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Can't access an unsold estimate or opportunity from Follow Up in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 05/12/2023

The article helps you troubleshoot when a technician can’t access an unsold estimate or an opportunity in the Follow Up tab in the ServiceTitan Mobile when that same opportunity or estimate is visible on the Office side in ServiceTitan.


The technician has all permissions to access the Follow Up tab and access or edit estimates, but they can’t access an Unsold Estimate in ServiceTitan Mobile. However, the same Unsold Estimate is visible in the ServiceTitan Office application.


The technician can’t see an Unsold Estimate in the Follow Up section in ServiceTitan Mobile if the job is not completed. Unsold Estimates for all Jobs in any status appear on the Office side. But in ServiceTitan Mobile, technicians can only access Unsold Estimates for jobs that are in the Completed status.

Check the job status of the estimate

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to the navigation bar and click Follow Up > Unsold Estimates.

  2. Click one of the opportunities and click the associated job page.

  3. Check whether or not the jobs are in the Completed status.

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