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Resolve Issue with Unpausing and Viewing Paused Jobs in ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0Last updated on 05/16/2023

This guide will help you resolve the issue of not being able to unpause a job and view the paused job in ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0. It will provide step-by-step instructions on how to address the issue and prevent it from happening in the future.

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You are unable to unpause a job in ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, and the job is not visible on the mobile side. Additionally, you cannot unpause the job via the office side because the system thinks that the technician has marked the job as done.


If you are unable to unpause a job:

  • Check the timesheets of the job along with the Job History to see if the job is visible there. If the job is not visible, it means the system has marked the job as done.

  • If more work needs to be done, have the first appointment marked as completed and set up another scheduled appointment to ensure that the additional work is being done.

If you are unable to view the paused job in ServiceTitan Mobile:

  • Note that the jobs listing in the ServiceTitan Mobile has a limit of 5 paused jobs that can be shown at a time. If there are already five jobs paused that have dates before the job, the new paused job will not appear in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  • Address any existing paused jobs, so any current jobs you need to pause will be accessible in ServiceTitan Mobile.

Pausing a job should be reserved for short breaks, typically no longer than 30 minutes to an hour. For example, you can pause a job if the technician needs to run to the store to buy a part and will come right back. For more, see Pause with ServiceTitan Mobile.

To unpause a job, dispatch the technician again from the office. This will allow them to continue working on the job. If the technician needs to go off to do something else and won't be right back, schedule a different appointment for the additional work.

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