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Calls are not ringing for Phones Pro usersLast updated on 05/12/2023

This article explains why calls are not ringing for Phones Pro users, and how to fix your setup in Dialpad to correct the issue.


Phone calls are not ringing through to Phones Pro users. This is usually caused by incorrect business hour setup, incorrect routing setup, or no agents being set to available. Agents may be taking calls via the embedded phone in ServiceTitan, through the Dialpad desktop, or through mobile apps. These troubleshooting steps will be applicable regardless of where the call is being handled.


First, check the business hour settings in Dialpad. Then, check the routing settings. If both of those look correct, check agent availability.

Check the business hour settings

Business hour settings determine where calls will route depending on the time of day. If phone calls are being received outside of the business hours listed in Dialpad, the call may not ring through to their live agents. For example, closed hours routing may be set up to forward calls to an answering service or go directly to voicemail. Follow these steps to check your setup:If phone calls are received outside of the business hours selected in Dialpad, the call will not ring through. Follow these steps to check your setup:

  1. In Dialpad, click into Admin Settings, then click Main Line on the left-hand side of the page

  2. Scroll down the Main Line page until you see Business Hours & Call Routing, click on it, and look at Business Hours.

  3. If you find the Business Hours are incorrect, click Edit Hours:

    1. For example, if you are not receiving calls at 2 pm, and your Business Hours incorrectly state you close at 1 pm

    2. Note: If the Business Hours are set to Always take calls (24/7) skip this section and check the routing settings.

  4. Under Select the days you would like these hours to apply to, select all of the days you are open for business. Then, change the hours under Closed to be the proper time you close for the day.

  5. When these changes have been made, click the purple Update button to save these changes.

  6. If calls are still not ringing through, check the routing settings.

Check the routing settings

  1. On the Main Line screen, scroll down to the Call Routing section > and click on Edit Call Routing

  2. Ensure you are on the Open Hours Routing tab and then scroll to the Routing Options section. 

    1. If the Routing Options are set to Operators, click out of the Call Routing tab and scroll up the page on the Main Line screen until you see Assigned Operators and Phones. Click into this section and confirm if Operators are assigned. If this section is empty, click into the Add people from your team section and assign CSRs to the Main Line.

    2. If the Routing Options are set to Other routing options, confirm the routing is not set to Directly to voicemail or To a team member/room phone/number (this may be an external number or answering service). If this is not the case, verify the routing is set to “To another department, office, call center or geo. Router” and confirm which Department or Call Center the Main Line is being routed to.

3. On the left-hand side of the page, locate the Department or Call Center tab, depending on where calls are being routed to. Click into the appropriate Department or Call Center and repeat the previously outlined steps of checking the Department or Call Center’s Business Hours and Routing.

Check agent availability

If the Business Hours are correct, and the tenant has proper routing set up with CSRs assigned to the department or call center where they want the calls to be answered, then there might be no agents set available. To check, follow these steps.

  1. Click the two touching circles in the lower left to access the Admin’s Dialpad platform.

  2. On the subsequent page, click on the Department or Call Center calls are being routed to.

  3. Then, click into the Agents tab and verify there are CSRs set to Available.

  4. If you do not see any CSRs with an Available status, CSRs will need to change their status to Available so that they may receive calls.

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