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Customer’s opt-out text message is showing the wrong company nameLast updated on 07/04/2022

This article provides troubleshooting steps if a customer reports that the opt-out text message they received is showing the wrong company name.


A customer may report that the opt-out text message is showing the wrong company name. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.


The company name that appears in the “You successfully opted out from messages from…” is pulled directly from the TCR registration information on the Settings > Your Account > Register for Texting page, specifically the DBA Name field under the Business Identifiers + Stock Details section. Find the relevant situation for your company below.

Multiple companies share one EIN (US-Based) or CN (Canada-Based)

TCR Registration is set up per EIN (Employer Identification Number, US-based) or CN (Corporation Number, Canada-based). If your company shares an EIN or CN with another company, then both companies would also share the same TCR registration info and the same DBA Name. If both companies will continue to share the same EIN/CN number between them, it’s recommended to create a joint company name (or a parent company name) for the DBA Name field so that customers from either company will see both the company name in the opt-out message. If this is the desired route, reach out to the ServiceTitan Support Team with the desired joint company name.

Company has changed ownership

If your company has recently changed ownership and has a new EIN/CN & updated company information, obtain a copy of your new EIN IRS letter (if US-Based) or Certificate of Incorporation (if Canada-Based) and then provide the documentation to the ServiceTitan Support Team to get your TCR Texting Registration information (including DBA Name) updated.

See below for examples of acceptable documentation:

  • Example EIN IRS Letter

  • Example Certificate of Incorporation

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