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Release Notes ST–35

About this release

It’s summertime and what better way to cool off than with a slew of fresh new features, improvements, and more. We hope you’re as excited as we are as you experience these updates aimed to eventually increase your overall efficiency when managing your business!



  • Arrival Windows: Say goodbye to having to leave a note in the job summary or remembering to add a tag to track arrival time! Track the time you promised to your customers on the job itself with Arrival Windows. Unlike business hours, arrival windows can overlap and be set up by business unit. Link arrival windows to customer notifications so that customers know the exact time you gave them over the phone and you have access to on-time arrival tracking for your technicians. For more on this feature, see Use Arrival Windows.


  • Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro: Designed to work will all your existing customer information in ServiceTitan, Marketing Pro lets you create and customize everything from your marketing campaigns to audiences and email templates to reach your target audience while tracking performance all in one place. This add-on feature lets you become your own digital marketing expert by leveraging pre-built and curated content to ensure you create effective campaigns with the least amount of effort, increasing your team’s efficiency and driving more business. For more on Marketing Pro, see Marketing.



  • Redesigned Call Booking experience: The look and feel of the Call Booking screen has been updated. While the way it functions—and your workflows—has not changed, the screen is now cleaner and easier to use. For more on this update see Answer incoming calls.

  • Campaign Categories: You can now assign categories to campaigns to better organize and track them. For example, you might want to separate your print and digital campaigns into those respective categories to decide which offers a better value for the dollar to your business. For more on this feature, see Add and use campaign categories.


  • Receive videos from customers: You can now receive videos as well as photos that customers send you in Chat if the attachment is shared with ServiceTitan and sent to a local number. That way, if a customer is not able to verbally describe their home services issue, they can share a photo or video with you, enabling you to book the right job with the right technician. You will see whether the attachment is a video or image right away as well as be able to download it so that you can share it with your technicians by uploading it to the job. For more on this feature, see Receive images and videos from customers in Chat.


  • More clearly-marked multi-technician jobs: On both the Schedule Board and the Dispatch Board, jobs assigned to more than one technician are now marked with a specific icon. When you hover over them, multi-technician jobs display all technicians assigned to them. For more on this feature, see View the Dispatch Board and Use the Schedule Board.


  • Service location placeholder for the Form email templates: When creating the template for emailing forms to customers, you now have the option to add a service location placeholder. The placeholder automatically adds the service location for the job to which the form is attached, making it easier for customers with multiple service locations to keep track of forms for their records. For more on this feature, see Send a completed form to a customer.


  • Enhanced job view in projects: Looking for a specific job while on a project, but don't have the job number memorized? No problem! We’ve heard your feedback. When you view projects, the first column you see is now a list of clickable job numbers. You can right-click on the job number to open the job in a new tab. At the end of the table, you can hover over the info icon to see, based on the job status, either the job summary or invoice summary. For more on this feature, see Manage jobs in projects.


  • Create multiple technician-generated leads from a single job: You can now create more than one technician-generated lead from a job. This is particularly useful for your business if you serve different customer needs. For example, if you do both HVAC and plumbing, and a technician working on an HVAC job notices further opportunities to work on both HVAC and plumbing, that technician can now get credit for generating multiple leads. For more on this feature, see Understand and book different types of leads.


  • Error message displays when applying renewal task without membership: When attempting to add a renewal task or estimate to a customer with no membership, an error displays prompting you to instead select a membership sale task. This update improves the accuracy of customers' memberships and reporting. For more information, see Follow up on expiring memberships and sell membership renewals.

  • Count indicator displays in ServiceTitan Mobile for recurring services: A number now appears in ServiceTitan Mobile displaying how many unique pieces of equipment are tied to a recurring service on the Select Membership Equipment bar. This helps technicians see how many pieces of equipment are attached to the membership. For more information, see Add memberships and membership add-ons to estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Membership add-on button now in ServiceTitan Mobile: Technicians can now add a membership add-on from a new button that appears when adding a sale or renewal task to an invoice. This button is a shortcut to the current workflow. This button saves technicians’ time by reducing the number of taps it takes to apply membership add-ons. For more information, see  Add memberships and membership add-ons to estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Add membership button removed: The Add Membership button has been removed from Customer and Location records. The Sell Membership button continues to exist. The recommended workflow moving forward is to sell a $0 membership instead of using the Add Membership button. For more on this feature, see Sell a membership without booking a job.


  • Estimate names in customer emails: When you send estimates as attachments from ServiceTitan Mobile, the attachment files are now titled based on estimate name rather than given a number. For more on this feature, see Print or email an invoice or estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • View notes from previous jobs: When you tap History while on a job in the ServiceTitan Mobile app, you can view notes from all prior jobs at that location, not just the current one, which ensures you have the information you need for the job. For more on this feature, see Prepare for a job before you've been dispatched.

  • Count for filters in Follow Ups: When using filters to find Follow Ups in the ServiceTitan Mobile app, you see a count for the number of filters you have chosen for each filter type. For more on this feature, see Use the Follow Up tab.

  • More intuitive search experience for Follow Ups: Searching within the Follow Up tab in the ServiceTitan Mobile app is now easier than ever. To learn more, see Use the Follow Up tab.

  • See other assigned technicians on a job: When you are on a job with one or more other technicians assigned to it, you can see who they are on the main job page in ServiceTitan Mobile. For more on this feature, see Prepare for a job before you've been dispatched.

  • Jobs on the All Jobs page include tags: When you view jobs on the All Jobs screen, you see all customer, location, and job tags related to each job. For more on this feature, see View the dashboard in ServiceTitan Mobile.


  • Only active upgrades and recommendations exported in pricebook: Previously, inactive services, materials, and equipment that were listed as upgrades or recommendations would be included in the Pricebook export file. With this update, only active services, materials, or equipment will be listed in the upgrades and recommendations fields of the pricebook export. This update benefits Pricebook Administrators by increasing the organization of their pricebook and Excel pricebook exports to only relevant, active items. For more on this feature, see Export and import equipment with the Pricebook Excel Template.

  • Pricebook import template now supports PDF assets: When using the Pricebook Excel Template to upload new or updated pricebook items, you can now add PDFassets to Equipment. PDF assets can be used to improve your homeowner presentations in the field. Previously, this information could only be added individually via the UI. For more information, see Export and import equipment with the Pricebook Excel Template.

  • Recover images using the Pricebook import tool: You can now use image links from old pricebook exports to restore previously removed images in your pricebook. For more on this feature, see Export and import equipment with the Pricebook Excel Template.

  • Failed image imports no longer create record when exporting pricebook: Failed image imports no longer create record when exporting pricebook: You can now more easily tell if an image was not successfully imported into your pricebook by looking at your Excel file. If an image was not imported successfully, you will no longer see an image link in subsequent pricebook exports. This allows you to easily see which categories, services, and materials are missing images. For more information, see Export and import equipment with the Pricebook Excel Template.


  • Date range extended when scheduling custom reports: Administrators can schedule reports with date ranges that now include Today (activity starting at 12:00 am the day the report is sent until the time the report is received), Previous Week, and Previous Month. For information, see Schedule custom reports.

  • Duplicate scheduled custom reports: Save time in scheduling reports by creating a copy of an existing scheduled report by clicking Duplicate in the Schedule Reports menu. This new button prevents you from manually creating the same scheduled report again. For information, see Schedule custom reports.


  • Immediately access customer name and details in TSYS report: You can now view customer first and last names in an added column called Customer in the TSYS Settlement report. This reduces the number of steps and clicks it takes to view details you want to access without drilling too deep into the report. For more on the TSYS Settlement report, see TSYS Settlement Report Guide.


  • New password is required to be different than last 3 used passwords: When changing or resetting passwords, you are now required to enter a password different than the last three passwords you have used. This update is applicable to all users, including employees and technicians, and increases security for your accounts when updating credentials to sign in to ServiceTitan or ServiceTitan Mobile. For more on managing accounts, see Manage employee and technician accounts.

  • Permissions messaging when user roles are changed: When changing employee or technician roles in settings, messaging appears to inform you that permissions have been updated to reflect the role change. The messaging appears only when permissions are changed when switching roles. The messaging helps you stay informed that a role change impacts the level of access a user has to ServiceTitan. For more, see Set permissions for an employee or technician role.


  • Easier-to-read tags: You can now read your gold-colored tag for your Gold Membership plan tags! So that they are generally more readable, tags that are a darker color display with white font, while tags that are a lighter color use black for the text. For more on this feature, see Customer and location records.


  • Clickable links in task descriptions and comments: You can now add links to task descriptions and comments on tasks and subtasks. For example, if you have a customer complaints task where an attachment on the customer or job page provides more detail about the complaint, you can link to it. The system automatically detects links and makes them clickable. For more on this feature, see Common use cases for Task Management.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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