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Troubleshoot QuickBooks 2.0 Web ConnectorLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article helps you troubleshoot the most common issues with the QuickBooks 2.0 Web Connector.


On the Accounting Tab, “The QuickBooks 2.0 Web Connector is not connecting”. It may show an Offline status or a prompt will appear: Retry in 2 minutes, but does not work after 2 minutes. On the ServiceTitan Web Connector, it may show online but Not Signed In As Correct Windows User.


The following steps solve some of the most common issues regarding Quickbooks 2.0 web connector. Follow these steps if you can't connect QuickBooks Web Connector 2.0 to ServiceTitan.

Confirm that the ServiceTitan QuickBooks Web Connector is online

To find the status of the WebConnector follow these steps:

  1. Close the user’s QuickBooks program application and the ServiceTitan Web Connector

  2. From your desktop, right-click QuickBooks.

  3. Click Run as administrator

  4. If a prompt appears asking if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device, click Yes.

  5. On the computer that your QuickBooks is located, enter ServiceTitan QBWC in the Search and right-click ServiceTitan QBWC > Run as administrator.

  6. Verify the Status is Online.

  7. If the status is Offline, see Reinstall the ServiceTitan Web Connector and follow the steps. 

Confirm that the Web Connector is installed at the same location where QuickBooks is located

The following steps do not need to be followed in order. These are suggestions to check and confirm the Web Connector is installed at the same location as QuickBooks.

  • If the original QuickBooks file location is stored on local computers, confirm that each user has the Web Connector downloaded on their computer.

  • If the original QuickBooks file location is stored on a remote server, confirm that the Web Connector is installed on the server, and is open, and online. 

  • Make sure the QuickBooks company file is open on the remote server. Note: Users can have access to the QuickBooks company file stored in the remote server on their local computers. In this case, confirm that the Web Connector and QuickBooks company files are installed, open, and online in their remote server to successfully export.

Confirm that the ServiceTitan Web Connector is up to date

To confirm your ServiceTitan Web Connector is up to date, follow these steps:

  1. On the computer where your QuickBooks is located, click the Search icon and enter ServiceTitan QBWC and click ServiceTitan QBWC.

  2. Click About.

  3. If your Web Connector needs an update, click Update.

  4. If Update does not appear, exit the screen and continue troubleshooting.

Confirm your computer has the correct time

If the Web Connector time and your computer do not match, it results in the Web Connector being Offline. Follow these steps to get an accurate time:

  1. Visit to find the Internet Time and make sure the time on the Web Connector matches the computer/server time. Note: Even a one-minute delay can result in the Web Connector showing as Offline.

  2. If the connection is online, check to see if the QuickBooks file is in the same location as before when they initially set up the connection. 

If the connection is not in the same place, follow these steps:

  1. If the connection is not in the same place, ServiceTitan recommends moving the file back to where the original QuickBooks company file is located and stored.

  2. If this is not possible, add a new connection to their ServiceTitan QuickBooks Web Connector and deactivate the old connection. Once it’s added, review all Reconciliation Tools and all exceptions; otherwise, the next time the customer exports, ServiceTitan creates duplicate customers, vendors, and inventory sites. For more information on how to resolve the different matches in the reconciliation tools, see

Reinstall the ServiceTitan Web Connector

  1. Uninstall the application in the Control Panel on the computer.

  2. In ServiceTitan click Settings.

  3. In QuickBooks Desktop, select the correct company file > Add a connection

  4. After the prompt appears, click here

  5. Click the company file > add connection. The same box appears.

  6. Click Proceed.

  7. Download the ServiceTitan QuickBooks Web Connector.

Create a new connection through the QuickBooks Desktop settings in ServiceTitan

Follow these steps to create a new connection through QuickBooks Desktop in ServiceTitan:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings.

  2. Click Integrations > QuickBooks Desktop.

  3. Click your QuickBooks company file and click Add a Connection and continue.

  4. Delete the old connection from the QuickBooks Desktop company file settings in ServiceTitan.

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