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QBO Error "ValidationException was thrown. 2050 - String length specified does not match the supported length."Last updated on 11/21/2022

This article explains the steps to resolve the QBO error: “ValidationException was thrown. 2050 - String length specified does not match the supported length. Min:0 Max:1,000 supported. Supplied length:1,023 String length is either shorter or longer than supported by specification.”


This error occurs when a field exceeds QuickBooks maximum allowed characters in a given field.


Find entity type and edit character length

You will need to see what field is exceeding the character limit, often invoice summary or item description and edit to fall within the specifications:

  1. When you export a Batch to QBO and receive this error, a pop-up will appear.

  2. In the error message, there will be a reference to the entity type that is causing the error to occur. 

  3. Once you have determined the entity type and the location of the item, navigate to that item in ServiceTitan. 

  4. In the Item Description, cut and paste the text into a character counter to determine the amount of characters. 

  5. The maximum character limit allowed within Quickbooks varies depending on the field HERE you can see the maximum character limits Quickbooks allows.

  6. If the character limit is over the maximum, shorten the text to be within the accepted amount by Quickbooks. 

  7. On the Accounting Page, pull up the Batch with the error > unpost/repost the batch > Right Click + Reload anywhere on the screen to hard refresh the page > export the Batch.

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