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AR Management Tool Guide: recommended workflowLast updated on 05/12/2023

You can be outstanding at balancing outstanding accounts receivable. This document makes a statement by diving into the various KPIs for the AR management tool under the accounting tab.

Things to know

AR management:

  1. Use these filters to view specific statements:

  2. Date Range—Start and end dates to filter statements by. If the From is left blank, it’ll go back until the start of ServiceTitan usage. It is advised to leave the From date blank.

  3. Business Unit—Customers that have an invoice associated with a specific business unit. The BU Filter is filtering the balance to the balance of invoices that are outstanding in that BU

  4. Customer Type—Customers that have an invoice associated with a specific customer type

  5. Mins Days Past Due—Customers with an invoice that is overdue by a certain amount of days

  6. Payment on file—Customers who have a payment on file

  7. Email Preference—Customers' statement delivery method (mail, email, or both)

  8. Status—Customers with statement status (sent, not sent, or both)

  9. Select your customers.

  10. To select all customers, click the select all check box in the upper left corner of the table.

  11. Click Filter image1on each column heading to filter by specific details. For example, set Balance greater than $0 to only generate statements for those with a balance.

  12. Click the column heading to sort the content in each column in descending or ascending order.

  13. From the Actions dropdown, select an action:

  14. Email Statements—Review email details > Select Attach copy of the invoice(s) at the bottom > Click Preview to preview the Statement > Click Send.

  15. Print Statements—A new browser tab opens and displays PDFs of the selected statements. You can download or print the statements.

  16. Print Statements and Mark as Sent—A new browser tab opens displaying PDFs of the selected statements, and the Status column of the customer records are marked as Sent on [date].

  17. Charge Balance—Bulk charge customers for their outstanding balance if the customer has a payment method on file. This action requires permission to use. For more information see Bulk charge customers.


Use AR Management

  1. To navigate the AR management tool in ST you can go to the Accounting Tab and select the  AR Management side tab on the far left .

  2. From here you can set your filters according to your preference: Date range, Business Unit, Customer Type, Min. Days Past Due, Payment on File, Email Preference, and Status. The notes above provide an in depth breakdown of each of these filters.

  3. Next on an individual customer level, you can easily receive payment, email statement, or print statement to customers.

  4. If you prefer to send en masse, you can also select the actions drop down and send email statements or print statements easily. Additionally, you can charge balances here as well.

  5. Once “Charge Balance” is selected, you’ll be able to decide whether to charge the statement balance as of a particular date or just the outstanding balance for the customer.

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