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Release Notes ST–39

About this release

The holidays are among us bringing joy and cheer... And much awaited feature updates and fixes to ready you for an optimal new year. See what’s new in invoicing and much more.

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  • With ServiceTitan Payments, your customers can now pay their statement balance online through their email: When you email a statement to your customer, they can click a link in the email to review all their unpaid invoices associated with the statement, and make a payment. The payment is then automatically reflected in ServiceTitan. Paying online via email makes the payment process for your customers quick and easy and gives you the flexibility to collect payment as needed. For more on this feature, see Guide to Online Payments.



  • Export transaction level information to top level in Intacct in addition to exporting customers, vendors, and items: With this latest enhancement, you can now perform all accounting activities at the top level in Intacct if you have multiple entities in a single ServiceTitan account. For example, if you operate multiple businesses in one ServiceTitan account, and these businesses are separated into different entities in Intacct, you can see all your transactions at the top level. For more on this feature, see Setting up the Intacct Integration with ServiceTitan.


  • Job Tray refresh: We’ve heard your feedback about the Dispatch Board and made enhancements to optimize performance: The Job Tray now loads more efficiently, giving you:

    • Faster load time: The more efficient Job Tray reduces the possibility of outages and speeds up ServiceTitan as a whole. The Dispatch Board loads 32% faster, with some bigger shops experiencing a load time reduction of up to 10 seconds.

    • Easier-to-use filters: You can use the enhanced filters to only show the jobs relevant to the task at hand. For example, when following up on first-time install jobs, you can filter by the New Customer tag.

    • Pagination: To improve performance and reduce visual clutter, jobs are now divided across multiple pages. The default per page is up to 50 jobs and can be raised to 250.

    • Job counts: The Hold, Canceled, and Future columns now show job counts when the page is loaded, providing a quick daily overview. Before, you had to click those columns to load the job count.

    For more on these enhancements and this feature, see Use the Job Tray.


  • Use tags to trigger forms: You can now require your technicians to complete a certain form based on the tags associated with the customer, location, or job. Trigger forms using tags to ensure your technicians are collecting necessary information and logging that they have finished specific tasks before they complete the job. For more on this feature, see Set up form triggers.

  • Mobile form duplication: Technicians can now duplicate entire forms in the ServiceTitan Mobile app. This makes it easier for technicians who need to complete multiple copies of the same form for a job, like when installing several HVAC condensers as part of the same job where a copy of the same form is required for each condenser. Before, technicians could only copy sections within a form and would have to call the office to duplicate a form for them. For more on Forms and how to configure your account to use form duplication, see Duplicate a form.


  • AR Management enhancements: This feature was improved along a handful of areas, enabling you to now apply any one of these enhancements:

    • Filter the AR Management table to view specific details about customer outstanding balances.

    • Attach invoices when emailing a statement to a customer, enabling them to see which invoices are associated with the statement.

    • Enter your business email address when emailing statements to customers to make sure you have the accurate sender email if you have different business unit emails.

    • Filter the AR Management table by date to view sent statements in a specific date range, easily finding statements you may need to resend to customers.

    • Hover over the phone icon next to the customer name to view the customer phone number when bulk emailing statements to customers. This helps you easily call your customers for missing email addresses and more.

    • Add notes to customer outstanding invoices in the AR Management table to accurately keep track of outstanding invoices.

    For more on these AR Management features, see Send customer statements.


  • Character limit on campaign names: To prevent display issues caused by long campaign names, the name of all newly created campaigns in Marketing Pro now have a limit of 60 characters. Your existing campaigns will not be affected. For more on this feature, see Create and edit campaigns.

  • Add customers to the suppression list: To give you more control over which customers receive your marketing content, you can now upload a list of customers to the suppression list using a CSV file. This will prevent those customers from receiving your email marketing content. For more on this feature, see Manage the suppression list.

  • Status column for campaigns: To make it easier to understand the status of your campaigns, you now see a new Status column on the Marketing Pro Dashboard. The Status column shows Draft, Scheduled, Live, Finished, or Stopped depending on the status of each campaign. For more on this feature, see Overview: Using ServiceTitan Marketing Pro.


  • You can no longer sell a renewal for a membership that has already been renewed: Now, when you add a membership renewal task to an estimate or invoice when the customer has already renewed that membership, the technician or office employee gets a notification and can’t complete the sale. This makes it impossible to sell customers a renewal they don’t need, increasing customer satisfaction. For more on selling membership renewals, see Renew memberships in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Membership durations are more precise: Now, new fixed duration memberships and renewals end on the calendar date they were purchased minus one day. For example, if you purchased an annual membership on 11/08/2019, it will now expire on 11/07/2020. Before, the membership would have expired on 11/08/2020, adding a day. If the membership was renewed, the expiration day would shift a day, potentially disrupting recurring services included with the membership. Note: This improvement only affects new memberships. For more on recurring services, see Edit and add recurring services at a service location.

  • Preferred technician for recurring services included in upcoming appointments: In Follow Ups, you can now assign the preferred technician for a recurring service when booking an upcoming appointment into a job. Previously, the Preferred Technician field only included the service location’s preferred technician. For more on upcoming appointments, see Managing upcoming membership appointments.


  • Updated mobile check capture SDK: To make it easier for your technicians to capture checks while in the field, we've updated to the latest version of Mitek SDK, enabling technicians to see faster performance and better device compatibility. For more on mobile payments, see How to process credit card payments in Mobile.


  • Technician Performance report template includes Payroll ID column: Payroll ID, a unique identifier frequently used by payroll processors, can now be added as a column in the Technician Performance custom report template. This is helpful if you export technician performance reports to apply bonus or commission calculations not supported in ServiceTitan. Including Payroll ID makes it simpler to import the modified report into your payroll processor. For more on running custom reports, see Create and edit custom reports.


  • Pricebook has moved to the navigation bar: Adding services and materials, editing items, or configuring the building blocks of your business is now just a click away. We’ve dug Pricebook out from the Settings menu and moved it to the navigation bar for easier access. For more on Pricebook, see Set up your pricebook.

  • Simplify pricebook updates with Pricebook Connect: The Pricebook Provider tab has been upgraded to Pricebook Connect. Pricebook Connect lets you import items from catalogs from Pricebook Pro, OEMs, distributors, and other integrated providers. The new Updates screen helps you stay on top of catalog changes:

    • Newly added and updated items are tagged so you can instantly see when they’re added to a provider catalog.

    • Pick which providers and items you want to update so you have full control over your pricebook.

    For more on Pricebook Connect, see Add items with Pricebook Connect.

  • New View Pricebook permission for Pricebook: This newly added permission lets administrators control which office employees can access Pricebook. Without this permission, employees can’t see Pricebook in their navigation bar or open Pricebook URLs, helping protect potentially sensitive pricebook information. For more on permissions, see Set Pricebook permissions.


  • Memberships: The Potential Membership Renewal tag no longer appears on a customer record after they renew an expiring membership. Previously, after a membership was renewed, the customer was still tagged as a Potential Membership Renewal.

  • AR Management: Previously, when you tried to print statements, it would take too long to load and often wouldn’t load correctly. To ensure statements load properly when you print, statements now download as a PDF to your computer.

  • Job costing: Previously, the job costing value in projects was reflected as the Total from a purchase order. Now the job costing value in projects is the Total from Bills and reflects the accurate cost for the job.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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