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Reputation reviews aren’t syncing in ServiceTitan due to the ‘Needs Attention’ error on the review site listingLast updated on 05/12/2023

ServiceTitan’s Reputation Management feature allows companies to link their Google My Business and other review sites to ServiceTitan through our integration partner Yext in order to sync customer reviews into ServiceTitan. This article provides troubleshooting steps for when a review site has a syncing error.


Reviews might stop syncing from the review site to ServiceTitan due to various issues with the listing. Follow the steps in this article to help resolve the issue.


Reputation reviews might stop syncing from the review site to ServiceTitan/Yext due to various errors that may affect the site’s listing sync. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot and fix the review site’s connection.

Note: The following steps need to be performed by an office user with the Owner or Admin access to the company’s review sites and with access to the ServiceTitan Reputation Management module.

  1. Find the review site’s listing sync error

  2. Need to verify listing

  3. Missing Facebook Permissions

  4. Need to relink the listing account

  5. Need to opt out and opt back into the listing

Find the review site’s listing sync error

  1. In ServiceTitan, click the speaker icon in the top navigation bar to access the Marketing Pro module.

  2. Under the Reputation menu, click Locations > Manage Listings for the location having the issue.

  3. On the Listings page, find the review site that’s experiencing the syncing issue, then look for a Needs Attention error under the Issues column for that review site. Hover over the tooltip icon and then follow the steps in the popup error message to help resolve the sync issue.

    Find common listings errors and their respective troubleshooting steps listed below in the sections below.

Need to verify listing

Making any changes to Google business information, such as category or address, can cause the Google listing to become unverified in Yext.

  1. Follow the steps in this Yext Help Center article to reverify the listing: How to Verify Your Google Business Profile Listing – Yext Help

  2. If re-verifying the Google listing does not remove the error message, follow the steps below in your GMB account to retrieve your company’s GMB ID, then provide the ID to the ServiceTitan Support Team for further assistance:

    • Navigate to the listing in your company’s Google Business Profile Dashboard.

    • Right-click on the Search Engine Results page.

    • Click the View Page Source option.

  3. Ctrl + F "data-lid=" - the ID is the number found at the end of that string.

    • Reach out to our ServiceTitan Support Team to provide this ID for further assistance.

Missing Facebook Permissions

This indicates the connected Facebook listing either doesn’t currently have the proper permissions set up via Yext or does not have Admin access to the relevant Facebook pages. Ensure that Facebook admin access and permissions are set up properly.

  1. To ensure company Facebook permissions are enabled properly:

    1. Go to this URL: Log into Facebook business.

    2. Click View and Edit next to Listings.

    3. Make sure that all of the toggles pictured below are to the right and turned on.

    4. Also, make sure that all pages are checked off in all sections so it doesn't have a dash but has a check like so.

    5. Make sure the check is on for all setting types as listed below:

      1. Manage Call to Actions on your pages

      2. Access your Page and App Insights

      3. Read content posted on the Page

      4. Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page

      5. Read user content on your page

      6. Create and manage content on your page

      7. Manage comments on your page

  2. To relink another Facebook account that has Admin access and proper permissions:

    1. Follow the steps under the If the error mentions needing to relink the review site section to relink an Admin Facebook account.

Need to relink the listing account

  1. In ServiceTitan under the Reputation menu, click Listings to open Yext in a new tab.

  2. In Yext, click the down arrow in the upper right corner, and select Account Settings.

  3. Next, go to Linked Accounts.

  4. On the Linked Accounts page, go to the relevant review site section and click Unlink Account.

  5. Click on +Link another account in the same review site section to relink the Owner/Manager/Admin account for that site.

Need to opt out and opt back in to the listing

  1. In ServiceTitan under the Reputation menu, click Listings to open Yext in a new tab.

  2. In Yext, click Listings in the navigation bar, then click Publishers.

  3. Select the relevant review site in the list of publishers.

  4. Click Opt Out next to the desired listing. A dialog box appears.

  5. Select Opt out of this listing?, then click Okay.

  6. Click Opt In. A dialog box appears.

  7. Select Opt in to this listing?, and click Okay.

If the issue continues to persist after following the steps in the listing’s Needs Attention error, reach out to the ServiceTitan Support Team for further assistance.

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