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Updating an item from Non-Inventory type to Inventory-type: recommended workflowLast updated on 05/12/2023

The purpose of this document is to provide a proper workflow when attempting to change an item's type.

Things to know

  • The proper workflow for tracking Inventory is that the item/s should be newly created when attempting to use them as Inventory.

  • Users who receive an error message “List Id is invalid” error message when exporting an invoice indicates that they recently switched a part from non-inventory → Inventory.


Creating a New Inventory Part within ServiceTitan

To prevent any underlying issues, items that will be used as Inventory should be newly created within ServiceTian.

To do that:

  1. Click the Pricebook tab.

  2. Add Material/Equipment.

  3. Select the required fields and save.

  4. After saving, you can now begin tracking this item as inventory.

Issues with changing a non-inventory part to inventory

Within ServiceTitan not all item fields are retroactively updated when a change is made in the pricebook. While this may seem like a product gap, it is actually intended to function this way to prevent any underlying issues. The implication of changing the tracking of an item would severely impact a user's inventory count which may have already been accounted for in previous periods.

Thus, when any material/equipment is placed on an invoice it is registered using the current setup of that item in Pricebook. (IsInventory=true; IsInventory=false)

If these items have already been used before (exported to QB) then a “list ID is invalid” error will begin to occur when attempting export, since the item has already been created in QuickBooks/Intacct as a non-inventory item, and cannot be switched to inventory.

The user would want to create a duplicate of this item, change the code so it differs from the original, remove the original from the invoice and re-add the new item to the invoice.

Creating a duplicate item in ServiceTitan

  1. Click the Pricebook tab.

  2. Edit the item you want to make inventory.

  3. At the top click Duplicate.

  4. The name will automatically add a (1) to the end which can be edited.

  5. Click Inventory Settings and begin tracking the item as inventory.

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