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Release Notes ST–34

About this release

In this release, we’ve added all kinds of improvements—from Chat to Payroll and Timesheets and beyond! There are a couple of fixes to help improve key areas, too. If you haven’t already noticed, the bigger items in this release include the password and sign-in requirements to help ensure the highest levels of security for your ServiceTitan account and business. For more, read on!



  • New password requirements and Forgot Password workflow: To ensure the highest levels of security for the ServiceTitan platform and to protect your data, we’ve implemented new password requirements for all ServiceTitan users. Additionally, a new Forgot Password workflow was added to enable your employees and technicians to retrieve their own password as needed without having to contact their administrator every time. For more on managing accounts and the new Forgot Password workflow, see Manage employee and technician accounts.


  • Send password reset and account invitation emails in bulk to employees and technicians: You can now send reset password and create account invitations emails to employees and technicians in one swoop versus sending to one at a time. This helps when you want to manage password reset updates or account invitation emails for multiple profiles. For more on this feature, see Manage employee and technician accounts.



  • New Job Completion Survey API: This new endpoint lets you view a list of job completion surveys for your business. The new endpoint is GET /v1/jobCompletionSurveys and enables you the following features:

    • Filter on rating (integer), such as <, >, <=, >=

    • Classify orderBy completedOn

    • Set orderByDirection for completedOn to view the most recent surveys

    • Filter with a date using filter.completedAfter, filter.completionBefore

    • Fitler survey records that do not include a comment (Memo) and more

    For more on this API endpoint, see > API Operations > JobCompletionSurveys. Note: Endpoint is not documented until release goes live.


  • Exporting adjustment invoices: You can now export adjustment invoices that have a different bill than that of the original invoice. This lets you use job costing on Intacct along with exporting adjustment invoices with a different bill. For more on Intacct, see Setting up the Intacct Integration with ServiceTitan.


  • Receive media from customers: You can now see photos customers send you in Chat if the photo was shared with ServiceTitan and sent to a local number. That way, if a customer is not able to verbally describe their home services issue, they can share a photo with you, enabling you to book the right job with the right technician. If you want to make the photo available to the technician on the job, save and attach the photo to the job. For more on this feature, see Receive images from customers in Chat.


  • Only paid technician hours show on the Dispatch Board: If you use Technician Clock In/Clock Out, you have a new viewing option for the Dispatch Board. When you turn on this setting, you see only paid timesheet codes, like jobs and paid non-job events, counting towards the On-clock readout underneath technician names on the Dispatch Board. This makes it easier to avoid paying technicians overtime. For more on this feature, see Customize how technician hours are displayed.

  • Rank tag importance to customize visibility: You can now more easily rank the importance of your tags, so the more important ones show up first on the Dispatch Board. Additionally, tag shortcodes are now sorted more logically. For more on this feature, see Manage Tags and Dispatching.


  • “Show estimated monthly payment as” promo options removed from GreenSky® Setup: When setting up GreenSky® Financing in ServiceTitan, you no longer have to choose to show an estimated monthly payment as promotional amount or post-promotional, allowing you to update plans without having to consider or select this item. For more on GreenSky® Financing, see Sign up with GreenSky®.

  • “As Low As” format updated in ServiceTitan Mobile presentation screen for GreenSky® Financing: When presenting estimates to customers, technicians now see a plan number and plan details based on the plans you selected in ServiceTitan. This gives your technicians insight into the financing options being used to calculate the “as low as” amount during estimate presentations. For more on GreenSky® Financing in the mobile app, see Using GreenSky Financing in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • “As Low As” format updated in ServiceTitan Mobile presentation screen for Financeit: When presenting estimates to customers, technicians now see a minor user interface update that enhances the “as low as” monthly estimated financing costs presentation for a better homeowner/sales experience when using Financeit in the mobile app. For more on Financeit Financing, see Using Financeit Financing.


  • Attach equipment to memberships from ServiceTitan Mobile: Technicians can now attach equipment to a recurring service at the time of sale, saving customer service representatives time when setting up the membership based on account configuration. For more on this feature, see Attach equipment to memberships.

  • Improved automatic calculation for deferred revenue: The improved calculation lets you automatically calculate deferred revenue when adding new deferred revenue items to a recurring service when it is attached to a membership. This benefits accountants by enabling them to divide deferred revenue using the percentage they want, rather than recognizing deferred revenue evenly. For more on this feature, see Attribute deferred revenue to a membership recurring service add-on.

  • Improved workflow for applying an add-on to a membership: A new button attaches membership add-on tasks to estimates and invoices more efficiently. The functionality of this button reduces the number of clicks it previously took to do this in ServiceTitan. For more on this feature, see Sell memberships and membership add-ons.

  • Redesigned membership billing experience: Membership billing now offers more convenience when billing your customers. Through a newly redesigned process, you can charge members at the end of the month or whenever your business typically charges customers for their membership fees. For more on this feature, see Using Membership Billing.


  • Easier-to-use Edit mode for PDF Smart forms: When you edit a Smart PDF form, you can now change the form without losing all of its smart capabilities. For more on this feature, see Add smart fields to PDF forms.

  • Membership Smart Field Codes: With these newly added membership-related smart field codes, you can better customize your PDFs with key information. For more on this feature, see Add smart fields to PDF forms.

  • Forms show completion date and job number: When viewing previous forms in the job history, you now see the date that the form was completed and the job number associated with it. Technicians can more easily identify which form to review without having to spend time searching dates and job numbers. For more on this feature, see Use the History tab.

  • View jobs that are on hold in the History tab: Jobs that are on hold now show up in the History tab. This helps technicians keep track of these jobs and ensure they are revisited and addressed, increasing the chances of revenue from jobs that were placed on hold. For more on this feature, see Use the History tab.

  • See the next two jobs on the dashboard: Technicians now have the option to see the next two jobs in their schedule instead of only the next one. This helps them reach out to the customers for their next job in case of any delays or other issues, increasing customer satisfaction for businesses where technicians are the ones to contact customers regarding job status. For more on this feature, see View the dashboard in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Allow sales technicians to send emails to customers from their work email addresse: As an administrator, you can now allow sales technicians the option to send emails to customers from their own company email address. This lets technicians handle correspondence directly to review and respond to customers sooner and with more context as needed. For more on this feature, see Print or email an invoice or estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile.


  • Overlapping non job activities will not double pay: This update prevents paying technicians twice for a given time frame. You are not prevented from manually creating overlapping events, but they will not produce overlapping paid events on reports. For more on Payroll and Timesheets, see the Payroll and Timesheets landing page.

  • KPI subtotals added to Timesheet Dataset: Subtotals have been added to KPIs, including Duration, Regular Time, Overtime, and Gross Pay. The subtotals will recalculate when grouping or filtering the report. This benefits you by providing a fuller picture of timesheet trends for your business. For more on this feature, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.


  • Improvement to matching catalog items to Pricebook: Matching catalog items to Pricebook just got better, enabling you to download items from the staging area after matching multiple materials or pieces of equipment in your pricebook to your supplier catalog. This benefits you by eliminating the possibility of creating duplicate pricebook items. For more on this feature, see View supplier catalogs in ServiceTitan.

  • Pricebook exports with new Sold By % column: When exporting your pricebook as an XLSX file , you now see a Sold By % column in the spreadsheet. This new metric reports the percentage of revenue technicians are paid for work they sold but did not perform. For more on importing and exporting, see Export and import equipment with the Pricebook Excel Template.

  • Warning message when incorrectly importing pricebook: When you import your pricebook as an XLSX file and equipment items are incorrectly assigned to a category, a new warning message appears, ensuring you update correctly and your pricebook remains accurate. For more on managing your pricebook, see Import and export the Pricebook.

  • Technicians using estimate templates receive credit for selling memberships: This improvement to estimate templates ensures technicians receive Sold By credit for selling memberships. This benefits technicians by ensuring their paychecks are accurate. For more on this feature, see How to set up estimate templates / option packages.

  • Dimensional Drawings available for specific suppliers: When a piece of equipment from Daikin, Goodman, or Amana has dimensional drawing assets, those assets can be accessed in the mobile pricebook. Dimensional drawings for these suppliers are in addition to the already available assets like PDFs. For more on this feature, see Add Pricebook equipment.

  • Hours and Minimum Labor Time fields moved in Pricebook: The Hours and Minimum Labor Time fields have been moved from the Commission tab to the Details tab. This update benefits you by moving fields that do not impact technician commission into the tab where the make more sense. For more on this feature, see Add pricebook services.


  • Sales Opportunities KPIs added to the Dashboard: The Sales Opportunities KPI has been added to the Tech Leads and Sales and Marketing Leads sections of the Dashboard, enabling you to view these metrics directly on the dashboard instead of creating a report. For more on this feature, see Using the new Dashboard.

  • Customer Memberships dataset added: Get insight into customer membership records with this new dataset. Use it to identify opportunities for membership retention and renewal via metrics such as Lifetime Savings and Lifetime Revenue, which can serve as a marketing tool to show how much value membership programs can deliver. For more on managing data in reports, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • Recurring events dataset added: This dataset reports on KPIs for recurring services, location recurring events, and all invoice items tied to the invoice templates on those recurring events. This update benefits you by providing insight into location recurring services, location recurring events, and all invoice items tied to invoice templates on those recurring events. For more on this feature, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • Metrics added to Business Unit Performance dataset: New metrics include Goal (Daily), Goal (No weekends), Current Weekly Pace, Current Monthly Pace, and Current Yearly Pace. These KPIs benefit you by providing visibility into the pace of revenue growth for your business. For more on managing reports, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • Metrics added to the Campaign Summary dataset: New fields added to this dataset benefit the report by providing a more complete picture of how campaigns are working for your business. New metrics include Completed Revenue from Manual Calls and Completed Revenue from Booked Inbound Calls. For more on managing reports, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • New banner in Reports: When using some legacy reports, a new banner displays at the top of the page letting you know Reports 2.0 offers an updated version of the report. For more on Reports 2.0, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.


  • Pop-up information for jobs: When you hover over jobs on the Schedule Board, you now see a popover with job information just as you do on the Dispatch Board. This means you don’t have to click between the job screen and the Schedule Board to understand what’s going on during a particular day. For more on this feature, see Use the Schedule Board.


  • Cancel ACH setup while pending auto verification: When setting up ACH payments in Billing to pay for your ServiceTitan account, you can now cancel the ACH account during the verification process, enabling you to start over if you need and add new ACH account information. For more on this improvement, see Set up ACH payment.


  • See details related to the task from the job or customer screen: Logging or viewing a task from the job screen or viewing a task from the customer screen now takes place on the page itself, preventing you from having to leave the page. You can also easily access task details from this point. For more on this feature, see Add a task from a job page.


  • Visual improvements on the Dispatch Board: When enabled, this feature changes the way in which Technician Availability appears on the Dispatch Board for better visibility and scanning. The differences between the different types of shifts are easier to see. For more about this feature, contact your success or implementation manager.


  • New look and feel for settings: The Zones settings screen is now easier to read and navigate, making Zones easier to update and manage. Additionally, for your zones, you can choose from forty-one colors that work well with other system colors, enhancing overall readability and visibility. Note that existing colors you have chosen won’t be affected by this change. For more on this feature, see Set up and use zones.


  • Export Error Report: When using Reports 2.0, to run the Export Error Report, you weren't able to identify which error belonged to which batch. Now you can with the added Batch/Tag KPI in the report, which shows the batch number and export error to which its associated.

  • Settings - Username update: Administrators who have proper permissions in ServiceTitan to update employee and technician profiles can now update usernames.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.