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Find a General Ledger Account in QuickBooks Desktop: recommended workflowLast updated on 10/03/2022

This article explains how to find a General Ledger Account in Quickbooks Desktop.

Things to know

In the case of Batch export errors related to General Ledger Accounts, it is often necessary to locate the General Ledger Account related to the error in QuickBooks Desktop. A company's general ledger acts as its main group of accounts used to record balance sheet and income statement transactions.


Find a General Ledger Account

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, navigate to Lists > Chart of Accounts. Search for the name of the General Ledger account.

  2. You can also access the General Ledger Report by navigating to Reports > Memorized Reports > Accountant > General Ledger.

    This will bring up General Ledger.

  3. You can filter the results in the dropdown menu by choosing from a specific date, or date range or, you can select “All”.

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