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Release Notes - March 2018

Feature Spotlights

  • Dismissing recurring events in mass: When dismissing recurring events, you now have the ability to dismiss several recurring events at once. You can check all the events that need be canceled on the Follow Up screen, and mass dismiss them. You may also load all events instead of selecting Load More from the bottom of the screen to view all events at once. Once you mass dismiss recurring events, invoices for deferred revenue from the dismissed recurring events will be automatically batched into a Dismissed Events batch on the Invoice screen. This will allow for your revenue to be recognized. If you do not defer revenue for memberships, you may simply dismiss the events and no batch will be created.

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  • ServiceTitan Payments: Integrated Transaction and Settlement reports: With ServiceTitan Payments, you have the option to access Transaction and Settlement report templates all from within ServiceTitan. You will be able to access and create ProfitStars (Check) Transaction reports, Credit Card Transaction reports, ProfitStars Settlement reports, and TSYS Settlement reports.

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  • Display how long a technician has been clocked in: Next to the technician’s name on the Dispatch Board, you will see the amount of total time in hours and minutes that the technician has been clocked in for the day.

    To see how long a technician has been clocked in on the Dispatch Board, complete the following:

    1. Navigate to Dispatch Board > Dispatch Configuration.

    2. From the Board Appearance tab, select Yes for Show technician’s clocked-in time for the day.

    3. Click Apply Changes.

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  • New form trigger option: Job amount: You can now set up a trigger for forms based on the total invoice amount.

    If you set up a trigger this way, it will apply when an invoice hits a total included in the Value Range you set up for the trigger.

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Other Features and Improvements


  • Form name on Form Completed alert is a clickable PDF link: On the Form Completed email alert, the name of the form is now a clickable link rather than just text.

    The link leads to a PDF version of the completed form.

  • More details sent as part of Job Booked Alert: Previously in ServiceTitan

    The Job Booked alert included the date, time, customer name, and location of the job.

    What's new with this feature

    The alert now contains more details including a more specific name, Job Type, and a clickable Job ID that leads to the Job screen.


  • Home Advisor auto-populates customer information on customer records: Previously in ServiceTitan

    While on a call from a Home Advisor lead, if you clicked +New, you would auto-generate a new customer record that used the information gathered by Home Advisor.

    What's new with this feature

    While on a call that comes from a Home Advisor lead, if you click +New, it takes you to the customer record screen. Whatever information about the customer was already gathered by Home Advisor is autofilled.

    From there, you can confirm, finalize, and add information before booking a job for the customer.

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  • Assign technicians to Recall, Warranty, and Leads jobs using the flyout: Previously in ServiceTitan

    After creating a recall, lead, or warranty job using the flyout, you would have to go to the job in order to assign a different technician or technicians to it.

    What's new with this feature

    You can assign technicians to a recall, lead, or warranty job while you are creating the job using the flyout by selecting the technician or technicians you want from the multi-select dropdown menu.


  • Booking Confirmation Checkbox for Recall, Lead, or Warranty Jobs: Previously in ServiceTitan

    There was no way to turn off booking confirmations for a single recall, lead, or warranty job.

    What's new with this feature

    When you book a recall, lead, or warranty job, you will be able to uncheck the Send booking confirmation checkbox to ensure that the customer does not receive a booking confirmation for that particular job.

    For more information on how the checkbox works and how to send a confirmation later if you accidentally unchecked it, see Enable Booking Confirmations.

  • Technician rating applies to the tech who spent the most time on the job: Previously in ServiceTitan

    Ratings from job completion surveys regarding technicians would apply to the technician with the highest split percentage upon job completion.

    What's new with this feature

    The technician that spent the maximum amount of time on the job is the technician that the homeowner rates in the job completion survey. This change will be reflected in the Dashboard as well as all survey reporting related to survey ratings and survey NPS score.

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  • Job number displays when hovering over job type on the Dispatch Board: Previously in ServiceTitan

    When you hovered over a job type on the Job List, the information displayed consisted of the description for that job type.

    What's new with this feature

    While hovering over a job type on the Job List, the Job number for that job will display along with the description of that job type.

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  • Map is automatically hidden on the Dispatch Board: Previously in ServiceTitan

    The map on the Dispatch Board would display by default, slowing down load times and impacting performance.

    What's new with this feature

    Whenever you first load the Dispatch Board, the map will be hidden.

    To view the map, click Show Map.

    After you are done viewing the map, you have the option to hide it again by clicking Hide Map.

    As with other Dispatch Board viewing settings, the map will remain minimized or maximized based on the way you had it set the last time you used it.

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  • Simplified Customization for the Dispatch Board: Previously in ServiceTitan

    The Configure Dispatch Board screen contained all settings on a single page.

    What's new with this feature

    The Configure Dispatch Board screen is divided into two tabbed sections: Technician Management and Board Appearance.

    To change your view of the Dispatch Board, use the Board Appearance tab.

    From this tab, you can change which business units show up on the Dispatch Board as well as whether you see a technician’s clocked-in time. You can also select your preferred location view.

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  • Faster loading times for the Job Audit Trail: When you view jobs with extensive audit trails, only the most recent 200 items will load.

    To load more items, you can click Load remaining items. This ensures faster loading times.

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  • Realized revenue for membership cancellation: Previously in ServiceTitan

    When you canceled a membership, the realized revenue for each recurring event would be on separate invoices.

    What's new with this feature

    When you cancel a membership, the realized revenue will now be on a single invoice for all the remaining visits. The invoice date will be the cancellation date of the membership.

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    How to cancel or delete a customer's membership


  • GreenSky®: Loan application agreement will automatically be emailed to the applicant: Previously in ServiceTitan

    To send the GreenSky®loan agreement to the customer, the technician had to manually request the loan agreement to be emailed to the customer.

    What’s new with this feature

    When completing the GreenSky® loan application, it is required for the the applicant to enter an email address. When the loan application is accepted, the agreement will be automatically emailed to the customer.

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  • Signature Date Stamp added to New Invoice Layout: The date stamp for signatures are now visible in Mobile PDF previews for invoices, just as they are in desktop. See the February 2018 version of the ServiceTitan Release Notes for more information

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  • Splitting up addresses into multiple Smart Fields: Previously in ServiceTitan

    There was a single Smart Field for addresses, so addresses displayed as a single block of text.

    What's new with this feature

    Addresses input for use with Smart Fields can be separated into street address, city, state, and zip code.

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  • Additional Job Filters for Technicians: Previously in ServiceTitan

    Under Settings > Integrations > Mobile, the Job Filter screen had six options you could choose from that determined what jobs technicians would see on Mobile.

    What's new with this feature

    In addition to the six existing job filters, you will also be able to choose from two additional ones.

  • Require Purchase Order Photo Receipt: When this feature is enabled on a technician’s profile, and that technician taps Save on a Purchase Order without first adding a photo to it, they will see a pop-up informing them that they need to upload a receipt photo first.

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  • Automatically send completed forms to customers upon job completion: Forms now include the option to be automatically sent to customers if both the form and the job have been completed.

    You can select this option when creating a new form.

    To turn this option on for an existing form, complete the following:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Forms.

    2. From the Actions dropdown, select Edit.

    3. Check If filled, email to customer automatically upon job completion.

    4. Click Save.

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  • Payroll Adjustment Template: You are now able to apply payroll adjustments in bulk. These can be applied to single or multiple technicians at once, with or without invoice numbers. You can use the Payroll Adjustment Template to apply these changes to the technician payroll. You can navigate to Settings > Import / Export Data to use the Payroll Adjustment Template.

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  • Blocking incoming messages: When you block a phone number in ServiceTitan, that number will be barred not only from calling you but also from sending you any kind of messages (text, SMS, or MMS).

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  • Customer Address and Location Address columns in Estimate search Excel export: When you export Estimate searches to Excel, you will now see a Customer Address and a Location Address column.

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  • Vendor Invoice Number in Purchase Order search Excel export: When you export Purchase Order searches to Excel, you will now see a Vendor Invoice Number column.

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  • GreenSky®: Updates to As Low As amount for Reduced Rate and Equal Payment plans: All Reduced Rate and Equal Payment plans should use the Post-Promotional Amount, regardless of the As Low As setting. If your default Greensky® plan is a reduced rate plan or an equal payment plan, then the As Low As amount shown on the estimates will always be the Post-Promotional Amount.

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