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Create or edit a General Ledger Account in Quickbooks Desktop: recommended workflowLast updated on 10/06/2022

This article explains how to create a General Ledger (GL) Account in Quickbooks Desktop.

Things to know


Create a General Ledger (GL) Account in Quickbooks Desktop

  1. Click on Company > Chart of Accounts > New.

  2. Choose the type of General Ledger Account you would like to create then click Continue.

  3. Name the account

    1. Note: Make sure it matches the name of the General Ledger Account you made in ST.

  4. Save & Close.

Sync the General Ledger Account in ServiceTitan

After you create the GL Account in QuickBooks, sync the GL Account in ServiceTitan.

  1. In ServiceTitan navigate to Settings > QuickBooks Desktop > Company file > Chart of Accounts > Edit 

  2. Match the GL Account > click Save.

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