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I need to delete my pricebook and start over: recommended workflowLast updated on 05/12/2023

The purpose of this article is to walk you through the process of deleting your Pricebook and starting over.

Things to know

  1. Pricebooks cannot be deleted. We recommend deactivating items in bulk if you wish to start over.

  2. Before making significant edits to your Pricebook, please contact your Account Manager. To deactivate pricebook items, either deactivate pricebook items in the UI or deactivate pricebook items in excel using the import/export function.


Contact your Account Manager

Before making significant edits to your Pricebook, please consult with your Account Manager. If you are unsure of who your Account Manager is, you can access this information by using the TitanCenter. If you are an admin the TitanCenter can be accessed on your Dashboard by clicking on the icon and then TitanCenter.

Then navigating to the ‘We’re here to help’ section

Deactivate pricebook items

You can deactivate Pricebook items by using the Bulk Edit Items tool. For more information see Edit pricebook items.

Note: Deactivated items are not available in your mobile pricebook so they cannot be added to invoices or purchase orders. Historic reporting is not affected.

  1. To bulk activate or deactivate Pricebook items go to the navigation bar and click Pricebook.

  2. In the side menu, click Services, Materials, or Equipment, depending on the pricebook items you want to activate or deactivate. The appropriate screen opens.

  3. Click Filters to open the Filters screen.

  4. Under Status, click Active, Inactive, or All to filter the items and then click Apply.

    1. Note* Use the search field to further filter the items you want to activate or deactivate. You can search by item code, name, or description. 

  5. Click the View Mode dropdown and select Edit Mode.

  6. Select the items you want to deactivate. The number of selections displays at the bottom of the screen.

    Note* Click the checkbox at the top of the table to select all items displayed.

  7. Click Deactivate at the bottom of the screen.

  8. In the confirmation pop-up, click Deactivate to confirm the action.

Deactivate pricebook items in excel

You can also deactivate pricebook items by exporting to excel and re-importing back in once you’ve made the edits.

  1. Export your pricebook using the import/export data function. For an explanation see Import and export your pricebook

  2. In the excel file, locate all items you wish to deactivate. Set the ‘Active’ column for those items to 0. For more information on how to read this file, see Add and edit items with the Pricebook Excel template

    Note: to set multiple cells to 0, hover over the cell’s right-hand corner until the cross appears, then click and drag down.

  3. **Suggestion** To avoid duplicate code errors in the future when adding new items to their pricebook, it is recommended to also change the code of the items they are deactivating by just adding a character to the end of each code. Ex: if the code was 123 change it to 123!

  4. Once you have set Active = 0 for all items you wish to deactivate, import the pricebook.

  5. Upon import, all items where Active = 0 will be deactivated.

    1. Note: you can still see these items if you filter your pricebook to Inactive items.

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