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Release Notes - February 2019




  • Assign days of the week to zones: Businesses that cover a very large territory and only want to schedule jobs for a particular zone on particular day(s) of the week can set up this feature. After setup, administrators can indicate which day(s) of the week your business services a specific zone.

    To learn more, see Assign days of the week to zones.


  • Job Form Completed Alert: As the Form Completed alert is sent after a form has been completed on a job, the alert is now called Job Form Completed alert.

    To learn more, see Use alerts.


  • Done for Now filter: Along with the other filters at the bottom of the dispatch board, there is a Done for Now filter where you can view all jobs that have been marked done for now.

    To learn more, see Use the Dispatch Board.

  • Visible call bar display: The call bar makes it easier to keep track of an active call after you have clicked away from the Call screen and into the dispatch board. The call banner now is visible on the dispatch board and moves as you scroll.

    Before, the call bar would be hidden or disappear from view on the dispatch board.

    To learn more, see Use the Dispatch Board.

  • Easier-to-click blue record-keeping lines: The blue lines that run from arrival time to completion time for jobs on the Dispatch Board are thicker when your cursor hovers near them, making them easier to click.

    To learn more, see Use the Dispatch Board.


  • Additional GreenSky® loan plan options now available: GreenSky® loan plans available to ServiceTitan are now available to you, too, enabling you to choose from additional loan options to offer your customers. For more on how to manage GreenSky® loan plans, see Setting up GreenSky® in ServiceTitan.


  • Instant access to AirAdvice Flash Report: Your technicians can now access AirAdvice Flash reports right from the ServiceTitan Mobile app. This enables technicians easy access to the report in PDF at the time of service rather than waiting for emails with attachments, allowing them to present on the spot to customers who opt for AirAdvice for faster and easier decision-making. For added convenience, the report becomes part of the customer record for future reference.

    Additional feature: Managers and office employees, too, can access this report in ServiceTitan.

    For more on how to access the report in both ServiceTitan Mobile and ServiceTitan, see View AirAdvice Flash Report for a job.


  • Add Service Items to Equipment via Mobile Invoice: You can now add an item as a service to an existing equipment item directly from the mobile invoice. Every item page to select equipment includes this dropdown.

    Previously, the only way to do so was to go through the job history.

    To learn more, see How to attach equipment to a service you're performing.

  • Follow Up tab: View forms attached to an opportunity: Once you tap into an opportunity in the follow up tab, you now can view forms attached to that opportunity.

    To learn more, see Guide to the Follow Up tab in Mobile.

  • Follow Up tab: Reorder estimates: You can now move estimates to the right or to the left by one space using the three-dot dropdown. If an estimate is the furthest right or left already, it will be grayed out.

    This makes PDF Form Smart Fields easier to use, since some aspects of the feature relies on references to the position of an estimate.

    To learn more, see Guide to the Follow Up tab in Mobile.


  • Deferred Revenue Setup Warnings: A warning message now displays if a user has already selected “ongoing” as the duration of a membership type and adds a recurring service type that is set to “# of visits.”

    Additionally, a warning message will display when a user edits a Pricebook’s General Ledger account for items selling a membership, membership add-on, or billing template task.

    This message warns you that the auto-calculation of deferred revenue will not work.

    To learn more, see Understanding the setup for deferred revenue.


  • Customer name added to Online Payments email notification: Online Payments email notifications now show the name of the customer who made a payment in the Customer Portal. This lets your back office collect key information along with other payment details for proper record-keeping and tracking.

    To learn more, see Use alerts.


  • Chargeable Materials Separated in Pricebook: This update decouples fields in the Pricebook responsible for charging materials: PaysCommission and Deduct as Job Cost. Now, you can configure both fields individually.

    This update allows you to deduct material costs from the commissionable base before paying commission. If turned off, material costs are not deducted from the commissionable base before commission is paid.

    For more on the Pricebook, see Pricebook articles in our knowledge base.


  • Columns replaced in Services and Equipment: For you avid Pricebook users, specific columns in the list view for Services were replaced, ensuring you see only key information when managing your pricebook.

    What changed

    Sum of Material Costs (Material Cost*QTY) replaced Cross Sale Group and Hours replaced Upgrades.

    For more on the Pricebook, see Pricebook articles in our knowledge base.


  • Locations Dataset Available: This dataset allows you to see information about location records. It is a complement to the Customers dataset and is particularly useful to tenants who do work through warranty companies and have several dozens or hundreds of location records for one customer.

    This dataset will help you compile important metrics per location, such as cancellation rates, project overviews, and recall percentage. Additionally, you will be able to view Recurring Services tied to a location, including number of visits remaining and track which location addresses still need to be validated.

  • Payments Dataset Available: The goal of this dataset is to assist office administrators and accountants with reconciling payment information.

    Users will be able to find payments that technicians should be bringing in from the field, locate issues in payments where a transaction is recorded but not returned to the office, and match their deposit slips at the end of the day or week.

  • Office Performance Dataset Available: This report documents active office employees, employee job performance, and call center metrics. Each row in this dataset will show an active office employee. The user should have the option to select 'Show inactive employees,' which will show employees who have had activity in the selected date range.

  • Estimates Dataset Available: The goal of this dataset is to allow office employees to keep track of all estimates created by both office users and technicians to ensure that all opportunities can be followed up on when necessary.

    This dataset will allow you to sort by individual estimate items. You can also now track whether estimates have been emailed to the customer in addition to tracking estimates sold on Tech Generated Leads.

  • Calls Dataset Available: This dataset allows the user to access data of phone calls that have either been received or placed through ServiceTitan.

    With this data set, you can view and filter inbound and outbound phone calls all in one report. Additionally, you can report on details such as call campaign, call memo, call reason, and who reviewed the call. You can also track which phone calls are related to jobs, and see how much revenue and sales they brought in.

  • Invoice Items for Technicians Updated: The Invoice Items by Technician dataset now contains updated calculations, tooltips, and custom fields for customers, jobs, technicians, and location.

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