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Set up Customer Mapping for Quickbooks Desktop: recommended workflowLast updated on 05/12/2023

Use this article to understand how to set up Customer Mapping between Quickbooks Desktop and ServiceTitan. This setting allows you to choose whether transactions are exported to the Customer record in QBD (Bill To), or to the Customer Job record (Location).

Things to know

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  • By default, transactions are exported to the ‘Customer Level’ in QBD. This article shows how to alter the Settings so that transactions are exported to the Customer Job (Location) in QBD.

  • The only difference between ‘Service Location Address’ versus ‘Service Location Name’ is how they display in QBD’s Customer Center.

  • Customer Mapping does not affect the type of information that is exported to QBD, but rather how the information is displayed and organized within your QBD file.


Set Customer Mapping in ServiceTitan

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings settings-icon

  2. In the side panel, click Integrations > Quickbooks Desktop.

  3. Click Customer Mapping.

  4. In the popup, select your QBD connection

  5. Select the customer mapping setting that best fits your needs

    1. Customer level– This is the default setting. Transactions export to QBD at the Customer level (aka: Bill To). This means all Invoices, Payments, etc will appear on the Bill To Customer record in QBD upon export.

    2. Service Location Address– Select this option to export transactions to the Customer Job (aka: Location) level in QBD. Invoices, Payments, etc will appear on both the Location and Customer record in QBD upon export.

    3. Service Location Name– This is the same option as Service Location Address, but the display is slightly different in QBD. When Locations are created in QBD upon export, the Location is created with the Location Name only in the Customer Center. No address is appended.

      Note: Selecting ‘Service Location Address’ or ‘Service Location Name’ allows the transactions to live on the Location level as well as the Customer level in QBD, and so this is recommended for shops that work often with Commercial and/or Property Management customers. If the customer is usually the same as the location on jobs, then the ‘Customer Level’ default may be adequate for your needs!

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