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Release Notes ST–37

About this release

Temperatures are finally cooling down, but not our releases! They're just getting hotter and more exciting. If you're big on memberships, you'll notice a redesign of the membership module, offering more control and consistency across your billing. Invoicing and Dispatch offer new features to help your business. Plus, improvements galore, ranging from API endpoints to mobile to TitanScore and more. Get comfy and read on!Want to learn more about our release notes in general? See Using our release notes.



  • Bulk send customer statements: Keeping up with your outstanding customer balances is now easier than ever. The new AR Management screen in Invoice enables you to view all your outstanding balances. From here, you can print or email these balances to your customers individually and in bulk. For more on customer statements and bulk sending, see Send customer statements.


  • Job Confirmations Launch: Job Confirmations (formerly known as Appointment Confirmations) is now automatically available for you to use. Mark jobs as confirmed from the Dispatch Board (or the job screen if you use the optional toggle for your business) to prevent dispatching technicians to unavailable locations. You can also use the Unconfirmed column in the Jobs Tray to quickly call large numbers of homeowners for confirmation. For more on this feature, see Use Job Confirmations.


  • Redesigned Membership Billing Module: The new recurring membership billing module offers more detail and control to help ensure that you never forget to bill a customer:

    • Monitor billing runs with the new progress bar, which takes the guesswork out of payment processing.

    • View the results of a billing run on a single screen for a more streamlined way to manage payments you still need to collect. See what was successfully billed, what needs follow up (for non-credit card customers), and which payments were unsuccessful.

    • Set custom billing dates for billing invoices of specific membership types. This custom billing date is listed as the payment due date on the invoice regardless of the customer’s default payment term. The payment due date can be changed manually on a membership billing invoice after the invoice has been generated.

    • Schedule automated billing runs, making membership billing even easier.

    For more on this feature, see Process membership billing.

  • Automatic billing rules by membership type: In the newly enhanced membership billing module, you can create separate rules for how your recurring membership types automatically process payments. Based on the days of the month, you can set how recurring memberships are grouped, when invoices are generated, and when payments are processed. With this added flexibility, you can automatically bulk process membership payments on a schedule that works for your organization. For more on automatic billing rules, see Manage automatic membership billing rules.


  • Customized Academy courses for new users: Newly created active users are assigned to a ServiceTitan Academy learning path customized for their company position. This helps ramp up your team quickly by eliminating having to manually assign each learning path. If a user’s position changes, they are assigned to their new position’s corresponding learning path. For more on Academy, see ServiceTitan Academy FAQ.


  • New Phone section: More easily manage your phone numbers, blocked numbers, and more with an updated interface. Your existing phone settings are now organized in their own section under Settings so that you can find everything you need to keep your phones up and running in one place. For more, see the newly-refreshed Phone Integration section of our knowledge base.


  • Automated opt-out for customers: Ensuring customers don’t get frustrated by unwanted communication is easier than ever. If you receive an opt-out keyword via text to one of your business numbers, that number won’t receive communication from you again unless an opt-in phrase is texted to you. For more on this feature, see For more on this feature, see Set notification preferences for customers.



  • Export projects from ServiceTitan to Intacct: When exporting a ServiceTitan project to Intacct, the integration associates all jobs that are in a project to a parent job in Intacct, reducing time spent associating each individual job manually to a parent job in Intacct. This lets you efficiently perform project-based costing in Intacct. For more on this feature, see Export data from ServiceTitan to Intacct.


  • New Payment GET API: This new endpoint allows you to GET payments independent of invoice API calls. The new endpoint is GET /v1/payments.

    • For more on this API endpoint, see > API Operations > Payments.Note: Endpoint is not documented until release goes live.

  • Update Payment PUT API: This new endpoint lets you change the payment export status to display if the transaction was exported successfully. The endpoint is located in PUT /v1/payments/{Id} as payment.exportId and enables you the ability to return an Id that can be exposed in ServiceTitan Reports.

    • For more on this API endpoint, see > API Operations > Payments. Note: Endpoint is not documented until release goes live.

  • Update Invoice PUT API: This new endpoint lets you change the invoice export status to display if the transaction was exported successfully. The endpoint is located in PUT /v1/invoices/{Id} asinvoice.exportId and enables you the ability to return an Id that can be exposed in ServiceTitan Reports.

    • For more on this API endpoint, see > API Operations > Invoices. Note: Endpoint is not documented until release goes live.


  • Enhanced Dispatch Board performance: If your business has a lot of unassigned jobs that show up on the Jobs Tray, you can now have the jobs divided up into pages so that a smaller number of them show up on the Jobs Tray, improving the loading speed of your Dispatch Board. For more on this feature, see Use the Job Tray.


  • Enhanced Invoice screen: This new Invoice experience includes a side menu where you can select to view Batch/Export Transactions or AR Management. This allows you to easily and efficiently manage all your transactions and statements in one place. For more on this new invoicing experience, see The Invoice section.

  • Payment Terms enhancements and additions: We added many updates to our new Payment Terms feature to help you with your invoicing transactions. These enhancements include the ability to

    • Enter a custom due date by going into an invoice and updating terms and due dates, giving you the flexibility to edit invoice due dates.

    • Export invoices with payment term and due date to your accounting software. The due dates and payment terms on your invoices are accurately reflected in your accounting software. You now have better alignment between ServiceTitan and your accounting software.

    • In ServiceTitan Mobile app, print view of an invoice now displays payment terms. When presenting print view to customers, payment term and due date is displayed.

    For more, see the Payment Terms section of Invoicing.

Marketing Pro

  • More enhancement added in ServiceTitan Marketing Pro: If you haven’t noticed, Marketing Pro continues to get better and more robust for your marketing needs. These release enhancements give you the ability to

    • Set more details in Settings > Marketing Pro > Email, including

      • Add company information you can pull into your marketing content when building campaigns and emails, eliminating manual entry each time you create.

      • Select which trades describe your business and receive relevant marketing content in Marketing Pro, enabling you to have access to key content that matters most.

      • Add a default sender name, including view how your customers will see the email address when they get emails from you. This helps you add a master email sender address that you can update for any campaign.

      • Add a default reply-to address, too, enabling you to use a master address you change as needed for any campaign.

    • View campaign details when you click on a campaign name in Campaigns, giving you immediate access to information, such as status and related emails, for faster decision-making when using any given campaign.

    • See a total number for each audience in Audience or when building an audience, including view a list of customers for each, helping you track the customers in a specific audience at any time when viewing or building.For more on Audiences, see Create and edit audiences.

    • Add merge tags to your email content to automate your content creation experience. This helps you insert placeholders in your emails and pull in customer information from Marketing Pro, eliminating the manual task of adding the information yourself to every piece of content that goes out. For more on this feature, see Add merge tags to your email content.


  • Preferred technician for recurring services: Recurring services include a new option for preferred technician. The preferred technician is automatically assigned during job booking, but you can change it manually. This newly added option streamlines booking frequently recurring services such as pool cleaning and landscape maintenance. For more on this feature, see Edit and add recurring services at a service location.

  • Specify membership when selling renewals: You can now specify which membership to renew when selling a renewal for service locations with multiple memberships. For example, if a customer’s home has a plumbing membership and an HVAC membership, you can ensure that the correct membership is renewed. When adding a membership renewal task to an estimate or invoice, select which membership you want to renew. If you don’t select one, an alert displays and you can’t complete the sale. This is available both on ServiceTitan Mobile and for renewals sold from the office. For more on selling renewals, see Renew memberships in ServiceTitan Mobile.


  • Enhanced usability for Done for Now: Marking a job as Done for Now in the ServiceTitan Mobile app now works more smoothly within your mobile job workflow. When a technician with the correct permissions marks a job as Done for Now, they now see their next scheduled job on the Mobile Dashboard rather than the one marked as Done for Now. For more on this feature, see Use Done for Now in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Invoice filtering: When you tap History while on a job in the ServiceTitan Mobile app, you can now filter the previous invoices by job type and business unit, so it’s easier to find the ones you want. For more on this feature, see Use the History Tab.

  • Prompt to delete empty estimates: When you try to finish a job that includes estimates with no content in them, you now see a prompt that gives you the option to delete those estimates and then finish the job. This ensures fewer empty estimates left over from jobs, making for a less cluttered experience when reviewing completed jobs and opportunities. For more on this feature, see Complete the job.

  • Filter forms by business unit: When working on forms in ServiceTitan Mobile, you can now filter them by business unit, making it easier for you to find the forms that you need. For more on this feature, see Complete and send forms.

Payroll and Timesheets

  • Historic tracking of technician burden rate: Technician burden rate is now tracked on a weekly basis and stored historically instead of as a static value. This enables you to compare invoices to a technician’s burden rate at the time of the job, giving you a more accurate measure of profitability in job costing and related reports. For more on this feature, see Calculate technician burden rates.


  • Job Status KPI added to the Invoices report template: Use the new Job Status key performance indicator (KPI) to filter job-related reports for relevant invoices by job status. For example, you can use the KPI to exclude canceled jobs from a report, so your accounting team can focus on invoices that impact financials. For more on reporting, see Create and edit custom reports.

  • Updated versions of legacy reports: Previously only accessible as Legacy Reports, the following reports are now available in the Reports 2.0 format:

    • Campaign Summary Report—Summarizes marketing campaign performance including leads, revenue, percent from new and existing customers, cost per lead, and ROI

    • Technician Performance (M)—Includes metrics on completed revenue, job average, and conversion rates

    • Membership Sold By Report—Analyzes employees and technicians membership sales

    The new reporting format allows you to filter, customize, and export your reports to suit your workflow. These new reports are also used to measure your TitanScore; previously, the legacy versions were used. For more on reporting, see Run, filter, and export reports.

Settings - permissions

  • Employees with Edit Employee or Edit Technician permissions can update verified email addresses and mobile phone numbers: Anyone on your team with permissions to update an employee or technician profile can now update verified email addresses and verified mobile numbers. This allows non-administrative employees who manage others on your team the ability to update email addresses that were previously verified, as needed. Once you update a verified email address or mobile number, a note appears informing you that the employee or technician will need to verify the new email address or mobile phone number. Note: This does not affect Partner Portal users. For more on adding or editing profiles, see Add or edit employee or technician profile.


  • TitanScore expansion: An update of TitanScore is launching in October, 2019. This latest enhancement covers more features and workflows, giving you new opportunities to expand your ServiceTitan knowledge and increase your TitanScore. The expansion includes updated scoring metrics to five existing items, plus 29 newly added items. Additionally, three older items have been removed: the same skills are now tracked in the updated version. For more on these enhancements, see TitanScore updates.


  • Payroll and Timesheets: Overtime settings for business units (BUs) were not used in reports and payroll as overtime is managed per technician. The overtime settings for business units are now no longer available.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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