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Release Notes - April 2019



  • Clickable invoice number for the Task Used alert: The Task Used alert now includes a clickable invoice number that you can use to access the invoice.

    To learn more about alerts, see Use Alerts.


  • More intuitive search experience: Based on your feedback, adding a new customer or location record while searching on the call booking screen is now easier and less likely to lead to adding the wrong type of record.

    Instead of a general + New button that doesn’t tell you what kind of record you are adding, you see + New Customer.

    After clicking a customer or location in search results, you see + New Location, indicating that you are adding a new location to the existing customer.

    Additionally, as you search for an existing customer or location, you will see that the search results are loading. Before, you would see a message indicating that no results were found until the results were loaded.

    To learn more, see Add a new customer.

  • Status of a transferred call updates automatically: If another customer service representative takes ownership of a call bubble, you won’t be able to close the call bubble anymore. Instead, you will be notified that another CSR owns the call and you should move on to your next call.

    To learn more, see Transfer calls and switch between calls.

  • More legible text for active calls: Based on your feedback, we have made the text for active call bubbles much easier to read. The active call bubble is now a darker green and the font is bigger.

    To learn more, see Answer incoming calls.


  • Complete job when another tech is on a meal break: Technicians can now complete a job that includes one or more technicians even if another technician who is also on the job is on a meal break.

    To learn more about the dispatch board, see Using Dispatch Board.

  • Right-click to access job menu: You can now more easily manage the jobs for the day right from the dispatch board. Right-click on any job on the dispatch board to access the job menu.

    This menu includes the most common actions taken by dispatchers that used to force them to leave the dispatch board, so it should save a total of 3-4 million clicks per month across all ServiceTitan users.

    Use it to quickly dispatch a technician to the job or reschedule the job. You can also access the job screen, invoice, location, customer, and map for that job.

    To learn more about the dispatch board, see our knowledge base.

  • Done for now gray bubble remains after technician is reassigned: The work already done on a job marked Done for Now will continue to show up on the dispatch board as a gray bubble. Previously, the gray bubble would be moved to the new technician after reassignment. Now, the gray bubble permanently stays on the row of the technician who marked the job as Done for Now.

    To learn more about the dispatch board, see our knowledge base.

  • Open a technician's route in Google Maps: Click View Technician Route from the technician icon menu to see the full map of the route for that technician’s day in Google Maps.

    The map helps you to plan other visits in context of the technician’s route for the day.

    The route begins from the technician’s home address if it is validated, or from the first location on the route if the home address is not validated.

    The location of stops on the route is determined using a verified address if available and the user-entered address if not. Unverified or incorrectly-entered addresses may lead to inaccurate results on the map.

    To learn more, see View Technicians in Use the Dispatch Board.

  • At-a-glance status for non-job events: You can now view how long in-progress non-job events are supposed to take, how long a technician has been clocked into a given non-job event, and whether a technician has been at a non-job event longer than planned or not from the dispatch board.

    To learn more, see the guide to the dispatch board in our knowledge base.


  • Submit multiple GreenSky® applications per job: You can now submit multiple GreenSky® applications when applying for a loan through GreenSky® Financing. This enables your technicians to submit as many applications as your customers need to update incorrect details or add more information, such as a co-applicant, via a new application.

    For more on GreenSky® and how to use it for your customers, see Using GreenSky® Financing in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Alerts for GreenSky® application submissions: You can now create and receive alerts for GreenSky® Financing application submissions using the GreenSky® Application Status for Type alert in ServiceTitan. This enables specific users on your team to receive alerts whenever a customer submits a GreenSky® loan application.

    For more on how to create and manage alerts, see Use alerts.

  • Ability to show estimated financing as line item in estimates: You can now show estimated financing details as a line item at the bottom of a printed or emailed PDF estimate, enabling your customers to get insight into financing estimate amounts before they choose to use financing to pay for services.

    To learn more about this feature and setting up GreenSky® Financing, see Sign up for GreenSky®: Offer instant financing to eligible customers.


  • Schedule maintenance visits for specific pieces of equipment: You can now schedule maintenance for specific pieces of equipment that were previously tied to the customer membership's recurring service. The equipment tied to the membership job shows below the Job Summary. Additionally, you can also edit the list if the visit includes other pieces of equipment covered by the membership.

    To view the equipment list and more, see Schedule maintenance visits for specific pieces of equipment.

  • ServiceTitan Mobile features a list of equipment requiring service: You can now see a list of equipment that needs service on the Job Summary page in ServiceTitan Mobile. This is the list you select when scheduling the job from the office. This feature is for recurring service events only.

    To read more about this table, see see Schedule maintenance visits for specific pieces of equipment.

  • New equipment table on customer membership record: This new table displays on the customer membership record and shows pieces of equipment that have been tied to the membership's recurring services. This helps you simultaneously view the membership record and pieces of equipment in an easy-to-read format.

    For more on this table, see see Schedule maintenance visits for specific pieces of equipment.

  • New deferred revenue report: This report provides a breakdown of deferred revenue between deferred and recognized revenue for each customer’s membership. Additionally, business unit, membership type and the customer columns give the customer more insight into deferred revenue according to the AsofDate.

    This report replaces the current legacy report, “Deferred Revenue Report.”

    To learn more, see Deferred Revenue Report in Reports 2.0.


  • Delete sections of forms: You can now delete entire sections of native (not PDF) forms in the ServiceTitan Mobile app. Before, you could only delete native form sections that you had duplicated.

    To learn more, see Complete and send forms.

  • View non-job events in your mobile overview: You now see the next job or non-job event in the Overview tab of your mobile dashboard. Before, you would see your next job even if there was a non-job event before that next job.

    To learn more, see Using the dashboard in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Tap to calculate distance and drive time on demand: When on the job screen in the ServiceTitan Mobile app, you see the option to calculate distance and drive time.

    Tap it to see your distance and drive time to the job.

    If you navigate away from the screen and come back, you will see the prompt again. Tap it if you want to view the information again.

    Before, the distance and drive time loaded automatically.

    To learn more, see Prepare for a job before you've been dispatched.


  • Upload PDF Assets to Equipment: You can now upload PDF assets to equipment items in your pricebook. Technicians will be able to present PDFs when viewing equipment in the ServiceTitan Mobile app to provide enhanced presentations to homeowners.

    For more on this feature, see Add PDF assets to equipment.


  • Exporting negative payments to QuickBooks: When exporting negative payments to QuickBooks you will need to export it as a Journal Entry.

    If you don’t select Journal Entry for negative payments, then you will see an error message in Pending Export Report.

    To learn more, see Create a refund adjustment invoice and issue a refund.


  • Completed Revenue from Jobs Booked field added to Office Performance Dataset: This KPI allows administrators and managers to view the sum of income items on invoices tied to Booked Jobs Completed.

    To learn more about how to use the Dashboard, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • Dispatched By field added to Jobs dataset: The Jobs dataset now includes a Dispatched By field, listing the name of the user who most recently dispatched a technician to the job.

    To learn more about displaying columns in a report, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • New field added to invoices for better location tracking: Invoices not generated from a job now feature a new location field for more accurate tax and location information. You might find this useful if you have experienced issues in which the location field of an invoice does not show up in a custom report.

    To learn more about displaying columns in a report, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • Customer and Location ID columns added to multiple datasets: Customer and Location ID are now included as selectable columns to the customer information section of the following datasets:

    • Jobs

    • Invoices

    • Estimates

    • Calls

    • Invoice Item

    • Invoice Item by Technician

    • Payments

    • Locations

    To learn more about displaying columns in a report, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

  • Invoices dataset now contains new metrics: The following metrics have been added to the Invoice dataset:

    • Email sent—shows whether or not the invoice was sent via email

    • Payroll Date—shows the date selected in the Payroll Date field of the invoice

    • Primary Technician—shows assigned technician with highest split percentage; if multiple technicians have the same splits, the first technician assigned will show

    To learn more about displaying columns in a report, see Create and manage reports in Reports 2.0.

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