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"Dynamic Link Not Found" Error When Trying to Open Reputation Management Review LinkLast updated on 05/12/2023

With Marketing Pro Reputation Management, companies can send, manage, and track review requests sent through SMS or email to have more control over their overall business reputation. Sometimes, users may see a “Dynamic Link Not Found” error when trying to open a Reputation Management review link. Follow the steps in this article to troubleshoot the issue.


Users may see a “Dynamic Link Not Found” error when trying to open a Reputation Management review link. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.


If users see a "Dynamic Link Not Found" error when trying to open a Reputation Management review link, then most likely the link is from the Review Generation message template. The link that appears in the template is a sample placeholder that’s just representative of what the link could look like, but it doesn’t actually direct anywhere, which is why users will see the “Dynamic Link Not Found” message if they click on the link.

First, try the Review generation message template steps to confirm whether the link was taken from the sample template. Then, follow the Test Reputation Management Link steps to see what an actual review generation link will look like for the customer.

Review generation message template

  1. Select Marketing Pro from the top navigation bar, and click on Review Generation under the Reputation section.

  2. Click Edit for the survey.

  3. On the Overview step, there is a text message preview. If the link in the preview matches the link that leads to the “Dynamic Link Not Found” error, then this would be expected since the link in the preview is a sample dummy link that does not lead anywhere. 

    Please note The sample Reputation dummy link usually appears as A real Reputation review request link will look more like

  4. To test a real Reputation review request link, go to the Test Reputation Management Link section.

Test Reputation Management Link

  1. In your ServiceTitan account, create a fake customer profile (or use an existing fake customer profile) and save your mobile number in the phone contact field. Make sure the Job Notifications and Marketing Updates toggles are both enabled for your mobile number on the Edit Customer page.

  2. Book a job for the fake customer and make sure that the job meets all of the requirements on the Segment step of the review generation survey (i.e. has the designated business unit, job type, sold threshold, etc.).

  3. Assign, dispatch, and arrive a managed technician to the job, and then complete the job (this job can be rescheduled & then canceled after the test is complete). Completing the job should trigger the Reputation review text to send to your mobile number as long as the job met the criteria set up in the Review Generation Segment step.

  4. If you do not receive a Reputation review text after completing the job or if the Reputation review link does get sent but still does not direct you to leave a review, please reach out to the Support Team for investigation.

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