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Monitor Active Calls in Dialpad: recommended workflowLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article will explain how you can monitor active calls in Dialpad while using Phones Pro. How much information you can view depends on what type of user you are, and what permissions you have in Dialpad.

Things to know

  • Regular CSRs are only able to view which other agents are available vs. on a call via the Dialpad app. They are not able to specifically view the live call information.

  • Phones Pro Advanced Seat users can only see their own call bubbles and calls that they are handling in ServiceTitan while using the embedded phone. 

  • Only users with admin-level permissions or those assigned as Call Center Supervisors in Dialpad are able to view live call data in addition to the current status of each agent.

    • Users can only view this information for the call centers and departments to that they are assigned.


Monitor Agent Status in Dialpad (Any User)

  1. Open the Dialpad Desktop app (download it from here)

    1. Alternatively, you can navigate in ServiceTitan to Settings > Phones Pro > Account Setup > click “Login to Phones Pro”. This will take you to your Dialpad settings. Once logged in to the new tab, you can click in the bottom left corner to “Launch Dialpad. This will open the browser version of the desktop app in a new tab.

  2. Click into the call center or department where you need to see which agents are currently on a call. 

    1. Click on the “Agents” tab, and you will be shown a list of all agents who are assigned there, and if they are currently on a call, idle/available, or off duty.

Monitor Active Calls in Dialpad (Office Admin or Call Center Supervisor)

Follow the same steps as above. As an admin or call center supervisor, you will also see a tab to allow you to view the live calls.

You can also view all agents and live call data from your Dialpad settings page. After signing into Dialpad click the headphones icon on the left sidebar. You can view individual call centers or data for all agents across all call centers at once.

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