. This adds another way to close deals and is especially important in helping to reduce human interaction. For more on this feature, see Offer Service Finance through Online Estimates.


  • Exportable Cells: Download a full spreadsheet of data from a single cell in a table. For example, rather than scroll through a list of customers who received an email, you can download the list to view as a spreadsheet. For more on this feature, see Use marketing analytics.

  • Template selection in campaign builder: We’ve added sort by and filter functionality to the template catalog in the third step of the campaign builder. The catalog in the third step of the campaign builder now has matching functionality to the template catalog outside of the campaign builder. For more on this feature, see Create and edit email campaigns and Create Direct Mail campaigns.

  • GLSA Instant Booking for more trades: Instant Booking through Google Local Services Ads now allow services to be instantly booked for flooring, appliance repair, cleaning service, countertops, fencing, foundation, junk removal, landscaping, lawn care, locksmith, moving, painting, pest control, roofing, sliding door, tree service, window cleaning, window repair and water damage. With these added trades come new job types to better meet the needs of customers near you. For more on this feature, see Get started with Instant Booking through Google Local Services Ads.

  • Enable or disable ACP in GSLA settings: You can now enable or disable Adjustable Capacity Planning in your Google Local Services Ad settings. While Adjustable Capacity planning is NOT required to set up GLSA Instant Booking, it can enhance your ability to get booked. You can remove ACP from the GLSA Instant Booking configuration and revert back to the Business Hours setting at any time. For more on this feature, see Set up the Google Local Services Ads integration in ServiceTitan.

  • Conflict Warning: When you fill out your subject line and preview text, then select a template that has subject line/preview text already attached, you will be prompted to select which of the two options you would like to use. For more on this feature, see Create and edit email campaigns and Create Direct Mail campaigns.

  • Template design preview: While editing a template, preview is now visible at all times rather than while hovering, giving you better visibility as you work. For more on this feature, see View, edit, and request email templates.

  • Duplicate surveys: Duplicate already created survey parameters so you can then make minor changes to create a new survey without going through the full process. For more on this feature, see Getting Started with Reputation Management.

  • Alerts for reputation: Be notified via email and/or sms when certain events happen (e.g. no review response, no verification, reviews with less than 3 stars or no generation link). This will help you stay on top of things and be proactive. For more on this feature, see Getting Started with Reputation Management.

  • Surveys Dashboard: Get a better idea of how a certain survey is doing based on the information you find on your dashboard so you can make appropriate changes and improve results. For more on this feature, see Manage reviews.


  • Fewer reCaptcha challenges: When logging in on the desktop and mobile versions of ServiceTitan the accuracy of reCaptcha challenges has been improved and won’t be triggered for almost all legitimate users. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).


  • New inline editable columns: New columns are available in Pricebook item tables that help you better manage and organize your pricebook. The optional columns include:

    • Taxable—Indicates whether a service or material item is subject to sales tax

    • Business Unit—Business unit assigned to service, material, or equipment items

    For more on this feature, see Edit item table columns.

  • Improved bulk editing of Pricebook fields: New columns are available for bulk editing Pricebook items. This allows you to make changes to multiple items with one edit. New columns available for bulk editing include:

    • Business Unit

    • Taxable

    • Pays Commission

    • Tech Specific Bonus

    • Cost of Sale

    For more on this feature, see Bulk edit pricebook items.

  • Pricebook keyboard shortcuts: The item table Edit Mode now supports enhanced keyboard shortcuts. This makes navigating and editing pricebook items more intuitive. For more on this feature, see Edit pricebook items.

  • Attach PDFs to service items: You can now attach PDF files to pricebook service items, allowing you to include documents like user guides, warranty details, and more. Technicians can open attached PDFs in ServiceTitan Mobile. For more on this feature, see Add service items to your pricebook.

  • Collapsible sidebar: The side navigation panel of the Pricebook section is now collapsible. This gives you more screen area to view the columns of the item table. For more on the item table, see Edit pricebook items.

Payroll and timesheets

  • Run daily timesheets for clocked in employees: When running timesheet reports for the current day, if an employee is on the clock, the report calculates their hours up until when the report is run. This allows you to accurately track when technicians and office employees are approaching overtime pay. Previously, this was not possible. For more on this feature, see Timesheets report template.


  • New jobs-related KPIs: You can now include key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to jobs as columns in ServiceTitan reports. The following report templates have been updated:

    • Jobs report template—Includes Non-Billable Hours which is the difference between working hours and billed hours on a job

    • Business Unit Performance report template—Includes costing-related KPIs

    • Invoice Items template—Includes KPIs related to tags and labels

    For more on this feature, see Custom report template guides.


  • Hide prices by business unit: A new setting allows you to hide pricebook item prices based on a job’s business unit (BU). When the setting is enabled, for all jobs assigned to that BU, prices are not visible to technicians. This setting overrides the technician’s price viewing permissions. This gives you the option to create jobs where prices are hidden from technicians. For more on this feature, see Add and edit business units.


  • TitanAdvisor replaces TitanScore: Instead of TitanScore, TitanAdvisor now serves as your guide on your ServiceTitan journey. A rocket icon linking to TitanAdvisor displays in the navigation bar where your TitanScore used to be. TitanScore has been redesigned with a brand new scoring system to help track your progress in TitanAdvisor. For more on this feature, see TitanAdvisor overview.


  • Statements: Balance forwards statements amount is now calculated with the invoice balance amount instead of invoice total.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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