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Release Notes - October 2018



  • Alert: Unable to Send Email to a Customer: When set up, this text or email alert will let you know if an invoice email to a customer is unable to be delivered. The alert includes the recipient's email address as well as a link to the related job.

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  • New Alerts Settings Screen: Alerts is now simpler, streamlined, and easier to use, as well as more consistent with the rest of Settings.

    All alerts are in a single, easy-to-read list that can be easily filtered and reordered. You can activate or deactivate multiple alerts at a time.

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  • Smoother Scrolling Experience: Your Dispatch Board experience is now smoother and more consistent. When dragging and dropping a job, you won’t miss your intended target due to loading issues.


  • Invoice processing added when applying TURNS Financing payment on desktop: When you apply a TURNS payment on desktop, invoices with signatures will be automatically sent to TURNS. In addition to this, you now receive a message that tells you if an invoice needs to be signed by a customer and emailed to TURNS to receive funds.

    How it works

    The update does one of two things:

    1. If the invoice has been signed by the customer/homeowner, the invoice is emailed to TURNS on the technician side. (This is how it currently functions on ServiceTitan Mobile).

    2. If ServiceTitan detects that there is no signature on the invoice, you will see the popup notification. You will need to get the customer to sign the invoice and then email it to TURNS.

    Required Setup

    This update is automatically available if you have TURNS Integration enabled. If it’s not enabled, please contact the ServiceTitan Platform team at

  • GreenSky® Open Spend: GreenSky® Open Spend lets you see available spend for any customer using GreenSky® Financing, enabling you and your technicians to note when there’s an opportunity to sell additional services.

    How it works

    Any time a customer has an available spend for GreenSky® Financing, ServiceTitan automatically creates Spend-based tags and displays them in the customer profile next to the name and any other tag associated with that customer. Technicians can see this in ServiceTitan Mobile, while admins and other office employees can view the tags in their ServiceTitan accounts.

    Additionally, you can view spend data for your customers at any time in Follow Up > Opportunities tab or Follow Up > Upcoming Appointments tab. For more on how the feature works, see the documentation link below.

    Required Setup

    This update is automatically available if you have GreenSky® Integration enabled. If it’s not enabled, please contact the ServiceTitan Platform team at

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  • Balanced deferred revenue when recurring billing membership is cancelled: When viewing the revenue recognition table for a recurring membership, you will see a new column called Invoice Balance. This column will display the outstanding balance of the membership invoices.

    In addition to this column, if a membership with recurring billing is cancelled, then an adjustment will be auto-created to account for over or under billed memberships based on the events that have occurred or not. Once the adjustment is created you will be able to either refund the customer or receive payment open balances.

    This will allow you to keep your deferred revenue balanced at all times when cancelling a membership with recurring billing.

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  • Ability to transfer membership location: You now have the ability to transfer the location of a membership for customers after they move to a new location. You will not need to re-create a membership once a customer has moved but instead just update the address. When editing the customers location, you will need to update the address in the Apply member pricing to and Add recurring services to fields.

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  • Add Invoice Number and Payment Batch Number in TSYS Settlement and ProfitStars Settlement reports: You now have Batch Number field options when creating TSYS Settlement and ProfitStars Settlement reports in Reports 2.0.:

    In a report, the Invoice Number shows you the invoice to which a transaction is linked, while the Batch Number shows the batch number of the corresponding payment it's batched under. To use these metrics

    1. Go to Reports > Reports 2.0.

    2. Click Create New and select one of two reports: TSYS Settlement and ProfitStars Settlement.

    3. Click Edit Report.

    4. In the Columns tab, select Batch Date and Batch Number.

    5. When you're done, click Save.

    Required Setup

    This update is automatically available if you have ServiceTitan Payments Integration enabled. If you do not yet have ServiceTitan Payments Integration enabled, please contact the Platform team at

  • Hold Amount, Deposit Amount, and Deposit Date in TSYS Settlement Report: When creating a TSYS Settlement Report in Reports 2.0, you can now see three additional metrics to help you track payment deposit data: Hold Amount, Deposit Amount and Deposit Date. For more on these new fields, see the documentation link below.

    Required Setup

    This update is automatically available if you have ServiceTitan Payments Integration enabled. If you do not yet have ServiceTitan Payments Integration enabled, please contact the Platform team at

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  • Ability to remove specific columns when importing to your pricebook: You can now remove specific columns from an Excel file and import your Pricebook data without issue, allowing you to better manage what you import to your pricebook. To import you pricebook, see How to import and export the Pricebook.

  • ‘Make Each Material Chargeable by Default’ updated to support office users: If your account was configured to automatically mark all materials as Chargeable, this functionality will now extend to materials added by office users.

    Previously, this configuration only applied to materials added by technicians.


  • KPI Matrix for Reports 2.0 and Legacy reporting: You can now view which key performance indicators (KPIs) match and which don't across reporting, enabling you to know which columns legacy reporting or Reports 2.0 in ServiceTitan can be reconciled.

    How it works

    When in a report in Reports > Reports 2.0 or Reports > Legacy, you see a question mark icon you can click to view the KPI Matrix. The matrix lets you cross reference your results, so you know which KPIs match and where you can find them in other reports. You can search the Matrix by report name using a dropdown menu to quickly find what you need. For more on how KPI Matrix works, see the documentation link below.

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  • Tool tips added to Invoice Items dataset KPIs: You can now see tooltips and related information for Invoice Items dataset KPIs in Reports, enabling you to understand how each performance indicator works when using reporting.

    The following KPIs have also been updated based on user feedback:

    • Item Cost

    • Installing Technician (moved to a different section)

    • (NEW) Linked Material Costs

    • (NEW) Linked Equipment Costs

    • (NEW) Taxable

    • Payment Types

    • Taxable Total

    • Taxable (removed)

    • Allow Discounts

    • Categories

    • Upgrades

    • Add-ons (changed to Recommendations)

    • Material Cost (removed)

    • Warranty Reserve

    • Commission Details (section renamed)

    • Sold Hours

    • $ Bonus

    • Item Sold By %

    • Source Campaign (changed to Original Campaign and includes drilldown)


  • Hex code field added to Zones and Tax Zones in Settings: You can now add your own hex codes when assigning colors to your zones and tax zones in Settings. Just enter the hex # in the new field when adding or editing to add a custom color. For more on zones, see the documentation link below.

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  • Newly added ServiceTitan Billings Alerts permission in employee permissions: You can now manage which employees receive ServiceTitan billings alerts, giving you more control over the information your team sees on a daily basis.

    How it works

    When adding or editing an employee profile in Settings > People > Employees, you can go to the Permissions tab and select the Receive Billing Alerts checkbox. This enables the employee to receive these types of alerts. When the option is unchecked, the user does not receive notifications.

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