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How to Configure Inbound Calls To A Personal Dialpad Number to Forward to Your Call Center/DepartmentLast updated on 05/12/2023

When receiving direct calls in Dialpad, you may wish to ensure that customers aren’t left waiting for you to listen to their voicemail and then follow up on their call. This could be accomplished by reconfiguring missed calls made to your personal Dialpad number to instead redirect to your Call Center or Department, ensuring a CSR can quickly assist the customer. With this guide, you can easily set your personal Dialpad number to send missed calls on to your preferred Call Center or Department!


When a customer calls a Dialpad user’s direct line, odds are good that the Dialpad user may be busy helping other customers, which could lead to this direct call being missed and the customer getting upset. With Dialpad, we can eliminate this issue by reconfiguring your Dialpad direct line to redirect missed calls to your Call Center or Dialpad.


Set Up Advanced Missed Call Routing

  1. In your Dialpad account, click Your Settings from the left-hand side of the page.

  2. From here, scroll down and locate and click into the Call Handling & Voicemail section.

  3. With the Call Handling & Voicemail section open, scroll down and click on Show advanced options.

  4. Scroll down and locate the Call Handling section, and click on the bubble next to Go to advanced missed call routing options.

  5. In the Advanced missed call routing section, click the bubble next to To a department, office, or call center. With this option selected, a Search by name field will appear, where you can then type in the name of the Call Center or Department you wish to have calls sent to when you are unavailable. Selecting the Call Center or Department from the drop-down that appears below this field will cause this selection to be saved.

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