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Follow Up with Customers Who Have an Outstanding Balance: recommended workflowLast updated on 12/02/2022

Our users often want an efficient way to reach out to their customers who have an outstanding balance on their account and need to compensate them for work completed.

Things to know

  • Build an audience that targets customers who have an outstanding balance on their invoice greater than $1

  • Only target customers whose invoiced jobs were completed greater than the range of your payment terms. You wouldn’t want to target customers with an outstanding invoice and the job was just completed a day ago. The customer may resent getting an early reminder.


Building a Marketing Pro Campaign for Outstanding Balance Customers

  1. Create an Audience.

  2. In the audience parameters, go to Invoice.

  3. Set it up so that it targets customers with a balance greater than $1.

  4. Set the job completed date greater than your payment terms agreement.

  5. For example, if your payment terms are net 30, then set the job completed date for Dynamic and greater than “30 days in the past”.

This will only target customers who have an outstanding balance greater than $1 AND the associated job being greater than 30 days in the past.

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