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Release Notes - June 2018



  • Enhanced Location Search on the Call Booking screen: Finding the exact location you want from large numbers of similar location records during call booking is now much simpler. When you search for a customer or location from the Call Booking screen, you can now access a full list of the matching location results and select the correct one from an easy-to-use pop-up.

    When you search for a customer or location record with a term that leads to many results, you see Show All.

    Click Show All to see the full list of results. Select the desired location, and then click SAVE.

    That option is chosen on the Call Booking screen, where you can continue the Call Booking process.

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  • Non-Job Timesheets Display on the Dispatch Board: When a non-job timesheet for a technician is added using the non-job timesheets option on the technician menu on the Dispatch Board, you now see the corresponding non-job event on the Dispatch Board.

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  • Changes to Late Alerts immediately apply: When you disable Auto Tag late arrivals, any late tags are immediately removed from your view of the Dispatch Board.

    In addition, if you change the criteria for what adds Auto Tag late arrivals, that change can automatically be viewed on the Dispatch Board. For example, if you change late alerts to apply to jobs that are five rather than ten minutes late, after you make those changes and navigate to the Dispatch Board, any jobs there that are five minutes late would be auto-tagged.


  • Timesheet Report: Remove Include First Driving time checkbox from timesheets reports: Moving the first drive rules to Technician Settings prevents any payroll discrepancies from occurring when pulling timesheets from past pay periods. The checkbox Include First Driving Time is removed from timesheets related reports. If you are using Clock In / Clock Out then you will not be impacted.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.