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Move a phone number from the Main Line to a Department or Call Center in DialpadLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article will help you through the process of taking a number assigned to your Dialpad Main Line and moving it to the Call Center or Department of your choice!


As you build your Dialpad, odds are you’ll want to ensure that certain phone numbers lead to certain branches of your company. But maybe you have a phone number on your Main Line that you only want to go to your Call Center or a Department. Thankfully, this process is very easy, and with this guide, you’ll be moving numbers in your Dialpad in no time!


Use this to summarize what the solution will introduce when there is more than one workflow. For example:

As a solution, be sure to add a technician first before you can edit a profile. To add, see Remove the number from the main line. Then Reassign the number to a Call Center or Department.

If the solution is only one workflow, no need for this summary. Omit and use the workflow itself to introduce the steps to solve this issue.

Remove the number from the Main Line

  1. Have an Admin head into Dialpad, where they would then click on the gear icon on the left-hand side to head into Admin Settings, and on the subsequent page, they would click into Office and then Main Line.

  2. On the subsequent Main Line page, locate the number you wish to move, click on Options to the right of the number, and then click on Remove. This will bring up a Remove number window, where you would then click on the purple Confirm button to officially remove this number from the Main Line.

Reassign the number to a Call Center or Department

  1. Click Call Center or Department you wish to reassign the number to, and on the subsequent page, you will see an Add number prompt, which you will click.

  2. This will bring up a new window reading Pick a number. From here, locate the number you just removed from your Main Line, tick the bubble next to this number, and click the purple Select button.

  3. With this, your number will officially be assigned to this Call Center or Department!

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