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Release Notes ST–46

About this release

Summer is in full swing and with it comes new ServiceTitan features, including ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro support for the electrical trade and a newly designed Report Builder. Also, check out the betas launching for Zapier integration and property data display. Read on to find out about improvements to invoicing, gross profits in job costing, bulk editing in Pricebook, new ServiceTitan Marketing Pro functionality, and more! Or you can watch the webinar or the release notes video.



  • Zapier integration with ServiceTitan (open beta): The newly available integration between Zapier and ServiceTitan enables you to connect your ServiceTitan job data to third-party software apps you’re using to operate your business. This helps automate mundane everyday tasks, such as adding job events or information from ServiceTitan to your Google Calendar and more, maximizing daily efficiency for your teams. Additionally, this "no-code" integration allows non-developer personnel to connect without relying on heavy programming to integrate ServiceTitan and your existing applications. Note: An API key is required to use this feature. Select applications apply. For more on this integration, see ServiceTitan Zapier integration.


  • Property Data Display beta: Access property data with one click to help drive business decisions including which jobs to prioritize and which technician to send out. Your CSRs can use property data to save time and identify key opportunities, dispatchers can use it to choose the best technician for the job, and technicians can use it to come equipped and ready to provide the best customer experience. Property data includes the year a property was built, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more. By default, permission to access property data is enabled for all front office employees, but disabled for technicians. For more on this feature, see Use property data.


  • New electrical trade release: ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro now supports the electrical trade, including hundreds of the most common electrical services. Based on meticulous research, industry best practices, and customer feedback, electrical service items include detailed descriptions, images, sold hours, upgrades, recommendations, and attached materials. Based on your labor and material costs, you can set consistent pricing while ensuring maximum profitability. Also, because material usage varies widely on electrical jobs, several services include generic material kits, which give technicians the flexibility to adjust attached material items on the fly while maintaining accurate pricing. For more on this feature, see (coming soon).


  • New custom report building wizard: A new wizard guides you step by step to create powerful custom reports. Using an intuitive interface, the wizard leads you through selecting categories, report templates, columns, and sharing settings. This helps you gain new insights into your business performance. For more on this feature, see Create custom reports.



  • Map service locations with QuickBooks Desktop customer jobs: As you’re exporting invoices and payments, you can now map service locations to a customer job in QuickBooks. This gives you the ability to control where invoices and payments export in QuickBooks. For more on this feature, see Sync objects as you export.


  • Open transaction records in a new tab: You can now open transactions from the Invoicing screen in a new tab on your browser. This helps you efficiently review your transactions before you batch and export without losing your place in the list of transactions.


  • Browser notification on incoming customer chat: To ensure you don’t miss incoming customer chat messages, you are now notified of incoming chat messages regardless of where you are in ServiceTitan. Click a Chat notification to open the conversation with the customer. Previously, Chat notifications appeared only on the Calls screen. For more on this feature, see Use Chat.


  • Optional invoice signatures: If you have an agreement with your customer that does not require you to collect invoice signatures per job, in the customer record, you can now select whether or not you want your technicians to collect invoice signatures to close out the job. This gives you the flexibility to decide if invoice signatures are required for a specific job. For more on this feature, see Setup invoice signature settings.

  • Add service item name to customer invoice: You can choose to add service item name to customer invoices to give your customers a title that summarizes the service items added to the invoice. For more on invoices, see Invoice walkthrough.


  • Customer email address validation: To help improve your marketing performance and ensure you’re sending marketing content to actual customers, each of your customer email addresses are now validated and grouped by risk level. You can see an overview of your validated email addresses from a new Email section in the Marketing Pro section of Settings. For more, see Manage Marketing Pro email settings.

  • See potential reach when building new audiences: While building new or editing existing audiences, you now see the total number of people your campaign might reach. Note that the potential reach does not account for your suppression list and does not check if the email addresses in the audience have been validated, so the actual reach may be lower than shown. For more, see Create and edit audiences.

  • Automatically suppress emails by risk level: You can now choose what level of risk is acceptable when sending email marketing campaigns. “Risky” email addresses have a high probability of either not being delivered or ending up in a spam folder, whereas low risk emails have been validated as being an email address that an actual customer uses. For more, see Manage Marketing Pro email settings.

  • New zone audience filter: Build new Marketing Pro audiences using the zone filter, which lets you target customers in specific geographic areas. For more, see Create audiences.

  • Select what contact information to use for each customer: To give you more control over where you send your marketing content to, you can now select which contact information is used for each customer with the Marketing Updates toggle. If a customer has more than one email address in their record, the content will be sent to the first valid email on the list.. Note that if a customer unsubscribes or opts out of your marketing content, Marketing Updates is automatically disabled for each email address in that customer’s record. For more, see Manage marketing audiences.


  • Hide $0 member savings: Now, if a job subtotal does not include any discount pricing for customers with memberships, the invoice or estimate no longer includes the line, Member Savings - $0.00. Removing announcements of zero discounts enhances the customer experience. For more on this feature, see Apply membership discounts.

  • Control visibility of membership savings: You can now configure memberships so member savings don’t appear on customer-facing documents and mobile screens. When you deselect the new setting, Show Member Savings, on a membership, customers receive member pricing, but standard prices and any member savings do not display in ServiceTitan Mobile or on estimates and invoices. This can be useful with commercial customers with whom prices are frequently negotiated and additional discounts don’t apply. For more on this feature, see Create membership types.


  • Started forms label: To make it easier for your technicians to understand which forms have been started and need to be completed, they can now see which forms have been started in ServiceTitan Mobile. The Started label also shows on the jobs page on the office side, so office employees can see if a form was started but not completed. Note that forms only receive the Started label after the technician begins working on it; simply viewing the form won’t add the Started label. For more, see Started.

  • Easily view and navigate job attachments in ServiceTitan Mobile: Navigating through different job attachments, including photos, videos, and PDFs is now more intuitive. Technicians can now swipe or click through each attachment on the current or previous job for their current location without having to exit the large photo view. For more, see Add media to a job, and mark photos with Doodle.

  • Add titles to attachments: When uploading an attachment to a job like a photo or video, your technicians can now add a title to each attachment to give them more context. For example, instead of photos being named photo1.jpg in the job, technicians can now give them a more appropriate title like Bathroom sink leakage. For more, see Add media to a job, and mark photos with Doodle.


  • Job costing tool shows total labor hours: The job costing tool now shows totals of regular, overtime, and double overtime hours for all technicians on a job or project. Viewing total labor hours helps give you insight on the scope of a job or project. For more on this feature, see Run the Job Costing tool.

  • Gross profit percentage in job costing tool: The job costing tool now includes the new Gross Profit % metric to measure the profitability of a job or project. Gross profit percentage is calculated by comparing profit to total revenue: [profit] / [total revenue] * 100. For more on this feature, see Run the Job Costing tool.


  • Advanced filtering of pricebook items: New filters feature make it easier to sort and edit service, equipment, and material items in your pricebook:

    Filter by general ledger account and ranges of sold hours and prices Note: This feature requires account configuration. For details, please contact your success or implementation manager.

    • Filter items that have or don’t have images, videos, upgrades, recommendations and linked pricebook items

    For more on this feature, see Edit pricebook items.

  • Bulk editing pricebook items: Further innovating on the last release, you can now edit items in bulk, right in your pricebook items table. You can update fields for multiple items at once, including prices, sold hours, images, upgrades, recommendations, and more. For more on this feature, see Bulk edit pricebook items.


  • Create Report option if report search has no results: Now, if you use the search bar to look for a report and there are no results, a Create Report link appears. This gives you the option to create a custom report if you can’t find the one you’re looking for. For more on reports, see Create custom reports.

  • Cross Sale Groups columns in Technician Performance report template: You can now include Cross Sale Groups columns in reports based on the Technician Performance template. This lets you compare sales of pricebook service items you have assigned to the same cross sale group. For more on this feature, see the Technician Performance template.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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