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Release Notes ST–36

About this release

It’s been quite a summer! But it’s not over yet, bringing with it more improvements and some new items to help you and your team stay effective in this heat. Read on to learn more about the enhancements in this release.

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  • Payment terms applied to invoices: Invoices now include payment terms to help you better track and prioritize the collection of payments for customers with invoices that aren’t immediately due. Payment terms use due dates to indicate when you expect to receive a payment from a customer. For more on payment terms, see the Payment Terms section in our Knowledge Base.

  • Email customer statements from ServiceTitan: You can now email statements to customers directly from ServiceTitan instead of downloading them to your personal email or printing the statements. Additionally, you can customize and save a default statement email template to save time when sending out customer statements. For more on customer statements, see Send customer statements.



  • Link invoices in the Completed Job alert: You can now add a placeholder to directly link the invoice for a job in the Completed Job alert. Additionally, the Invoice ID in the alert is now a clickable link. This makes it more convenient for anyone receiving the alert to find out more about the completed job. For more on alerts, see Use alerts.


  • Easier-to-dismiss alerts: You can now click anywhere on an alert on the Job Tray to dismiss that alert. For more on this feature, see Use the Job Tray


  • Financeit Letter of Completion language removed from Customer Acknowledgment screen (Canada only): The Customer Acknowledgment signed upon completion of a job no longer includes the Financeit Letter of Completion. The Letter of Completion will only appear when using the payment type “Financing by Financeit.” This helps reduce confusion for non-Financeit customers. For more on Financeit, see Using Financeit Financing.


  • Lots and lots of enhancements for ServiceTitan Marketing Pro: The updates keep coming for our newly release Marketing Pro feature, empowering you to up your marketing game. These enhancements include the ability to

    • Define a time window to determine when attributed revenue is allocated to a campaign

      Define a time window to determine when attributed revenue is allocated to a campaign, allowing you to control when allocation occurs. For more, see Manage Marketing Pro email settings.

      • See Attributed Revenue metrics on your dashboard for your campaigns for easy tracking.

    • Select the time of day you want your emails to go out, allowing you to better strategize and set the best times to reach your audiences for any campaign.

    • Send test emails to yourself and your team before you send to your customers, adding quality control to your marketing strategy.

    • Edit email templates from your template list, letting you quickly update details.

    • Go to a customer record and see if they’ve received emails for a campaign, including when an email was sent and the date it was opened, if it was clicked on, and to which campaign the customer belongs, giving you full access to marketing details from any given customer record. For more, see View email delivery in a customer record in Create and edit audiences.

    • See an error message if you marked your campaign as on-going and set a fixed date in the filters for the audience selected for that campaign, ensuring your automated campaigns are only using a dynamic audience versus a static one.

    For more on Marketing Pro, see Marketing Pro in our knowledge base and Marketing Pro Playbook.


  • Enhanced membership renewals: You can now choose which membership you are going to renew after you have selected a renewal task to add or edit on an invoice or estimate. You can also renew more than one membership on an estimate. For more on this feature, see Renew memberships in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Create custom fields: You can now include additional information important to your customer memberships with customizable fields. You can also specify that a field only accepts numbers (no letters or symbols). For more on this feature, see Use custom fields in memberships.


  • Warning message for unsaved changes to a purchase order: If you leave a purchase order without saving the changes you made to it, you now see a pop-up warning you that you will lose those changes if you leave. This helps ensure your purchase order changes are saved every time. For more on this feature, see Add a purchase order.

  • Easier quantity change on invoices and estimates: More easily change the quantity of an item on an invoice or estimate. When you tap the quantity field for an item on an invoice or estimate, the current quantity is auto-selected, so you can quickly enter the new quantity. For more on estimates in mobile, see Build and sell estimates in mobile.

  • Reduced data usage for photos taken in-app: When you take photos in the ServiceTitan Mobile App, those images are now compressed to a smaller size before they are uploaded and synced. This means a significant reduction in how much cellular data the app uses, directly saving money on your cell phone bills. Be sure to update to the latest version of the app to take advantage of this cost-saving enhancement! For more on taking pictures using the app, see Take or upload photos or videos.


  • More flexible and robust permissions for custom reports: To provide more customizable and robust permissions to your custom reports, permissions have moved to Settings > Reporting Settings. On a single screen, you can choose which report templates and categories an employee can see and edit. Additionally, you can restrict sharing access to your custom reports from any user, including administrators. Previously, administrators had access to all reports. Note: You can only share a custom report with users who also have access to your report’s category and the report template it is based on. This affects existing reports. For more on this feature, see Set reporting permissions.

  • Custom fields KPI in Customer Membership dataset: Custom fields on customer memberships can now be used as a KPI in reports. For more on reports, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.


  • Pricebook: You can now leave equipment type blank when editing equipment in your pricebook. This resolves an issue where editing an equipment would default it to the first equipment type in your account.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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