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Locating serial numbers related to an item - recommended workflowLast updated on 11/21/2022

This article explains how to locate serial numbers related to items in ServiceTitan.

Things to know

  • Make sure every item that is tracked for serialization has a serial number associated when added either through a PO or inventory adjustment.


Locating Serial Numbers Within Pricebook/Reporting

  1. In ServiceTitan, navigate to your Pricebook.

  2. Locate the item you are looking for.

  3. Click on the Actions button and View/Edit Equipment.

  4. Click on the Inventory Settings tab and click the box that says Serial Number Tracking.

  5. Click on the Serialized tab under Serialization.

  6. This will bring up all serial numbers for this item.

  7. Alternatively, a report can also be created to show all serial numbers and their statuses. This can be created by navigating to Reports > Create Report > Report Type Purchasing & Inventory > Aggregate Inventory Stock Report for Serialized Items.

  8. The report allows you to search your different inventory locations as well as the status of the serial number (Available, On hold, Consumed, Returned, Removed).

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