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Release Notes ST–43

About this release

In this post COVID Product Pack and ST-42 release, we’re back to much anticipated new features, enhancements, and more. For Dispatch, Adjustable Capacity Planning makes a debut to help manage your dispatching needs. Need help using a ServiceTitan feature? Visit the help widget at its new home in the navigation bar to get the answers you need. Additionally, you’ll find other improvements in areas including Pricebook, Reporting, and Jobs. For more, read the full release notes or watch a release notes overview.

Other resources: ST-43 Release Notes Training Webinar



  • Adjustable Capacity Planning now available to all ServiceTitan customers: You can now use Adjustable Capacity Planning to optimize dispatching. With Adjustable Capacity Planning, CSRs can select an empty time slot while booking jobs to see how many technicians have enough time to complete that job for any given timeframe. We’ve also made some additional enhancements to Adjustable Capacity Planning:

    • Use business units independently: You can now opt to group your business units into groups, or use business individually on the Capacity Planning board. Previously, all business units had to be grouped in order to use the Capacity Planning board.

    • Updated Capacity Planning settings: You can now change if the Capacity Planning Board shows capacity by business hours, custom arrival windows, or in one or two hour blocks.

    For more, see Adjustable Capacity Planning.


  • Content feedback submission form: ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro has a new Content Feedback link where you can offer content suggestions, point out inaccuracies, or leave detailed feedback for the Pricebook Pro product and content team. This direct line of communication helps us improve Pricebook Pro to better streamline your sales process. For more on this feature, see ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro overview.



  • Washington state sales tax: API integration with Washington state is enhanced to apply tax zones to service locations. This reduces your need to manually apply tax zones when you create new customers. For more on this feature, see Washington State sales tax.


  • New Chat alerts: You can now create an alert that notifies you when customers send Chat messages. You can set the alert to notify you for all new chat messages from customers, or just for Chat messages sent during Autoresponder hours. This feature is part of the COVID Product Pack and was previously released in ST-42. For more on how to use this, see Create Chat alerts.

  • Review Chat messages from customers in ServiceTitan Mobile: To make it easier for your technicians to understand the full context of a job, they can now review Chat messages customers sent in for the job, including any photos sent. Previously, technicians could only listen to call recordings. This feature is part of the COVID Product Pack and was previously released in ST-42. For more, see Review customer messages, media, and calls.


  • Snappier Dispatch Board experience: We've streamlined the way jobs are imported from the database, improving load times for the Jobs Tray by 20%. Dispatch Board workflows are not impacted or changed in any way. For more, see Use the job tray.


  • Photos added to forms now automatically saved to the job: When a technician uploads a photo to a form, the photo is now automatically saved to the job. Now, the technician will no longer need to perform the same operation twice to make sure the photo is saved to the job, and office staff will no longer need to access forms to view photos on those forms. For more, see Use forms.

  • Job photos can be added to forms: Technicians can now access a new menu option called Photos on Job by clicking the camera icon on a form field. From here, they can add any job photos directly to the form. For more, see Complete and send forms in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • PDF and standard form duplication: All technicians can now duplicate PDF and standard forms using ServiceTitan Mobile. Previously, this feature required account configuration to use. Although enable form duplication is automatically available for all technicians, you can control which of your technicians can use this feature with the Allow Forms Duplication technician permission. For more, see Use forms.

  • Performance improvement for Forms in Settings: The Forms section on the office side now shows 20 forms per page, instead of showing every form your business has configured the same page. This change will improve how quickly you can add, edit, and activate forms. For more, see Use forms.


  • New placeholders added to the statement email template: If you run multiple businesses, use the new {BusinessUnitName} and {BusinessUnitPhoneNumber} placeholders in the statement email template to help your customers identify the company they did business with, in the statement email. For more on this feature, see Customize email templates.


  • Help widget redesign: The existing help widget at the bottom right of the page in ServiceTitan has moved to the top and now lives in the navigation bar via a question mark icon, making it much easier to spot and use while navigating the product. Additionally, search results have been enhanced to help you get the most out of your searches when looking for help content. Other updates include removal of the Guide Me function and a more open design to view all widget options at once versus trying to view hidden features. For more on our help content, visit our knowledge base.


  • Use Estimate Templates on a job from the office: Adding an estimate to an existing job from the office is easier than ever. If you send your team to go out on jobs, collect information, and come back and build estimates in the office using ServiceTitan Mobile, you can now do so from the Jobs screen. Previously, you could only add an estimate to a job from Invoices or using ServiceTitan Mobile. For more, see Add an estimate to an existing job and create a project.

  • Project page loads faster: Project pages load much faster now, especially those that have many jobs and audit trail items. For more, see Manage projects.

  • Enhanced Do Not Service visibility: To make it easier for you to quickly identify customers with the Do Not Service tag, we’ve boosted the prominence of the Do Not Service tag through ServiceTitan, including Call Booking, Upcoming Appointments, jobs, and more. For more, see Mark a customer as Do Not Service.

  • Copy opportunity notes to job notes: To make it easier for you to keep track of important follow up details related to an opportunity, technicians can now copy a note left on the opportunity to the job. For more, see Use the Follow Ups tab in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Edit job notes: Technicians can now edit job notes to help ensure that the most relevant information is easily accessible for the office and future visits from technicians. Job, customer, and location notes can all be edited, although the technician will need the Set Notes on Customer Location or Job permission to edit customer and location notes. Also, any edits technicians make to job notes are added to the job audit trail. For more, see Add notes in ServiceTitan Mobile.


  • Email subject lines and preview text from the pros at ServiceTitan: You can now lean on ServiceTitan’s marketing expertise by selecting from a bank of pre-written subject lines for your marketing campaigns. Sorted by campaign type, each pre-written subject also shows the subject line score released earlier this year. For more, see Create and edit campaigns.

  • New membership start date audience filter: Build audiences based on membership start date, giving you the opportunity to welcome customers with new memberships, offer new membership discounts, and familiarize them with your membership offerings. For more, see Create and edit audiences.

  • Enhanced switch email template workflow: You can now select a different email template for your email campaign without removing the template first. When you click Edit on a template, you can still change the template’s contents as before, but you can also click Back to Template Selection to choose a different template. Previously, in order to choose a different template, you had to remove the existing template, and then click Add Content to select a different template. For more, see Create and edit campaigns.

  • Use any size logo: To make it easier to use your logo in Marketing Pro email templates, all size restrictions have been removed. Note however, that if you use a logo that is less than 180x180px, your logo may appear pixelated in your templates. Previously, logos had to be at least 400x400px. For more, see Create and edit campaigns.


  • Recurring events renamed recurring service events: In membership-related reports, membership and location records, and on the Schedule Board, recurring events are now referred to as recurring service events. This renaming is consistent with Follow Ups, where recurring service events are booked into jobs. For more on this feature, see Manage recurring service events.

  • Reschedule field renamed in recurring service event records: Now, when you log a follow-up in a recurring service event record to reschedule, you enter the new date in the Change recurring service event date field. Previously, this field was called Change appointment date. For more on this feature, see Manage recurring service events.

  • View model names and serial numbers when attaching equipment to a membership from the office: When you attach equipment items to recurring services while selling a membership from the office, you can now view equipment serial numbers and model names. This ensures you select the correct equipment if there are multiple equipment items at a service location. For more on this feature, see Attach equipment to memberships from the office.


  • Enhanced Perform work now or later experience: We heard your feedback. After selling an estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile, technicians often clicked on the wrong option when presented with the “Would you like to perform this work now or later?” prompt. This was either because they were new and didn’t know what each one meant, or they accidentally clicked on the wrong one. Each option now includes an explanation of what each option means, and technicians can also change their selection if they make the incorrect choice. They no longer need to delete signed estimates or call the office to fix their mistake. For more, see Present and sell estimates.


  • See which technician processed a credit card transaction: To give you more insight into which of your technicians processed which credit card transactions, the Credit Card Transaction report template can now show a technician name column. For more, see Credit Card Transaction report template.


  • Alert office employee when clocking technicians out during a timesheet event: If a technician is clocked in while dispatched, working, or on a non-job event and an office employee tries to clock out the technician, the office employee now receives an alert that the technician is on the clock. The employee must confirm the clock out to save it. This helps prevent timesheet errors and incorrect payroll. For more on this feature, see How to clock in/clock out technicians from the Dispatch Board.


  • View item details while browsing catalogs: Now, while browsing provider catalogs or ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro in Pricebook Connect, clicking an item opens a pop-up window displaying item details. This information can help you quickly decide if an item is appropriate to add to your pricebook. Details include:

    • Service items—Name, images, description, and sold hours, with tabs showing linked material and equipment items, upgrades, recommendations, and assets

    • Equipment items—Name, images, model number, cost, and description, with tabs showing supplier and manufacturer details, warranty information, linked materials, upgrades, recommendations, and assets

    • Material items—Name, images, supplier name, description, cost, and video links

    For more on this feature, see Add items with Pricebook Connect.

  • View upgrade and recommendation details when reviewing updates: When reviewing catalog item updates in Pricebook Connect and an update is available for upgrades or recommendations, clicking the upgrade or recommendation now opens a pop-up window that includes a description, sold hours, and available images. This helps you make informed decisions when upgrading your pricebook. For more on this feature, see Update your pricebook with Pricebook Connect.

  • Replace invoice and estimate items in ServiceTitan Mobile: Technicians can now replace items on an estimate or invoice with one tap in the mobile app. For example, if you want to change conduit boxes on an estimate for ones of a different size, tap the Replace button to open your pricebook where you can swap them out for the ones you want, saving you the time of having to delete the incorrect items. The item quantity even stays the same. This streamlined process makes building estimates and invoices more efficient and accurate. For more on this feature, see Replace items on invoices and estimates.

  • Catalog updates reordered in Pricebook Connect : The order of provider catalogs on the Pricebook Connect Updates screen now displays based on the number of updates available. ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro updates always appear at the top of the Provider dropdown list, followed by any other suppliers with available updates. This helps you prioritize from which catalogs to update. For more on this feature, see Update your pricebook with Pricebook Connect.

  • View more details from the Materials screen in ServiceTitan Mobile: When accessing the Materials screen from an invoice or estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile, you can now view service, equipment, and material costs and prices, as well as sold hours. This allows technicians in the field to account for the cost of purchased goods while making margin-based pricing calculations. For more on this feature, see View cost details from the Materials screen in Mobile.

  • Hide Pricebook categories in ServiceTitan Mobile: You can now hide Pricebook categories from view on ServiceTitan Mobile. This lets you prevent technicians from using Pricebook items that haven’t been fully configured. It also allows you to maintain separate items that are sold exclusively from the office. For more on this feature, see Set up pricebook categories and subcategories.


  • Enhanced reporting filters for Export Error Report: Run the Export Error Report to identify your exporting errors for each batch. The date range filter and viewing Only Errors option is removed so you can retrieve these errors without having to go through a list of transactions that exported successfully. The report also updates with each export attempt to ensure that you’re only seeing existing errors. For more on this feature, see Export Error Report Guide.

  • Cost column added to Equipment report template: The Equipment custom report template now includes equipment cost as a column option. Reports using the cost column can determine job costs for maintaining equipment. For more on this template, see Equipment report template.

    • Legacy reports now available in Reports 2.0:
    • Converted versions of the following legacy reports are available as built-in reports in Reports 2.0, giving you additional filtering, sorting, and scheduling options:

      • Active Member Report

      • Call Center Performance by CSR Report

      • Customer by Service Report

      • Daily Huddle Report

      • Deposit Detail Report

      • Expiring Membership Report

      • Invoice Summary by Business Unit Report

      • Revenue by Account

      • Revenue by Campaign by Zip

      • Revenue by Job Type by Campaign

      • Revenue by Job Type by Zip

      • Technician Performance Board

      The legacy versions of these reports are still available and have not been changed. For more on running built-in reports, see Run, filter, and export reports.


  • Employee and technician profiles no longer show verified column: Because verification now happens immediately for new employees and technicians, the Verified column has been removed.

  • Project invoice: When calculating tax for project invoices, if all of the items are not converted to a job from the estimate, then estimate items are not used to calculate the tax. This prevents double taxation on project invoices.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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