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Release Notes ST–49

About this release

We have exciting new updates in store to prepare you for winter! With the new estimate and proposal templates you can now empower your technicians to sell more effectively. The new Modular Dashboard gives you reporting capabilities to help you make real-time decisions to grow your business. Don’t forget Marketing Pro, Direct Mail and Reputation Management are now available to all customers. That’s not all, so read on or check out the webinar or the release notes video.


Marketing Pro

  • Reputation Management now available in Marketing Pro: You can now use Reputation Management to send, manage, and track customer review requests sent via SMS or email. Marketing Pro Reputation Management lets you:

    • Create and send SMS and email messages encouraging customers to complete reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review sites

    • Send tailored survey requests to different customer segments and track how many surveys you send, along with their click rate performance

    • Monitor reviews on your Dashboard, which shows your locations and their average star rating and review count

    For more on this feature, see Getting Started with Reputation Management.

  • Send Direct Mail with Marketing Pro: You can now send Direct Mail campaigns through Marketing Pro. Direct Mail lets you:

    • Create and send postcards through the mail to past or potential customers reminding them of maintenance due, seasonal specials or anything else your customers might be interested in

    • Create a drip campaign of postcards that are sent out at intervals that you choose

    • Cost is calculated on the number of postcards sent instead of an estimate, so you can always see how much you have spent on a campaign and make informed decisions about marketing

    For more on this feature, see Create a Direct Mail Campaign.


  • New estimate and proposal templates: Estimate templates have been completely redesigned to make creating and managing your estimate and proposal templates smarter, more powerful and intuitive. The new templates feature empowers technicians to present prebuilt good/better/best estimates to customers in ServiceTitan Mobile quicker than ever before. In addition, offering multiple options to customers increases revenue and ticket sizes. New features include:

    • An improved interface for building estimate templates that simplifies adding and editing items, including services, materials, equipment, discounts and fees

    • New proposal templates that group estimate templates with ease and add customizable good/better/best tags

    • A template library where you can organize, filter, and manage estimate and proposal templates

    • Auto-updating of dynamic estimates when you update your pricebook

    • Advanced filtering and ordering to find, organize, and view estimate and proposal templates the way you want

    For more, see Proposal templates.


  • New Modular Dashboard: We’ve designed a brand new dashboard with updated tools to help you monitor your business performance. Based on extensive customer feedback, we’ve given the dashboard an intuitive interface that makes it easier to view the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to grow your business. New features include:

    • Advanced graphing tools for visualizing CSR and technician performance

    • Improved consistency between dashboard KPIs and reports

    • New KPIs for advanced analytics

    • Tooltip definitions and calculations of all KPIs

    • Simplified technician scorecard setup

    • Business trend views expanded to 18 months

    • Added heat map functionality for viewing completed jobs and total revenue

    For more on this feature, see Modular Dashboard.



  • Apply QuickBooks classes to inventory adjustments: When exporting inventory adjustment to QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) using the ServiceTitan Web Connector, classes are now added to the inventory adjustment transaction in QBD. This allows you to run reports in QuickBooks and have inventory adjustments appear in the appropriate class. For more on this feature, see Understand data mapping to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Apply Intacct class to inventory adjustments: When exporting inventory adjustments to Intacct, classes are now added to the inventory adjustment if the integration is configured to export classes and the inventory adjustment’s business unit has a class defined. This allows you to run accurate reports in Intacct for inventory adjustments. For more on this feature, see Understand data mapping in Intacct.

  • Export ISO country code to Intacct when exporting addresses: When exporting addresses to Intacct, the country is now exported in ISO country code format which enables you to use the new Intacct enhancement, called Sage Cloud Services (includes functionality like Bank Feeds). For more on this feature, see Understand data mapping in Intacct.

  • QuickBooks status code for errors displayed on error notification: If you have an export error, the error notification in ServiceTitan now displays the QuickBooks status code that you can use to find the error in the Export Error Report and resolve the error quickly. For more on this feature, see Export Error Report.

  • Member savings added to invoices on the Online Payment Portal: If you have member savings enabled for the printed invoices, the member savings amount is now displayed in the Online Payment Portal. This ensures that customer invoices are consistent, regardless of where they’re viewing it from. For more on this feature, see Membership discounts on invoices.


  • Customizable unsubscribe link: Insert a custom unsubscribe link into a template to control the style and placement of the link and match it to the design of your email template. When you create a template without an unsubscribe link, one will be inserted at the end of the message. For more on this feature, see Add links and merge tags to your marketing content.

  • New field for address unit number: The direct mail and email workflow now provides a separate field for entering the unit number, after the main address. This more accurately transfers onto direct mail postcards. Existing users will see a message prompting them to update their addresses. For more on this feature, see Using ServiceTitan Marketing Pro.

  • See emails customers have received: You can now preview marketing emails sent to customers from the customer record. Click on the name of an email from the Customer Record Page to preview that email. This helps you understand the marketing efforts directed at customers. For more on this feature, see Customer and service location records.

  • Select all audience tags: With this release, we’re further improving the audience tags selection experience. Improvements include:

    • When the number of tags available to select is less than or equal to 50, you now have the option to select all at once. You can then deselect individual tags to create the audience you want.

    • You can now Select None to clear all set tags.

    • Hovering over a field which has more than three tags selected now expands a popover showing all the tags that are currently selected.

    • Exclusion filters ensure tags are getting properly excluded from the audience.

    For more on this feature, see Create and edit audiences.

  • Improved merge tag error messaging: When selecting a template with a merge tag issue, an error message appears. You can then fix the errors before going to the next step and launching the campaign, so it won't affect sending. You are shown the correct formatting of the merge tag and suggestions for fixing the issue. For more on this feature, see Add links and merge tags to your marketing content.

  • Improved tracking of email campaign performance: When a homeowner opens a marketing email, and makes a call from any number associated with their account, within a specified number of days, that call is attributed to the originating email campaign. For more on this feature, see Use Marketing analytics.


  • Print custom fields on estimates and invoices: You can now include custom fields from memberships on printed renewal estimates and invoices, billing invoices, and invoices generated by the Sell Membership button. This lets you include custom membership-related details on customer-facing invoices and estimates. For more on this feature, see Add custom fields to membership records.

Payment Collections

  • Simplified editing of payments on invoices: You can now delete, unapply, and edit payments on an invoice without clicking into the Payments screen. This reduces the steps you need to take to make changes to payments which allows you to quickly update payments on invoices . For more on this feature, see Delete or edit a payment credit.


  • Recall percentage column in Technician Performance report template: The Technician Performance report template includes a new Recall % column. This is the count of completed jobs that caused a recall job compared to the count of converted jobs. For more on this feature see Technician Performance report template.

  • New columns in Office Performance report template: The Office Performance report template includes new call-related columns:

    • Average Inbound Call Time—Average duration of incoming phone calls

    • Total Inbound Call Time—Total duration of all incoming calls

    • % Booked from Inbound Total—Percent of incoming calls that are booked into jobs

    For more on this feature see Office Performance report template.


  • Payments permission: Enable the Edit Exported and Payments permission to allow employees to edit and delete payments that are exported to your accounting system.

  • Improvements to chat availability and stability: If you are having a connectivity issue while trying to chat with support, we will notify you and give you the chance to reconnect.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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