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Not Getting Reputation Management AlertsLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article helps troubleshoot if users are no longer receiving Reputation Management Number of Stars, No Response, or Not Verified alerts.


Users might stop receiving Reputation Management Number of Stars, No Response, or Not Verified alerts. This can occur if the alert was edited or deactivated in the main Alert Settings.


Reputation Management Alert

Reputation Management alerts can only be created in the Reputation module. Creating a reputation alert in the Reputation module will automatically create and sync a placeholder version of that alert on the main Alerts page in the General Settings. The version of the reputation alert in the General Settings should not be modified because if it’s edited or made inactive, that essentially breaks that alert’s sync even if the version in the Reputation module is still in Active status.

First, confirm that the alert is still active in the Reputation module and there are reviews that meet the alert criteria. Then, check if the alert was modified in any way in the General Alert Settings.

  1. In ServiceTitan, click on the speaker icon in the top navigation bar to open the Marketing Pro module.

  2. Go to the Alerts page from the Reputation menu, and confirm that the alert in question is active on this Reputation Alerts page.

  3. Next, go to the Reviews page and confirm that there’s at least one customer review that meets the alert’s criteria.

  4. Click on the gear icon in the top navigation bar, and go to Settings > Integrations > Alerts.

  5. Filter the Active column to include both active and inactive alerts.

    1. If the reputation alert was inactive on the Integrations > Alerts page, reactivate it. Reactivating it should resolve the issue.

    2. If the reputation alert type isn’t visible at all in either the active or inactive alerts on the Integration > Alerts page even though it appears as Active on the Reputation > Alerts page:

      1. Go back to Marketing > Reputation > Alerts.

      2. Edit the alert in question.

      3. Apply any change to it and click Save.

      4. Edit the same alert again.

      5. Revert the change from step (5.b.iii) and click Save. This should allow the reputation alert to appear again on the Integrations > Alerts page. Make sure it’s active as well once it reappears.

Note: Once the reputation alert is active on both Alerts pages, any edits going forward should only be made on the Reputation > Alerts page. Do not modify the version of the alert on the Integrations > Alerts page. 6. If a new review that meets the alert criteria still doesn’t trigger the alert even though everything is now set up correctly, check whether the issue could be related to SMS or email delivery. See Can’t receive outbound text messages, or reach out to the ServiceTitan Support Team for further assistance.

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