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Find a list of all reports 2.0 columns: recommended workflowLast updated on 11/18/2022

At this time, there is no way to access a list of all KPIs across multiple report templates on a single page. Use this article to find a comprehensive list of the report columns available in all report templates used in ServiceTitan reports.

Things to know

  • This list offers KPI names only, and will not include the tooltip of each metric

  • The list of report columns available in each report template can be found by selecting the template on the Create Reports screen, or by selecting ‘Edit Columns’ on a report

  • This sheet shows the list of report columns available in all report templates, to alleviate the need to click into each report template in the UI


Access the sheet

  1. To see a list of all KPIs, navigate to the following link: Reports 2.0 KPIs

    1. The pink row shows each Report Template, and the column below it lists the available columns in that report template.

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