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Release Notes - March 2019



  • Location names added to the Show All table: When searching on the Call Booking screen for a customer with many locations associated with their customer record, you now see the name of the location in the first column after you click Show All.

    You can also filter and sort the columns to more quickly and easily find the location you need.

    To learn more, see the Call Booking section of our knowledge base.


  • Appointment Confirmations: This open beta feature allows dispatchers to manually mark appointments as confirmed. Confirmed appointments will appear as a darker shade of blue on the Dispatch Board until the technician is dispatched to the homeowner's location. Unconfirmed scheduled jobs are unchanged and will continue to appear as light blue.

    Appointments can be confirmed by right-clicking a job on the dispatch board or from the job page itself.

    This feature also adds an Unconfirmed column to the jobs table so dispatchers can quickly call large numbers of homeowners for confirmation.

    Learn more about how to use Appointment Confirmations.


  • Item type filter added to truck replenishment: When viewing purchase orders in truck replenishment, you can now filter by item type.

    To learn more about truck replenishment, see Truck inventory replenishment.



  • Safeguard preventing accidental check-in to future appointments: This update prevents technicians from accidentally clocking into appointments on future dates while still allowing them to view appointments up to seven days in advance.

    For more on clocking in and out of jobs, see How to clock in and out in Mobile.

  • Deleted timesheets collapsable: Deleted events will no longer accumulate and drown out active timesheets. Now, Active and Deleted timesheets are grouped separately and the deleted timesheets are collapsable.

    For more on timesheets, see  How to edit timesheets (timesheet adjustments).

  • Timesheets interface updated for clarity: The interface for non-job timesheets has been updated to make the distinction between rows clearer. The date/time of scheduled events now appears in the same row as the event name.

    To learn more about editing non-job timesheets, see Overview of technician clock in/clock out features.


  • Customers and Timesheets datasets available in Reports 2.0: This dataset, called Timesheets, is now available in Reports 2.0. This dataset is useful when you want to view all technician timesheets in a date range that you specify. It is the Reports 2.0 equivalent of the legacy Activity Detail Report.

    The Customers dataset is also available and contains information about all your customer records. It contains metrics such as Lifetime Revenue, Jobs Completed, Total Sales, Cancellation % and membership information.

    To learn more, see Create and Manage Reports in Reports 2.0.


  • Burden Rate field moved to Profile tab in Technician Profile: The Burden Rate field was moved from the Payroll tab to the Profile tab in Settings > People > Technician Profile. This ensures that the burden rate is easily accessible when looking to add this detail for technicians.

    To learn more, see Understanding technician burden rates.

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