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Release Notes ST–38

About this release

Welcome to another ServiceTitan release, packed with loads of enhancements plus some new features. This includes Membership renewal protection to ensure your memberships are paid on time and your customer credit cards are updated, and security enhancements for increased password protection. For more on what’s in this release, read on!

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  • Membership renewal protection: To offer an additional level of protection to your customers, ServiceTitan now checks monthly to see if any of the credit cards used to pay for memberships have expired or changed. If they have changed, the system will attempt to automatically update them. Once the card information is updated, ServiceTitan will generate a report to show which accounts were updated and which were not, helping you take immediate action to update your customer information. For more on this feature, see Membership Renewal Protection.


  • AR Transaction report: Run the new AR Transaction report to see a detailed list of your outstanding invoices in varying aging buckets. You can view a summary of the invoices and filter the data for what you want to see in the report. You can now reconcile your outstanding invoices with your accounting software by comparing the data in the report with your accounting software. This helps you easily understand any discrepancies you might have. For more on AR Transaction reporting, see AR Transactions, AR Transactions By Customer, AR Transactions By Job, and AR Transaction By Location .

  • Updated Credit Cards report: Run the Updated Credit Cards report to see a list of customer credit cards that were updated as part of Membership Renewal Protection. You can use the report to see a list of which customers had their credit cards updated, credit account information for the updated cards, and when each card was updated. Note that Membership Renewal Protection only attempts to update cards you saved and charged to pay for a membership within the last 60 days. For more on Updated Credit Cards reporting, see Updated Credit Cards


  • Security enhancement to prevent using commonly used and hacked passwords: To continue to increase security across ServiceTitan and protect your customer data, ServiceTitan now screens all new passwords against a list of commonly used or compromised passwords, increasing security and safety for you and your customers. How this works: When an employee or technician resets their password, or when you create a one time-use password for new users (Settings > People > Technicians or Employees), an error message appears if the password you entered is considered commonly used. This error message ensures all ServiceTitan accounts use strong passwords. Note: Most existing ServiceTitan users should have recently updated their passwords to ensure it meets the new security requirements (minimum 8 characters, at least one upper and lower case, and one digit). Remember that all ServiceTitan passwords expire within a year of being reset and must be updated. For more on managing passwords for your team, see Manage employee and technician accounts.



  • Add Latitude and Longitude to PUT and POST API Calls for Customers and Locations: Because features like Washington State taxes and GPS need coordinates to work, Latitude and Longitude have been added as optional fields to the following API calls:

    • PUT Customers API

    • POST Locations API

    • PUT Locations API

    • POST Customers API

    For more on this API endpoint, see > API Operations > Customers and > API Operations > Locations. Note: Endpoints are not documented until the release goes live.

Call Booking

  • Bigger job summary field: Based on your feedback, we have made your call booking experience more convenient. If you have a default job summary that autofills after you’ve selected the job type, the job summary field in Call Booking now adapts to the length of that summary, making it easier and faster to book jobs. Before, you had to resize the box to see the information. For more on this feature, see Enter job details.


  • More defined lines between technician rows on the Dispatch Board: The lines that separate the rows for different technicians are now more defined, making the Dispatch Board easier to read important information. For more on this feature, see Use the Dispatch Board.

Follow Ups

  • Location name and unit added to Upcoming Appointments: We’ve heard your feedback! We’ve added two new columns to the Upcoming Appointments list in Follow Ups. These two new fields help you to identify the upcoming appointment you’re looking for and are included in the export feature to help you to send mailers. For more on this feature, see Manage upcoming membership appointments.


  • AR Management enhancements: Managing your statements just became easier. In AR Management of the Invoice section you can now:

    • Add, edit, or delete the email addresses of the recipients when emailing statements in bulk to customers. This helps you to efficiently send statements to your customers.

    • Set permissions as a manager to manage which employees can take action from the AR Management screen.

    • View credit available for your customers in AR Management to ensure all payments are applied to invoices.

    • For more on statements, see  Send customer statements.

Marketing Pro - Email and direct mail

  • More enhancements for ServiceTitan Marketing Pro: If you thought the last release was it, we’ve got more for you. This new line of enhancements includes the ability to:

    • Remove an email template from the Build Email Sequence when creating a campaign, enabling you to eliminate unwanted content from this step in the workflow with just one click. For more on this feature, see Create and edit campaigns.

    • View and download a suppression list with customer names, reasons you’re suppressing emails to those customers, and dates to know when items were added to the list. This helps you see why emails aren't delivered to specific addresses so you can identify those customers who need their email address updated. For more on this feature, see View and download the suppression list.

    • Insert customer first name and last name merge tags to help personalize email content and marketing efforts across all your campaigns. For more on merge tags, see Add merge tags to your email content.

    • In Campaigns, edit, send a test email, and fix errors from the details screen for any campaign, increasing efficiency as you review your campaigns. For more on this feature, see Create and edit campaigns.


  • Select All Filtered option for membership billing searches: When you filter a membership search, with one click, you can select all the memberships within the filtered search. Previously, clicking Select All would ignore any filters and select all memberships. Now, if you apply filters to your search, you can choose Select All Filtered. This action selects only the memberships that match your filters, giving you additional control for bulk membership billing. For more on this feature, see Process membership billing.

  • Enhanced equipment information table for memberships in ServiceTitan Mobile: Equipment details tied to memberships have moved from the Job screen to the Invoice screen in ServiceTitan Mobile. This information is now more easily accessible while working on recurring service jobs tied to equipment. This is especially useful for commercial maintenance jobs where technicians are servicing multiple pieces of equipment on the same job. For more on equipment covered by memberships, see View equipment covered by memberships.

  • Tie equipment to memberships at point of sale: In both ServiceTitan and ServiceTitan Mobile, you now have the option to add equipment covered by a membership at the point of sale rather than after the sale. While not required, adding equipment details and serial numbers can help if memberships covering different equipment items live at one location, as you can keep accurate track of which equipment items are being serviced. Additionally, recurring events tied to the membership pre-populate with the equipment information table for easy reference from the office and mobile. For more on equipment covered by memberships, see Attach equipment to memberships (office) and Attach equipment to memberships in Mobile.

  • Deferred revenue in Customer Memberships report template: The Customer Memberships custom report template now includes improved calculations for deferred revenue key performance indicators (KPIs). These newly added KPIs can be found Deferred Revenue Details section of the Edit Report screen:

    • Deferred Revenue—Total of the membership sales task, add-ons sold with the membership, initial deferred revenue, and all membership billings

    • Recognized Revenue—Total of positive invoice items where a recurring service has been booked into a job or has been dismissed

    • Deferred Revenue Balance—Recognized revenue subtracted from deferred revenue

    • Imported—Indicates if the membership was sold in ServiceTitan or was imported from a previous software package

    The report also includes a filter for invoice status. For example, if you want to reconcile liability totals, you can filter the report by exported invoices because your accounting software only includes exported data. For more on how to include these KPIs in and run a report, see Run, filter, and export reports.


  • Equipment name included in searches: You can now search by equipment name when using the Pricebook search bar to find equipment. Previously, only equipment code, model, and description were used in searches. This new functionality makes it easier to find equipment more commonly known by name than model number. For more on Pricebook equipment, see Add Pricebook equipment.


  • New permission for reporting permissions: Access to manage reporting permissions is now its own permission which means you can assign reporting access duties to other office employees. To set a user’s permissions, go to Settings > Employees > Permissions > Allow editing of reporting permissions. Previously, only administrators could manage reporting permissions. This gives greater flexibility and control over access to reports. For more on employee permissions, see Set reporting permissions.

  • Reporting permissions enhancements: Reporting permissions are now organized by tabs making granting access to editing and running reports more manageable. Previously, Reporting Templates and Reporting Categories permissions were on a single page. For more on reporting permissions, see Set reporting permissions.

  • New sharing settings for built-in ServiceTitan reports: Built-in reports—reports published by ServiceTitan that are included with all accounts—now offer editable sharing settings. Administrators can restrict access to these reports by individual user to protect sensitive information. For more on report sharing, see Share built-in reports.

  • Full administrator access to all custom reports: You now have the option to grant administrators access to view, run, and edit all custom reports, regardless of report permissions. By default, report creators have control over who can access their reports. Enabling this new feature gives administrators full access to all custom reports and greater oversight. For more on reporting permissions, see Set report permissions.

  • Payment template in custom reporting renamed to Applied Payment: When running a custom report, select the Applied Payment template to view a list of all payments that are added to your invoices. For more on custom reporting, see Create and edit custom reports.

  • Group related invoices in Invoices report template: For custom reports based on the Invoices template, you can now group an invoice and any related adjustment invoices under the original invoice number by selecting the Base Invoice Number column option. This gives you accurate invoice totals without having to hunt down every stray adjustment invoice. For more on custom reporting, see Create and edit custom reports.


  • People filters are now saved until manually cleared: To make finding the right team member easier, any filters that you apply in the People section of Settings (Settings > People > Employees or Technicians) will remain until you clear the filter. For example, if you filter to show only employees in the HVAC business unit and go to the Dashboard, the People section will continue to show only employees in the HVAC business unit when accessed again. For more on People filters, see Add or edit employee or technician profiles.


  • Statements: The PDF print and email version of the customer statement now accurately reflects who the bill is being sent to. The statement now displays Bill To instead of Sold To, where you can view the customer’s name and address.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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