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Mapping Business Units to sub-classes in QBO - recommended workflowLast updated on 11/24/2022

This article explains how to map business units to sub-classes in QBO.



To map Business Units to sub-classes in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Navigate to Settings in ServiceTitan.

  2. In the search field search for Business Units.

  3. Select the Business Unit you would like to map > Click on Edit.

  4. Click on QuickBooks.

  5. Enter the name of the subclass with a colon. Click Save.

  6. In QuickBooks Online navigate to Settings > All Lists > Classes and navigate to the subclass.

  7. Click on the Down Arrow to the right of the Class and click Edit.

  8. You will see that, in this example, Install is a subclass of Electrical.

  9. If Install was not a sub-class of Electrical, you would want to check the box and click Save.

  10. On the invoice now, it should look like this with Category:Subcategory:

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