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Troubleshooting alerts that didn’t triggerLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article helps you understand how to troubleshoot issues with alerts that are not triggering.


The problem is that when an alert doesn’t behave as expected, it can cause issues and delays for users and their customers. Users rely on alerts to notify them about ServiceTitan updates.


To troubleshoot alerts, select one of these options:

Clarify the type of alert which isn’t triggered

Ask the user to clarify which alert is causing issues and ask to provide a specific example where the alert wasn’t triggered as expected, for example, job number, call details, and other information.

Review alert filters

To review the alert filters:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Alerts.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Check if the alert is set up with filters, such as a specific business unit, campaign, or job type, and compare the filters to the example where the alert did not trigger.

    1. Check if the job has a business unit specified in the alert settings.

    2. Check if the call is linked to the campaign specified in the alert settings.

Note: Make sure that all filters in the alert settings are met so that an alert is triggered. For example, If the user has a Completed Job alert with a business unit specified and a tag specified, the job should be under that business unit and should have a tag in order for an alert to trigger. If there are multiple tags selected in the tags filter, both tags should be on the job so that the alert can be triggered.

Confirm recipients

If the alert example provided by the user matches all filters in the alert settings, check if the recipients are correct. A common issue is that a user has multiple profiles, for example, a technician profile and an employee profile, with similar names, and the wrong one is selected as the alert recipient.

Confirm if recipients have correct contact details in their user profiles

To confirm recipients’ profiles if the recipients are office employees:

  1. Go to Settings > People > Employees.

If the recipients are technicians:

  1. Go to Settings > People >Technicians.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Check if they have an email address and mobile phone number in their profile.

  4. Confirm there are no typos in both their email address and their mobile phone number.

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