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ServiceTitan Web Connector Best Practices: recommended workflowLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article helps you understand common issues for the use and maximization of the new QuickBooks Web Connector.


Web Connector

It is recommended to keep the Web Connector open. If you close the Web Connector, there will be no connection between ServiceTitan and your QuickBooks. And in this case, you can’t export any data.

If the QuickBooks Web Connector is no longer visible in your taskbar:

  1. In the search bar at the bottom of your screen, type QBWC.

  2. Click Pin to taskbar.

  3. Click Run as administrator.

  4. Export the data.

Before exporting the data, it is recommended to check whether or not the connections are online or offline. Note: If the icon is green, the Web Connector is connected. If the icon is red, the Web Connector is not connected.

To do that:

  1. In ServiceTitan go to the navigation bar and click Settings.

  2. Go to Integrations > QuickBooks Desktop.

    The QuickBooks Company Files screen opens.

  3. Click the file name.

  4. Go to the Connections section and check whether or not the icon is green.

    If the icon is red, press Function+F5 on your keyboard. But if the icon is still red, double-check that your Web Connector is open. For more information, see Using Sync as you Export.


  • It is not recommended to change the customer mapping settings.

  • You can also contact a Customer Support Manager (CSM) to solve the issue.


The ServiceTitan Web Connector works well when you are in single-user mode in QuickBooks. For example, for accounts with one exporter, it’s better to be in single-user mode when exporting data from ServiceTitan. It is not recommended to sort your customer list in QuickBooks. But if you have already sorted the customer list, you can fix it back. For more information, see QuickBooks Names List Sort.

If part of a job is exported by the QuickBooks Web Connector and the rest of the transaction or job is exported by the ServiceTitan Web Connector, they will not auto-apply to one another. In this case, you should manually apply payments to invoices that are exported by the QuickBooks Web Connector. Also, you should manually apply payments to invoices that are paid and exported by the ServiceTitan Web Connector. Note: Invoice memo fields will be exported with batch number and batch name which helps you keep things clear.

It is recommended to create new items in QuickBooks to make Purchase Order export correctly. Note:

  • You should create Service type items in QuickBooks for Tax and Shipping if the ServiceTitan account plans to export the Purchase Order.

  • The order of line items in the invoice won’t be the same in Service Titan and in QuickBooks.

Export Errors

When you get a list of errors, fix the key issue. All the other errors which are called dependent errors will be solved automatically. For more information, see Resolve QuickBooks Desktop integration export error messages.


A COGS account should be specified for all Material and Equipment items.

Sales Tax

The ServiceTitan Web Connector allows sales tax to be automatically calculated in QuickBooks. The ServiceTitan Web Connector also allows you to use the integrated sales tax function in QuickBooks. For more information on how to set up Enhanced Sales Tax, see the Set up QuickBooks Desktop sales tax article and the Connection Setup academy video.

When you create inventory locations In QuickBooks, they will be created based on the technician that is assigned to the invoice. If no inventory location is assigned to the item, QuickBooks will automatically create a default truck based on the technician assigned to the item. If you want serial numbers in QuickBooks, you should be in the Inventory location in ServiceTitan. Note: If you use the Inventory Module in ServiceTitan, serial numbers will not be exported to QuickBooks. Unlike the old Web Connector, the Populate Serial Numbers in QuickBooks configuration is not compatible with the ServiceTitan Web Connector.


It is recommended to enable the Purchase module for the ServiceTitan Web Connector.

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