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Release Notes - April 2018

Feature Spotlights

  • Improved Visual Experience for the Dispatch Board: Previously in ServiceTitan

    Events on the Dispatch Board had grey bars to indicate their duration. There was no quick way to check exact dispatch, arrival, and completion times from the Dispatch Board.

    What's new with this feature

    The grey lines indicate the time between dispatch and arrival, while the blue lines indicate the time starting from arrival and ending with completion of the job.

    At the beginning of the grey line, you will see a square. Hover over the square to see the dispatch time.

    At the beginning and the end of a blue line are dots. When you hover over the first dot, you will see the arrival time.

    When you hover over the second dot, you will see the completion time.

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  • Apply for TURNS financing if GreenSky® is declined: You now have the ability to instantly apply for TURNS financing if GreenSky® is declined. Technicians will not need to re-enter information (with the exception of SSN and TURNS specific fields) or navigate out of the GreenSky® application and into the TURNS application. When a GreenSky® loan application is declined, you will now be able to click APPLY NOW.

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  • Service-equipment links: Previously in ServiceTitan

    When selling an equipment package containing multiple pieces of equipment, each equipment item had to be added individually from the Pricebook. There was no way to create a service-equipment link and have one service automatically add all desired equipment items to an invoice (similar to service-materials links).

    What's new with this feature

    You are now able to link equipment to a service which helps sales technicians or comfort advisors to more efficiently and accurately create invoices for equipment packages. Once the link is setup, each time this service is added to an invoice, the equipment will automatically be added to the invoice as well. Furthermore, the equipment will automatically be added to the service location. Service-equipment links will work on both office and mobile invoices. To add equipment link to a service, navigate to Settings > Pricebook > Services > Equipment tab. Service-equipment links can also be created using the Pricebook Excel Template.

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  • Hover preview for the Jobs list on customer and location records: The preview makes it easier to instantly find and access any information you might be looking for regarding a job, saving you both clicks and time.

    If the job has been marked as Complete, you will see the Invoice Summary.

    If the job has not yet been completed, you will see the Job Summary.

Other Features and Improvements


  • Additional settings and configurations for late alerts: You can now set up your Dispatch Board so that the job automatically shows up as Late on the Job List after a certain number of minutes past the job’s start time or the job’s end time.

    This will apply to all who use the Dispatch Board.

    Required Step

    For a user to set up the automatic application of the late alert, they will need the Modify Dispatch Board behavior permission to be checked.


    To enable automatic alerts for late arrivals, complete the following:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Late Alerts.

    2. On the Late Alert Configuration screen, check that Auto Tag late arrivals is toggled ON.

    3. From the dropdown, select the desired option for the situation where you would want the late alert to apply:

      • after job start time

      • after job end time

        Then, enter the number of minutes for when the late alert will apply.

        For example, you could set the late alert to apply 30 minutes after job start time so that if no technician had arrived to a job half an hour after its start time, you would see a late tag on that job.

    4. Click Save.

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  • Exclude specific customers’ invoices and statements from bulk printing: When you bulk print batched invoices from the Invoicing screen or from the Accounts Receivable Summary report, you can now exclude certain customers’ invoices from those bulk prints.


    To exclude a customer from bulk prints of invoices, complete the following:

    1. Navigate to the Customer Record for the customer you would like to exclude. Then, click Edit.

    2. From the Edit Customer screen, check Exclude from bulk printing.

    3. Click Save.

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  • Apply replacement tags to current job immediately upon adding equipment: This feature will help you to identify and capitalize on high conversion opportunities in the moment instead of waiting for the next job.

    Previously in ServiceTitan

    When saving equipment with an installed on date (age) older than the Replacement Age of the equipment type, a Replacement Opportunity tag gets added to future jobs involving that equipment but not the current one

    What’s new with this feature

    When saving equipment with an installed on date (age) older than the Replacement Age of the equipment type, a Replacement Opportunity tag gets added to the current job as well as to future jobs involving that equipment. This applies to both Mobile and Office.

  • Faster loading times for the Project Audit Trail: You will now spend less time waiting for the project page to load on larger, longer-running projects.

    When you view projects with extensive audit trails, only the most recent 200 items will load. To load more items, you can click Load remaining items. This ensures faster loading times.

  • Tracking customer signatures in the Job Audit Trail: You will now be able to view PDF agreements that contain customer signatures in the Job Audit Trail. Capturing signatures in the Job Audit Trail allows you to have a record of what the customer has signed. This ensures that technicians are following best practices, and any discrepancies are quickly resolved. To view PDF agreements that contain customer signatures, complete the following:

    1. Navigate to the Job > Job Audit Trail.

    2. Click the Files tab.

    3. Under Signatures, you see a list of PDF agreements with any items that contain customer signatures. Items that may contain customer signatures include the following:

      • Estimate signature (when the estimate is sold)

      • Authorize signatures

      • Invoice changes approval signature (separate PDFs will display for each signature that was obtained)

      • Acknowledgement signature (when work is completed)

    4. Click View to view the PDF agreement of the customer signature. You also have the option to Print or Email the PDF agreement.

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  • Display filled-in information while presenting Smart Proposals: Previously in ServiceTitan

    You could view a PDF Form with smart fields and have the options to Edit or Present. Editing took you to a view where you could sign and edit text; smart fields showed codes rather than any information that was put into the fields. Presenting was a read-only view that displayed fields with the information put into them. This could be an issue when presenting forms to customers since they would have to sign a form without actively viewing the actual information in that form at the same time.

    What’s new with this feature

    After you tap Present on a Smart Proposal, you will see a warning that if you make any edits or changes, including adding a signature, the smart fields will no longer be smart.

    After you tap Yes, you will be in Present for that form. While you are presenting a Smart Proposal to a customer for their signature, you will be able to show them the actual information, such as pricing, in the contract as they sign.

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  • GreenSky®: Report: With GreenSky®, you now have the option to access and create GreenSky® reports. By running this report you will be able to see declined and approved GreenSky® applications. This will allow you to easily get data on financing performance and check for specific application statuses to answer homeowner questions.

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  • GreenSky®: Additional Plans: You now have four additional GreenSky® plans available when selecting a GreenSky® loan option. These additional plans will keep your business current with all GreenSky® financing options. The additional plan numbers are 6124, 6136, 6148, and 6160. To view or select these plans for technicians to utilize navigate to Settings > Financing Loans > GREENSKY LOAN OPTIONS.

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  • Mobile swiper notifications: When clicking the Use Swiper button, ServiceTitan will automatically detect whether or not your device is ready for a swiper transaction and will notify you if there are any additional steps you need to take before proceeding.This will help ensure that your credit card transactions are successful, thereby saving saving technician time and improving customer experience.

    The following are the pop up notifications that the technician may receive:

    • To use the swiper give this app permission to record audio.

    • Another app is currently playing audio. Please close all other applications.

    • Please turn up the volume up to the max before swiping.

    • Please turn off Bluetooth before using the swiper.

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  • Include Zero Recognized Revenue checkbox added to Deferred Revenue Report: When running the Deferred Revenue Report, you now have the option to exclude customers who have recognized revenue that is zero. This will help you run the report efficiently, and reduce loading time. If the Include Zero Recognized Revenue checkbox is checked, then all customers whose recognized revenue is zero will not show in the report.

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  • Timesheets screen enhancement: With the redesign of the Timesheets screen, you will now find it much easier to navigate to desired timesheet events to view or edit them. The Timesheets screen will also load faster when a single job contains many timesheet entries.

    When viewing the Job Timesheets screen, you will now be able to:

    • Filter and sort timesheets events.

    • Edit or delete timesheet events.

    • Add new timesheet events.

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  • Paid Reason on Technician Activity Detail Report: When running the Technician Activity Report you will now be able to see a new column called Paid Reason. This column is a useful tool to refer to when reconciling any discrepancies you encounter with technician timesheets. The Paid Reason column will display an explanation as to why each timesheet event is paid.

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  • Set defaults for Booking Confirmation checkboxes in Office: In Customer Notifications Settings, the default setting for Booking Confirmation checkboxes can be changed from checked to unchecked if you withhold booking confirmations more often than you send them out during call booking.

    Booking Confirmation checkboxes appear in Call Booking, as well as in the fly-out for booking Follow Up, Lead, Warranty, and Recall jobs. By default, the checkboxes are unchecked in Mobile.


    To change the default setting for Booking Notification checkboxes from checked to unchecked, complete the following:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Customer Notifications.

    2. Click Booking Notifications.

    3. Click Settings.

    4. Click Unchecked.

    5. Click Save.

  • Control-clicking Edit opens the Edit screen in a new tab: You can now more easily multi-task and make quick changes within Settings.

    When you hold down your Control key while you click Edit within different areas of Settings, the Edit screen will open in a new tab.

    For example, if you click Edit on the Technicians screen while holding down the Control key, it will open in a tab instead of in the same tab.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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