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Why did customers get this "Not Interested?" email campaign?Last updated on 05/12/2023

This article helps explain why customers received an automated “Not Interested?” email.


Customers may get a “Not Interested?” automated email that the company is unsure of where it originated from because it doesn’t appear as a campaign in the Marketing Pro module.


  1. Opt-Out Message Feature

  2. Edit or Turn Off Opt-Out Message

Opt-Out Message Feature

The “Not Interested?” email is a result of the Opt-Out Message feature of Marketing Pro. Opt-out emails allow disengaged customers to unsubscribe from your marketing content. This can help improve your email open rate and deliverability by reducing the number of your customers who will probably not open your marketing messages in the future.

The automated “Not Interested?” opt-out email will automatically send to customers that don’t open a Marketing Pro email campaign from your company within a customizable number of months. If a customer receives an opt-out email and doesn't open it in two days, their customer profile is automatically tagged as Email Dormant. If they do open the opt-out message and click the link to unsubscribe, they’re added to the suppression list and won't receive any email marketing content from you in the future. If customers engage with your email marketing campaigns, their customer profile will be tagged as Email Engaged.

Note: If the customer is tagged as Email Dormant and the Auto-suppress dormant emails option is checked in the Opt-Out Message settings, the customer won’t be able to receive marketing emails even if they appear in the audience reach.

If Opt-Out Message is turned off entirely, then no more opt-out emails will go out, and all customers should then be open to Marketing Pro emails as long as they aren't suppressed in any other way. Follow the steps in the next Edit or Turn Off Opt-Out Message section.

Edit or Turn Off Opt-Out Message

Opt-Out Message can be edited or turned off entirely in the Marketing Pro Settings. Something to keep in mind is that disabling this feature could potentially lead to worse email delivery and a higher likelihood of marketing emails being flagged as SPAM, but following general email marketing best practices can help minimize the chance of those things occurring.

  1. In ServiceTitan, click on the gear icon in the top navigation bar to access the General Settings.

  2. In the Settings left-hand menu, go to Marketing Pro > Marketing.

  3. Scroll down to the Opt-Out Message section.

    1. You can edit the following fields for the automated opt-out email if desired:

      1. Subject Line

      2. Header

      3. Body Copy

      4. Button Text

      5. You can also edit the number of months that the opt-out email will be sent after a recipient doesn’t open one of your marketing emails.

    2. To get a popup of what the opt-out email will look like on the customer’s end, click the Preview Email button.

    3. To turn off Opt-Out Message entirely, click the green Enable toggle so it turns gray, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

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