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Can’t see Reputation review(s) or reviews stopped syncing into ServiceTitanLast updated on 05/29/2023

Reputation Management reviews are pulled into ServiceTitan through an API sync with our integration partner, Yext, and your company’s connected public review sites. Reviews will usually sync into ServiceTitan within a few hours after the customer posted the review.


Companies may experience a problem where they’re not seeing recent reviews in ServiceTitan even though there are recent reviews on their public sites.


Reviews will usually sync within a few hours into ServiceTitan via an API connection with our integration partner, Yext, and the public review sites. If the review still hasn't synced into ServiceTitan more than a day after the customer left the review, follow the workflows below to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Find the review (s) in Yext

  2. Check public site listings for error messages

Find the review(s) in Yext

When a customer leaves a review on the public site, that review syncs through Yext first, which should then push the review through to ServiceTitan. To troubleshoot where the sync issue may be originating from (either between the review site and Yext or between Yext and ServiceTitan), follow the steps below to try finding the review(s) in Yext first.

  1. In ServiceTitan, click on the speaker icon to access the Marketing Pro module, and then click on Listings under the Reputation section. This will open your Yext account in a new tab.

  2. Once in Yext, click on Reviews and then Monitoring.

  3. On the Monitoring page, look for the review(s) in question.  Note: If the customer left a comment with their review rating, copy and paste the comment in the Search box and click Search to easily locate the review. If the customer did not leave a message, try changing the Show 25 to Show 100 instead and use CTR+F on Windows or command⌘+F on Mac to search by the reviewer’s name through all available pages of reviews.

  4. If the review(s) cannot be located in Yext, move on to the next Check public site listings for error messages section.

  5. If the review is found in Yext, check the date in the Yext Date column and compare it with the date under the reviewer’s name. If the date under the reviewer’s name is much older than the other date, then this indicates that the reviewer updated an existing review. If this is the case, you can locate this review in ServiceTitan on the Reviews page by filtering for the original review date instead of the updated review date.

    Note: Google allows customers to post only one review per company. If a customer has already posted a Google review for your company, then they’ll only be able to edit their existing review instead of posting a new one. When a user edits an existing review, the review will appear as new in Google with the updated date. However, the same review in ServiceTitan will appear with the original review date. The same review in Yext will usually show both the original and the updated dates.

  6. If the review is found in Yext but not in ServiceTitan and does not appear to be an edited existing Google review, please reach out to ServiceTitan Support for further investigation.

Check public site listings for error messages

Lastly, see if there are any errors for the public review site listing that could be affecting review sync.

  1. In ServiceTitan, click on the speaker icon in the top navigation bar to access the Marketing Pro module.

  2. Under the Reputation menu, click on Locations, and then click Manage Listings.

  3. Ensure that the public listing sites (Google My Business and Facebook, for exam

  4. On the same Listings page, if any of the Listings are in a status of Unavailable, hover over the tooltip next to the Needs Attention warning. This message comes directly from the listing site and indicates if there are any actions that need to be taken by your company.

    Note: For more information on how to resolve different Needs Attention errors, see Reputation reviews aren’t syncing to Reputation Management due to the ‘Needs Attention’ error on the review site listing.

  5. Please reach out to ServiceTitan Support if you need further assistance with Reputation listing sync issues.

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